10.12.2020 TLAV plandemic and vax news

7:30 India’s “mysterious illness” same location as covid vaccine trial + 17:30 Six died in Pfizer vax trial + + 35:55 Mandatory vaccine bill + 40:25 Differing views on dangers of pandemic and herd immunity + 52:54 UK probes allergic rections to Pfizer vax + 59:10 Public hearing on proposed legislation — effects of nano-aluminum in vax + 1:05:50 Russians told: no alcohol for 2 months after taking covid vax + 1:06:20 Pfizer given protection from prosecution by UK gov’t + 1:07:24 California scare: 30k “covid” cases. Fauci: no return to normal till mid-2021 + 1:08:10 U. of Pittsburgh Medical Centre: staff not req/d to take covid vax due to “general uncertainty” + 1:11:15 Vax passports not fake news after all

Links to sources on TLAV website.

By piotrbein