5.12.2020 “End the Lockdowns” — Civil disobedience by sovereigns, Kelowna, Canada

Piotr Bein, 9.12.2020

British Columbians, like the rest of the world, have serious grounds to fear — not the fake pandemic, but the implied genocide on vulnerable groups such as the elderly, and the potential totalitarian measures in the “new normal” bio-terrorist state that is bound to confiscate our God-given Sovereignty as Humans..

The lamestream media (LSM) put down anticovidians, so here is some truth about the event and the pseudo-science base of the extraordinary, unprecedented measures being imposed by the governments in response to a fake pandemic.

I encountered the rally by chance, while non-essentially 🙂 bicycling around the Okanagan Lake to boost immunity and get away from covidiotism in Greater Vancouver, where I live. It turned out to be the active group I read about.

To a rider coming from a side street to Bennet Bridge connecting Kelowna to the west shore of the lake, a crowd came into view along the main road, Highway 97. The sight interrupted a smooth ride along the waterfront bikeway through the city’s upscale historic residential district along Abbot Street.

More participants and honkers

Some 300 people with posters gathered on both sides of the thoroughfare, avidly reacting to enthusiastic support from drivers honking as they passed by.

5.12.2020, Kelowna, Highway 97 at Bennet Bridge. Demonstrators of all ages, incl. families with children frolicking on the biome-enriching lawns of waterfront park. Photo: rally organizers.

Heavy trucks roared their horns, a sound familiar to bicyclists on the region’s winding roads, reassuring that the driver can see you and you better stay farthest to the right. On December 5th in Kelowna, BC, the roar meant moral support against lockdowns. According to the local organizers of such events, over 100 more anticovidians participated than the previous week, with the numbers of the demonstrators and the honkers increasing steadily over time.

Police had spoken with the organizers beforehand, recognizing the peaceful goals and people’s right to demonstrate. Some police cars remained in the area to support the organizers and to guard against potential unfriendly intrusions.

The group and sympathizers meet every Saturday noon at Kelowna”s picturesque Stuart Park, to get updates on “pandemic” statistics, upcoming events, and ideas on dealing with a ticket for attending a gathering or not wearing a mask. Then they walk to near the bridge to rally. Emails to subscribers inform on up-coming events. I put my e-address onto Mary Lou’s list, then she gave me a “Love not Masks” hug I will not forget.

Mary Lou collects e-addresses of new supporters… and gives unforgettable “Love not Masks” hugs. Photo: rally organizers.

“Okanagan Freedom at Its Finest”

On Saturday, December 12, a mega-rally will be held at the named location at noon. Convoys of vehicles with supporters are expected from Vancouver, Salmon Arm, Vernon, Osoyoos, Penticton and other British Columbia communities, according to Mary Lou.

Everyone is invited to the big event, named “Okanagan Freedom at Its Finest”. The programme includes some music by BC’s own Jacquelyn-Rose, speeches by Ted Kuntz of Vaccine Choice Canada and David Lindsay of CLEAR, followed by a walk to rally on Highway 97 by the bridge, then back to Stuart Park for hugs and high fives! — says the pamphlet Mary Lou handed out.

On December 13, 2020, from 1 pm to 3 pm a workshop will be held over Zoom, on “Common Law Solutions” to the government psychopathic crime of locking people down instead of protecting the most vulnerable and letting the others live freely in conditions boosting, not reducing, God-given health immunity.

At the Zoom update session David Lindsay will present Constitution of Canada and the Common Law, as well as principles of civil disobedience and the latest “covid” stats — the real ones. Cost $25, register and get more info by contacting: ClearAdmin2 {at} pm {dot} me.

CLEARly freedom

David vice-chairs the Common Law Education and Right Initiative (CLEAR), the organizer of the rally I coincided with, as well as former anti-plandemic protests in the region. CLEAR calls itself “Okanagan-based freedom activist group”. It has maintained that taxation is voluntary in Canada and focuses on personal liberty.

KelownaNow article of 5.5.2020 cites a CLEAR document stating that covid-19 is a scamdemic used for nefarious purposes by those in power. We demand our restaurants, bars, stores, and all businesses be instructed they can immediately reopen and to return to normal operating procedures and times — explains the CLEAR document. 

