BUSTED Apocalyptic Deagel depop baloney (catered to scam-demic?)

PB: Mark, It’s so scary I’m too petrified to be afraid 🙂

Deagel’s forecast “model” does not even take into account nuclear war nor pandemic, as they admit in a bs-laden note in 2014. Out goes your “covid” cover claim for mass murder via 5G.

Deagel “forecasts” by simulation from Harvard U., paid by Gates? :))) USSR pop declined  by a few million out of nearly 300M total, following the state’s Juicy breakdown, nowhere near the fantaSStic 80% “forecast” for UK by Deagel con artists. Looks to me, Juicy Artists.  They are the same hasbara-for-stupid-goys genre that are Strafor nudging Poles to Intermarum Juicy project in Central Europe (consultations in “European” Israel LOL) and Steemit pushing Juicy blokchain and crypto-currency mentality in Lucipherian consumerism, devoid of God.
Under this email I copied their older “predictions” — all total misses. Deagel’s persistent squaking converges to Juicy doom&gloom that destroys the environement (climate change hoax and Agenda 21/2030 based on it) and our precious Juicy economy (both climate and plandemic frauds). Deagle also smells of Sorossian cultured neomarxist pressure on White Supermacists to let in more free loaders bent on “enriching” our society, as we cannot reproduce fast enough for Juicy Bankster slave labour, mindless consumer and cannon fodder.
Radiowaves could massively depopulate by infertility effects, but it would also take time, as the soup cannot saturate lower atmosphere everywhere and there would be survival pockets in low-density areas free of shitphones  where armed educated preps already dwell.
For Poland, Deagel forecasts 30 mln, but according to “patriotic” media it should be like 15 mln. But wait, no, it may be correct, as millions of Jews from all over the world desire to settle close to their Zionist murderers’ Auschwitz in Poland LOL among one of the world’s most “antisemitic” peoples that are already slaves to Jews. Jew cabal members and lower idiotized rank can (and do) comfortably live on the fruits of Poles’ labour and their stolen resources in better climates and surroundings — from Argentina thru Sweden to Madagascar.
The “report” is horseshit, Mark. Citing it to support your empty claims hurts your reputation:
– It shows you are sloppy, happily careless with selecting info to prove your points: a non-descript picture, data from junk “intelligence”, verbal association of wireless antenna corona with coronavirus fake. Experts are supposed to possess the minimum skill — vetting simple info on most any subject that hinges on the areas of their endeavour.
– It proves your uncritical obsession with mass death/depop that emanates from your presentations. Meantime Judeomasonic leaked plans, increasingly confirmed by implementation reality,  stipulate protracted genocide/depop of goys into Transhumanism. Otherwise goys might rebel and hang all the Jews, incl. the innocent ones.
– Taking on a role of “authority” produces in your undiscerning audience a tendency for group think and “sectarianism” bubble that impedes discovery of truth and injures reputation of the whole anti-wireless movement. Once punctured, the bubble will let out stink that could discredit you for life, as is the case with Deagel.
Will you provide beef on your 60 GHz claims, or shall I take a hike? Because I have better things to do then pull junk base of incredible claims out of their pseudo-scientific mongers.
Piotr Bein
independent genocide researcher
Deagel.com has been predicting a drastic reduction of the population of the United States for the better part of a decade. While their previous predictions are not available on their website, The Internet Wayback Machine has been cataloging the page since 2007.

(Note that the predictions for US GDP values follows a similar pattern, but are not included here)

Prediction Date Prediction Year Population Actual
December 2008 2017 323 million(1) 325.7 million
------------------ END 2017 PREDICTIONS --------------------------------------
April 2009 2020 271 million 331.0 million
April 2010 2020 264 million 331.0 million
August 2011 2020 248 million 331.0 million
------------------ END 2020 PREDICTIONS --------------------------------------
June 2012 2025 187 million
May 2013 2025 182 million
July 2014 2025 88 million(2)
October 2014 2025 69 million(3)
August 2015 2025 65 million
October 2016 2025 61 million
August 2017 2025 54 million
May 2018 2025 100 million(4)
August 2020 2025 100 million(5)(6)

Dates and Predictions of Note
(1: This is the only prediction where the population increases from the current count)

(2: First recorded instance where the prediction is sub-100 million.)

