Captain Jerry Flynn: The World Is in Grave Danger! Covid Ushers in NWO and 5G Tech

Planet Earth and Its People Are In Grave Danger!

Sept. 11, 2020 

Few people will believe what I am about to say. I wish that they could PROVE ME WRONG –  because they cannot; the facts speak for themselves! What I am referring to is an unbelievably despicable indictment of mankind that began some 400 years ago, but now is about to change each of our lives – and the entire world – forever. 

First though, people need to realize that humans are electrical beings, i.e., every single thought and action we (and all living things) make or have occurs on a frequency somewhere on the electromagnetic field (EMF) spectrum. The earth’s atmosphere stops most types of EMF radiation from space reaching the Earth’s surface. Please excuse this deliberately abbreviated explanation; hopefully, it will suffice. Since man inhabited Earth, we have increased the amount of EMF in our environment millions of times.  In brief, there are two forms of non-ionizing EMFs: thermal and NON-thermal. Humans can detect or sense thermal effects but they cannot sense or feel NON-thermal effects. While the corrupt US Military-Industrial-Complex would have us believe that there are no harmful effects to human health from NON-thermal effects of EMF radiation, there are more than 10,000 peer-reviewed, scientific studies (including thousands from the U.S. military itself) showing just the opposite! But, money talks, and the US M-I-C has (sadly, for mankind) found that by observing the thermal effects ONLY dogma, it allows them and the electric power generation and telecom industries to manufacture and sell to us, consumers, an endless stream of extremely profitable products – all of which emit hazardous NON-thermal EMF radiation and pulsed NON-thermal RF EMF radiation that, unfortunately for mankind, has a latency period of years-to-decades before serious illnesses appear. The latency period varies from person to person, depending on many factors such as age, size, health, working environment, living environment, exposure to EMFs (all EMFs, on all frequencies) etc. Starting back in 1966, when western militaries all agreed to adopt the thermal-effects ONLY dogma, technology has advanced to the current “5G” (Fifth Generation) which is being rolled-out in cities around the world. But at tremendous cost to mankind. Because 5G is revolutionary (involving upwards of fifty thousand orbiting satellites AND millions of land-based micro/macro cell phone towers, all irradiating – simultaneously – every inch of planet Earth with much higher frequencies – never-tested-for-safety-to-human-health) no living thing can escape this radiation, which simply adds to the unimaginable level of invisible radiation already polluting our environment. Each city in which 5G has been installed has met with great public opposition, mass protests, law suits and acts of violence. Not surprisingly, the elderly and those in poor general health experience many health complaints and even premature deaths. What was considered normal latency periods for 2G, 3G and 4G diseases and deaths went out the window. Because of the extraordinary financial rewards 5G is expected to return to those involved with its promotion (the industry predicts $17-Trillion), it is believed that governments have deliberately manufactured COVID-19 to distract people’s attention from 5G. Hence, the corrupt authorities are able to allow industries to continue rolling-out their hazardous 5G technology in cities around the world.  

COVID-19, Hydroxychloroquine and New Expensive Vaccines

Over the past 60 years or so evidence from countries around the world has consistently shown that Hydroxychloroquine is safe for both preventing and treating COVID-19 patients, yet governments and health agencies / officials reject it outright, arguing that it is dangerous and should not be used. All the while, Big Pharma is racing to produce what is expected will be a relatively expensive vaccine – one that will cause each person to be vaccinated to also have implanted in them a trackable chip that will enable authorities to control where and how people can live, where they may work or go to school, whether or not they can obtain a driver’s license (or any other kind of license), passport, etc., etc.

The Committee of 300,” a product of the British East India Company’s ‘Council of 300,’ was chartered by the British royal family in 1600. It made vast fortunes in the opium drug trade with China and became the largest company on earth in its time. Today, through many powerful alliances, the Committee of 300 rules the world and is the driving force behind the criminal agenda to create a “New World Order” under a “Totalitarian Global Government.” Had countries of the world a free press which could be relied upon to tell the public the truth, none of this could be happening.