The group also tells the truths about covid-19 that challenge mass manipulations, lies and pseudo-science propagated by the Provincial Health Officer (PHO), Dr. Bonnie Henry, the WHO and other official health agencies and globalist lackey politicians.

Against the scamdemic

Canadian publicist and exposer of the global powers, Dr. Henry Makow mentions Kelowna’s spirit of freedom in connection with Dr. Bonnie Henry’s PHO order. Police and other enforcement officers were authorised to issue $2,000 violation tickets to owners or organizers contravening the PHO order on gatherings and events. They were also enabled to issue $200 tickets to violators of the direction of police or enforcers at events or who would refuse to comply with requests to follow PHO orders or safe operating procedures, or would respond with abusive behavior.

The new measures were enacted by the extraordinary powers of the Emergency Program Act and the Public Health Act in the ongoing support of BC’s covid-19 response. The PHO orders govern to date, aiming at provincial Restart Plan featuring vaccines, unless community immunity or broad successful treatments would be achieved.

Claptrap scientism for Big Pharma profits

Touted excellent communicator by Global News Radio’s Charles Adler and awarded by numerous BC Rotary Clubs, Dr. Bonnie Henry would be called a crackpot scientist in a normal world. Yet, she issues authoritarian orders in our supposed democracy, while ignoring gremia of reputable health professionals and credible scientists around the world.

“Cases” are not infections requiring hospitalisation. They are the positive test results, proportional to at-will administration of tests. Higher number of tests result from plandemic restrictions, e.g. you can”t fly, unless you show a negative “covid” test result to airlines. The usual, seasonal symptoms of flus, coronaviruses and pneumonias substantially add to the scary stats.

Meaningless scientifically, PCR procedure is unsuitable for diagnostics, while epidemiology guesses on an ill-defined “covid-19” syndrome, allegedly caused by SARS CoV-2 virus that has not been isolated nor identified in order to render any diagnostic tests credible to virology golden standard. Substantial proportion of PCR tests are false positive, 

All the quackery seems geared for vaccinations hysteria, but apart from profits, the vax do nothing good. Does Dr. Bonnie Henry work for the vaccine charlatans — is this what we pay her for?

PHO orders unlawful

In a recent public address Dr. Henry fear-mongers with ca. 31k “cases” to date and a daily record of 911 new ones. Obviously, as the number of tests rises (total of ca. 1.1M to date), so will the number of “positive” test results. It is not a pandemic but an inflated case-demic propaganda. “Confirmed and probable cases” all depend on pre-knowledge of the alleged SARS CoV-2 structure, a condition that has not been met. 

There are  ca. 400 confirmed deaths in BC — allegedly of “covid-19”. BC CDC reports don’t show deaths of all medical causes for the last 10 years or so. The data might reveal no significant spike due to “covid” which “stole” the other causes to inflate the numbers; WHO shows zero seasonal flu (min. 7:50) cases beginning after “covid” started. Adding to the hysteria, “covid-19” stats are being added up since Spring, while natural flu/coronavirus seasons begin in Fall. Are the perpetrators scheming to trigger viruses wirelessly, to herd us to genocidal vaccinations?

PHO order based on fear-mongering, politicized lies, pseudo-science and manipulation is unlawful. Pseudo-science has entrapped the world in the plandemic, giving birth to mass pathological fear. This kind of garbage-in-garbage-out “data” and “predictive” modelling appears on BC website. Meanwhile, mortality stays within historical levels, even though “covid” diagnosis and cause of death include cases of flu and corona symptoms, pneumonia and pre-existing chronic illness. This alone points to a carefully planned and implemented scam.

The present PHO order discriminates Christians, as no comparable restrictions were imposed on Ramadan, Hanukah and Hindu festivities in the province. In vain one would look for the science base that politicians and Dr. Henry boast of, actually proving their science negation. Henry’s authoritarian, science-negating orders roller-coast to schemes by psychopaths who should not be in the global power.

It’s high time the Sovereign, We the People, take back our power from socio- and psychopaths.


By the author:

The author is a Sovereign in a Sovereign society of Canadians. Pictured below, preparations for a rally downtown Vancouver on 13.9.2020. Fork and apple of independence and health.

Bonnie Henry and Teresa Tam (chief plandemists, British Columbia and Ottawa, accordingly), get off my face! (both came from WHO). On my behind: plandemic, scamdemic, liedemic, fraudemic. Photo: Iwona.

By piotrbein