(3: Note explaining their predictions first appears on the bottom of the page)

(4: First recorded instance where the prediction has gone up from a previous prediction)

(5: Deagel.com goes through a UI overhaul, and the note mentioned in the question and referenced in note 3 of this chart disappears for unknown reasons)

(6: Current prediction as of 24 August 2020)

Mark Steele: [Screenshots of Deagel horseshit]


PB: Mark, The 60 GHz business unfinished, you monger more fear.  Do you have references on bio-effects of real wireless signals in a bio-assay involving nano-alu? There may be other reasons to choose nano-alu for vax. Would Prof. Majewska know?

In UK 55 mln killed by 2025? The rest would rebel and hang the villains. Unless they will manage to e-muzzle our brains in 5G or beyond. Meantime, the cabal does it slowly by other means — abortions to nuclear.

Do you have a copy of that intel report for us to see, Mark?


On Wed, 26 Aug 2020 at 02:33, Piotr Bein:

Now you’re talking, Mark!

Needs to be elaborated and shaped for the public and disseminated IMHO, unless you have done so already.

Now is an opportune time to do it, with “predictions” of Plandemic2.0 arriving as early as September 2020, and hyped-up antsy pants increasigly obvious.

The cabal would also ache of our alerting medical and care home staff and anti-5G activists world-wide of the possibility of 60 GHz wi-fis near and in their institutions.

Ladies and Gentlemen, frictions and animosities aside, who is going to do what. Mark will kindly reveal more about his work on the reactor, unless he is bound by secrecy.

I can help by posting on my blog for wider dissemination. Scientists on the list can review from their point. Claire can look at polishing for clarity and reception.

We have a week to implement it. The cabal will use the time to scare the wits out of the public with God knows what tricks, real or PsyOp, turning public attention away from our message.

Let’s put our egos aside and do it. We should hit in a concerted campaign from all our platforms and media: UK Column, 21stCenturyWire, FreedomArticles, Stop5GInternational FB, GlobaResearch, Henry Makow, David Icke, LastAmericanVagabond, John Weigek, Julian Rose, Jeanice Barcelo, Magda Havas, Henry Ospitia, Dana Ashlie, AmazingPolly, Attention5G, Shai in Israel…

Reza Ganjavi will draft indictments of the sob juicy psychopaths and their lackeys world-wide.

What do you All think?


On Tuesday, August 25, 2020, 12:25:45 AM PDT, Mark Steele:

Piotr, I had this image sent to me, by a US Gov official who is ex. Mil. comms.  They didn’t recognise it and had been told it was 5G. I was sent it as they have been told I am the go to guy for 5G.

As soon as I got the image I knew what it was as I had invented a similar device for C02 cracking.

The fluid dynamics of the design would be activated in and around 60GHz.. To crack the  molecule or accelerate the electrons to cause oxygen starvation.

The ITU installed device looks just like an ordinary router. You can’t tell the difference. The street device is a lot larger as  you dealing with larger volume of Gas.

I didn’t mention the altitude sickness as the 50ppm of 03 will kill all biological life on the ground.  Altitude sickness would be caused due to acceleration of the electron field + Aluminium contaminated vaccine a very interesting bio weapon mix.


PB: Thank you Mark. At which minute of the video do you talk about it?

The equipment in the attachment (molecular reactor you’ve mentioned before?) is a 4G LTE gadget or in 5G only?

Is it what Imbriano calls 60 GHz Wi-Gig, a kind of wi-fi allegedly installed in schools?

How far from a human it could be to still cause the “altitude sickness”?

Would it require installation at or near “covid” ICUs to cause the symptom? Would it have to be a beam directed at the victim or area-wise? ICU personnel would be affected as well, possibly outside bystanders?.

Is there industry evidence in technical specs for 5G or in other sources, confirming that indeed such equipment is installed and it is 60 GHz? What is its function given officially.

In 2018 you did not mention “altitude sickness”, only ozone creation by 60 GHz — because you didn’t know of it yet?

Provided in a hi-level study of impacts on health for the Polish gov’t, technical description for 5G in Poland talks only of sub 1 GHz, ca. 3 GHz and ca. 30 GHz bands. No mention of 60 GHz.