Who Owns The News Media
This link states: “I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.” Joel Stein.  Canada’s national broadcasting company, the CBC, also leaves no doubt as to what it wants Canadians to believe, as do all Canadian Provincial Health Officers and senior health and government officials. On April 3, 2020, the Wall Street Journal (which is owned/controlled by Rupert Murdoch, a member of the Committee of 300 and a committed Zionist) published a letter written by Henry A. Kissinger (an avowed Zionist; Member of the Committee of 300; and said to be behind the kidnapping and murder of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo).  Kissinger’s letter was entitled: The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter The World Order.” In essence, it endorses what other corrupt governments and health agencies are saying/doing. 

Who Controls The World’s Banks? 
This link says specifically, that the Rothschildfamily together with the Rockefeller and Morgan families rule the world.” The link says: “Only Cuba, North Korea and Iran have no Rothschild-owed central bank.” Also, that: “The US Federal Reserve is a privately owned company (controlled by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers – both of whom are members of the Committee of 300) and Morgans) and prints money for the US Government. 

Who Controls the Global Economy
Do Not Underestimate the Power of the Big Banks. 

Today, with every industrialized country on Earth saturated with power line frequency (50/60 Hz) NON-thermal EMF radiation and pulsed NON-thermal RF EMF technology – even though not a single frequency has ever been independently tested for safety to human health! And with “5G” technology now being rolled out in more cities around the world – which inevitably will experience “COVID-19” symptoms (from the mind-boggling amount of additional RF EMFs), informed people would look more closely at NON-thermal pulsed RF EMF radiation. But who is behind (benefitting from the sale of) this wireless (which is invisible, silent, odorless and tasteless) technology? 

Who Controls Technology? 
All of these companies champion “5G” Technology, Covid-19 Pandemic, One-World-Government … and all actively support vaccinations. 
At least five of these leaders are members of the Council of 300!

·       Jeff Bezos – Religion is not important to him. Is CEO of Amazon, Blue Origin (space travel), Washington Post, member of Bilderberg Group. Invests in Google & Hollywood (making movies)! Owns Amazon’s cloud! Sells facial recognition software to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He actively promotes vaccines 

·       Bill Gates – Agnostic. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are members of the Committee of 300 and on the  Board of Directors for the Council of Foreign Relations. Wants to vaccinate and microchip and be able to track every person on earth (for which he is said to want to launch at least 100 reconnaissance satellites).  

·       Warren Buffett – Agnostic. Is CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and a Committee of 300 Member. He’s involved with Gates in GAVI (Global Vaccine Alliance) which brings together developing countries and donor governments, the WHO, UNICEF and the World Bank. 

·       Mark Zuckerberg – Zionist, is Facebook’s CEO. Actively promotes vaccinations. (see above ref.). 

·       Larry Ellison – No longer a Jew, is Oracle’s CEO.  Commits $100M to vaccine research

·       Michael  Bloomberg – Jewish, is CEO of Bloomberg LP; is a member of the Committee of 300 and the Council on Foreign Relations. Has invested in Covid-19 vaccines and contract tracing. Had been a US Democratic Presidential candidate in 2020. 

·       Sundar Pichai – Indian-American Hindu, is CEO of both Google and its parent: Alphabet. Actively promotes vaccinations (see above ref.). 

·       Sergey Brin & Lawrence (Larry) Page – both are Jewish and co-founded Google. Page promotes vaccines.

·       George Soros – Jewish. Investor, hedge fund manager. Is a member of the Committee of 300, the Council on Foreign Relationshas also attended many Bilderberg meetings

·       Michael Dell – Jewish, is CEO of Dell Computers. Donates $100M to vaccine research.

·       Steven Ballmer – Jewish, is CEO of Microsoft & friend of Bill Gates. Has pledged $25M for vaccine research. Is a member of the Committee of 300!
 (as of Sept. 2016)

Should my worst fears be valid, the world as we now know it is in grave peril – not only from a One World Government with its vaccinations and implanted readable IDs in everyone – but, worse still, also from EMFs, which are silent, invisible and cannot be detected (without special equipment). 