According to a description (devoid of references) I read, virus can break off a hemoglobin part which catches oxygen, effectively disabling this function. It might be a planted piece of deception but if true, this would be an additional cause of “altitude sickness” on the ground.


On Monday, August 24, 2020, 12:36:54 AM PDT, Mark Steele:

Yes. Altitude sickness as reported by ITU consultant in New York. This is typical 60GHz oxygen issue.  The design of the radiators see attached are using the fluid dynamic design for the job.. I have designed these for C02 Cracking that is how I know what they are.


PB: Mark, Re. AV9 2018, the only mention I spotted on 60 GHz concerns ozone-formation. I asked for substantiation of existence of 60 GHz Wi-Gig and suffocating effect of 60 GHz irradiation in covid/5G, both claims by various activists still unproven credibly. Have I missed something?


On Thursday, August 13, 2020, 11:41:51 PM PDT, Mark Steele:

Sorry Pitor,, I don’t’ think so for the transcript on the accent.


PB: Thx, Mark. Sorry, I was not familiar with your older presentations.  Found it yesterday and browsed. Which minute specifically on 60 GHz? Some stuff has been known to me, e.g. on LED lights. Also found your other talk 2018, but I can’t understand your charming accent. Does a transcript exist? I’ll get back to both videos once I revise the post on The Appeal hijack conflict.


Mark Steele: AV 9 Conference. In 2018…  I suspected that  you hadn’t watched it.


PB: Just give me the beef, messiah Mark 🙂 Link to your speech anno 2018, for example.


On Wednesday, August 12, 2020, 12:27:28 AM PDT, Mark Steele:

I know you can’t grasp it that is obvious. Like a lot of the indoctrinated who require books to read to validate their indoctrinated or doctored world. Is it the spelling your require for the Magic to work on you.

Your public and your movement I know nothing of and those that you speak of which I do not know of will be dead well before you work it out. I did try to warn people and spoke about the 60GHz in 2018. So they and you have had plenty time to work it out. You obviously  didn’t listen.

Not sure which movement your talking about Piotr, but ours is doing really fine. Like your Public another one of your fictions of the deluded mind, like I said the pressure of this whole Genocide agenda is obviously getting to you.

Your ego is going to be the death of you please try and sort it out

Your words are shrill and false.. I know nothing of the movement or the Groups you speak of but what I am certain about is those who do not heed the Word will not survive.

Hosea 4:6   My people are destroyed through lack of knowledge, Because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee.


PB: I can’t grasp that which is not laid out clearly,.documented, sourced, etc.  No worry, I am capable, with other’s help when necessary, to evaluate info, no matter how novel or shocking. After all, it was not you who brought pseudo-science bunk and junk to this group’s attentiomn for a joint remedy. I am VERY disappointed how you “substantiate” your claims and hypotheses, staining credibility of the whole movement.


On Tuesday, August 11, 2020, 05:19:17 AM PDT, Mark Steele:

Sorry to say this Piotr, but it seems the pressure of this is getting to you.

I can’t really help it if you can’t grasp the science. But the Public, which public is that?  Is that the ones that believe in the Virus or the ones that don’t know that an Asymmetrical War is been waged across the world by their leaders on them.  Is it that Public your referring to or the academics that have gone along with the Genocide.  You need to learn to be a little accepting of others than your own position. Painting yourself into a corner through your limited expertise on this subject is painful to read. This is a War, and your Public especially the ones who are stupid enough to think me a Tin foil hat wearer will be dead, your concern should be focused on fighting that and not on your lack of knowledge on this subject.


PB: If you have done your research., Mark, summarise and share it. Without it, your talk is gibberish and you are one more guy in tinfoil cap, in the eyes of the public.


On Tuesday, August 11, 2020, 03:52:35 AM PDT, Mark Steele:

Totally agree.. I am also bored with the repetitive arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. 5G  60GHz is the kill grid frequency for a reason. They are building molecular reactors in the US to facilitate the kill. If you do your research on this its pretty obvious if you know about reactor design and the reason they are using 6OGHz.


PB: Some on the list can’t take the bs anymore. But I am patient 🙂

60 GHz Wi-Gig — possible or for certain according to Imbriano?

Where is the evidence, Mark or anybody accepting bunk unquestionably?

By piotrbein