J.G. Flynn, Captain (Retired)

Bowser, B.C., V0R 1G0

Author: “Hidden Dangers – 5G” available from; also for Kindle.


Military BIO

Captain (Retired) J.G. Flynn
Serial No. 25614-G

I am a retired Canadian Armed Forces captain (commissioned from the ranks in what was then the Royal Canadian Navy) who spent 22 of my 26+ years in the ‘Forces’ in Electronic Warfare (EW) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), the former of which included two years in National Defense Headquarters (NDHQ) Ottawa, in the Directorate of Electronic Warfare (DEW). In EW I worked closely with U.S. and NATO armies and, of my own initiative, attended a major NATO army EW officers’ course in Anzio, Italy, and participated in a major NATO army EW field exercise in Germany. I accepted invitations to visit both the U.S. Pentagon and, subsequently, Fort Bragg, North Carolina (the US Army’s principal EW base). Earlier still, I conducted Radio Warfare/EW at sea aboard two Canadian warships. In SIGINT, I was the Executive Officer and Operations Officer for two years at one of Canada’s largest and most sensitive radio intelligence-gathering stations, where I employed some 200+ specially-trained radio operators who conducted both COMINT (Communications Intelligence) and ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) under my direction. Throughout this period, I worked closely with the USA’s NSA and Britain’s GCHQ. 

Although I finally retired in 2005, since 2008 I have spent most of my time researching, writing and speaking out publicly on all aspects of this unbelievably evil issue caused by the corrupt US military-industrial complex. History will record that this ongoing corruption now literally threatens all life on earth! Tragically, too few Americans heeded then U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, in 1961, when he warned them to be on guard against the emergence of a corrupt US M-I-C!

On leaving the Forces, in my second career, which also lasted 26-years, I was extremely fortunate to have a client list that eventually included the Saudi Arabian government plus other large multinational corporations who collectively had major operations and/or projects in various countries on five continents. Consequently, I quickly embraced all things wireless: a Blackberry cell phone, Wi-Fi routers (in the office and at home); cordless phones (both locations), microwave ovens (both locations), laptop computer (wireless, of course), Bluetooth cell phone and heated seats in my vehicles, electric in-floor radiant heat in my homes, not to mention the silent and invisible EMF (electric field and magnetic field) radiation I was exposed to in my working and living environments. 

In the fall of 2016, cancer very nearly took my life! Out-of-the-blue, I was suddenly stricken with a particularly virulent form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma – which, in hindsight, I attribute solely to my own indefensible stupidity and naiveté in presuming that Health Canada had tested and verified that all wireless electronic products on the market were ‘safe’ for the public to use! My weight quickly dropped from about 175 lbs to less than 130 lbs, and I required an oxygen machine to breathe day and night! In retrospect, were it not for an excellent medical team and for my beloved wife’s tireless attention and endless nursing, and for her stubborn determination not to let me go, I would not be here to fight this, what has become, the Mother of all Crimes – which now, unbelievably, threatens all life on earth!


Mankind Must Win This Fight To Survive 

9/11 New World Order.

The hidden (Zionist) powers behind the destruction of America (the millennium report, Dec. 2, 2019)

The Rothschild’s Global Crime Syndicate and How It Works …

The Rothschild dynasty is unquestionably the most powerful bloodline on Earth and their estimated wealth exceeded $500-trillion – repeat – $500-trillion. Their plan is to completely take over the planet. Readers will be shocked when they read. Rothschild owns Reuters. The six (6) companies that exist get their news from Reuters & the Associated Press, therefore, Rothschild’s control everything you see and hear on television, especially your favorite shows and the news. Other lesser but still fabulously wealthy families include the Rockefellers (also avowed Zionists) who made their fortune in oil, and the Oppenheimers (Jewish) – who made their family fortune in Diamonds. 

The Committee of 300, “The Olympians”
Founded by the British Aristocracy in 1727, it Is a product of the British East Indian Company’s Council of 300. “The Olympians are the Military Industrial Complex and the banking cartel operating under Admiralty Law.” ”A One World Government to front what they themselves term, the New World Order.  A unified church and monetary system protected by a world army which they can send to any area on the globe that spirit shows itself active.  They will have a ready-made global police force brutally suppressing any and all rebellion, backed by a one world system they call justice, which equates to no rights for the human slave with all rights favouring the corporation.

Readers seeking the TRUTH are encouraged to read Dr.  John L. Coleman, PhD. Constitutional Lawyer and an MI6 Intelligence officer, what will sound to be shocking, terrifying and unimaginable  behavior of the extremely wealthy, privileged Committee of 300. Past and Present Members of the Committee of 300 include: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11, Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, former Democratic US Presidential Candidate Michael Bloomberg, Canada’s former PM Stephen Harper (is an evangelical Christian, but a very strong supporter of Israel), Rupert Murdock, Steve Balmer, Tony Blair, , Charles Bronfman, Warren Buffett, George HW Bush, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Prince  Philip, Duke of Edinburgh,  Franklin Delano Roosevelt (President of the USA),  Calvin Coolidge (President of the USA),  Her Majesty Queen Juliana, Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix, Her Royal Highness Queen Margreta, various Rothschild family members, Rockefeller, Winston Churchill , Lord Louis Mountbatten, Francois Mitterrand, Henry Kissinger, George Bush, John Astor, Maurice Strong, Dennis Healey, , etc.  
See also the Institutions and firms that benefit enormously from work they receive from the Committee of 300. Especially note the vast reach of the Stanford Research Institute who conducted research on mind control, their ongoing work on chemical and bacteriological warfare (CAB) weapons, and their value to all intelligence-collection and other agencies. (as of Sept, 2016)

Readers need to know what the Committee of 300 has done to cause today’s unprecedented attack on democracy, which have included orchestrating the Watergating of U.S. President Nixon and the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy

Readers also need to realize that Queen Elizabeth’s surname was changed to “Windsor” only during World War I, prior to which it had been “Saxe-Coburg-Gotha – which made clear the Queen’s strong German origins. The future King Edward VIII, known as David to his friends and family, was particularly close to his German cousins, and strongly embraced German culture.

The Illuminati

There is a power so organized, so subtle, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it” – – US President Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924). The Illuminati was founded in May 1, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt (then known as The Order of Perfectibilists) and funded by Lord Meyer Rothschild. The long term political goals of their occult secret society called for the execution of the following plan (page 27):
1. Abolition of all monarchies and all ordered government
2. Abolition of private property and inheritances
3. Abolition of patriotism and nationalism
4. Abolition of family life and the institution of marriage
5. The establishment of communal education for children
6. Abolition of all religion (30)
How Zionists Managed to Entice Britain to Get the U.S. Involved in WW1 (Page 49)

The Most Powerful 13 Families

The Illuminati had/s 13 powerful families, including names such as: Mellons, Carnegies, Rothschild, Rockefellers, Collins, Dukes, Astors, Dorrances, Reynoldses, Stilimans, Bakers, Pynes, Cuilmans, Watsons, Tukes, Kleinworts, DuPonts, Warburgs, Jacobins, Phipps, Grace, Guggenheim, Milner, Drexel, Winthrop, Vanderbilt, Whitney, Harkness, Freeman and other super rich illuminated families.

The Council on Foreign Relations in the U.S
Founded in 1921 by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson’s chief advisor, Edward Mandell House, whose goal was to destroy freedom and independence in the U.S.  Key financing for the CFR came from the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations. Years later, US President Roosevelt invited CFR members to take over important positions in the State Department. It is said that they have retained domination ever since.

The Great Reset Plan Revealed, How Covid Ushers in the NWO and 5G Technology
This writer believes that COVID-19 was deliberately manufactured to distract people’s attention while the Illuminati introduces their New World Order (a One-World Government) with the planet divided into 10 world regions. COVID-19 is thought to have another purpose: to distract people’s attention from 5G, which is also linked to if not caused by 5G and is being rolled-out in cities around the world.

J.G. Flynn, Captain (Retired)
Bowser, B.C., V0R 1G0                                                                                                                                                               

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