Merry Christmas! PHO Bonnie Henry must go, for harming British Columbians


Prologue‘I know but will not tell’

Warrior on the wrong side of science and history

‘Greatest hoax’, ‘mass homicide’ to supress rights and freedoms

Mysterious sharp peak

Henry has no time for serfs

Senseless science-less, NOT science- nor fact-based

Physician to Bonnie Henry: Wake up!

Globalists target children

Masks useless and illegal, like all PHO orders

Henry pushes contact spies and unsafe vaccines

In favour of Big Pharma vax

Conclusion — PHO Henry must go

Appendix 1. Timeline

Appendix 2. Bonnie Henry’s professional career


Piotr Bein, first published on piotrbein[dot]wordpress[dot]com 19.12.2020; edits ongoing until PHO Henry resigns together with other “pandemic” BSers in Victoria

Prologue — ‘I know but will not tell’…

…seems to be British Columbia public health officer (PHO) Bonnie Henry’s hallmark. Recently, a “blesser” of “Doktors Mengele” injecting poisons into unsupsecting people in neo-Auschwitz prelude to NWO, career epidemiologist and associate professor in clinical epidemiology at UBC, Henry has been working for the wrong agendas and projects most of her life.

Henry displays catchy traps in order to help implement globalist policy. Who can lie day by day in front of 5 million people, while faking compassion and adherence to fact and science? Ten years in the Navy teaches obedience to superiors and commandeering of serfs.

In November 2020 the Public Health Agency of Canada stated that BC was no longer saying what proportion of people who tested positive were healthcare providers. Henry indicated that not all data were being shared due to concerns with how they were being interpreted by Ottawa, and that it could lead to incorrect assumptions regarding covid-19 spread. What secret does she hide? Pressed for release of records under FoI, the Irish authorities admitted lack of any proof for covid-causing virus existence, mask sense etc.

It looks like Henry treats the public similarly. She has not disclosed mortality data for all deaths by cause for the last few years, so we cannot prove the plandemic fraud. The data from other jurisdictions around the world is clear: there’s no “covid-19” pandemic. We do experience covidiocy pandemic that PHOs help to crank up with daily doses of fake scientism and emotion, herding millions into primodal, deep fear and hysteria that lines them up for ineffective, untested and VERY UNSAFE vax.

In the insulting Christmas detail of her order, discriminating against religious and non-religious Jesus lovers and celbrators of His Birth and Coming as a Human, Henry takes position of Humanity and Love hater, just like the masterminds behind the scamdemic do. If, on the other hand, she does not understand the covert plan and its implementation she colludes in, she is a useful idiot unfit to lead British Columbians in this department, much less to tell us what to do and when.

Warrior on the wrong side of science and history

The 2009 H1N1 (swine flu) plandemic as fake as the present one and likely its global pre-test, led to mass applications of Pandemrix vaccine, causing narcolepsy and damaging lives of thousands of Scandinavian young. The governments strongly recommended Pandemrix, as they do now covid vax. In 2017 Henry co-authored a refereed paper that prescribes pandemic vaccinations:

This article, the first in a series, outlines Canada’s pandemic influenza vaccine strategy as described in the CPIP annex on vaccines. The strategy encompasses all elements of a vaccine program including prioritization of the initial vaccine distribution, securing a pandemic vaccine supply, regulatory approval of a pandemic vaccine, vaccine safety, distribution and storage of the vaccine, allocation and vaccine uptake.

An adherent of “germ theory”, the basis of genocidal Rockefeller “medicine” and Big Pharma’s mega-profiteering scam, Henry has been pushing vax throughout her career. She practiced hoax&fraud science of polio-vaxing Pakistani children under globalist WHO/UNICEF program. The horrors of that programme, the genocidal vaccines used to date around the world and the cover-ups of terrible adverse effects by the global and national agendas under Big Pharma’s control, have been exposed. But Henry “doesn’t” know. and prepares for global cover-ups of “covid” vaccinations according to the globalist script, identical in all countries.

Waving a standard inscripted “Masx and Vax” on the battlefield of genocide perpetrators against Humanity, Henry is a lost warrior on the wrong side of God-given natural resistance secured by “germ” exchange to form collective immunity. A professor in biology and genetics speaks to it:

Unfortunately, in the Covidianism era, the basic principle that have been in force for centuries are forgotten. Recommendations were made that contradict the ancient knowledge and essence of man as a biological species. Ban on leaving the house, face masks, excessive sterilization of rooms and body — these recommendations do not protect, but lead to increased susceptibility to disease. Especially for the elderly, these recommendations are a death sentence.

The reduction in the society’s health by the so-called countermeasures led to a sharp increase in deaths in the fall. Not only do we have a serious disease called chronic public health services failure syndrome, but we also have a reduced immunity as a result of many months of wearing microbial incubators on the face, sitting at home, and therefore limiting the intake of vitamin D.

Health lies in the body’s ability to protect against viruses, not in creating a sterile body. […] governments have transformed people into in vitro cultured organisms, and it is hardly surprising that such people, when exposed to the environment, are unable to protect themselves against it. . Therefore, let’s not go crazy and lead a healthy lifestyle without masks and with full exercise.

[…] the pandemic is a hoax. Restrictions on face masks, social distancing, and quarantine are anti-health. There is no justification for spreading panic and biomedical terror because of a common cold virus that passes through 80% of us without symptoms. Vaccines are unnecessary. Viruses have been everywhere, forever. The only effective defense is building your own immunity. […] We can’t possibly get vaccinated against all [viruses]. Each vaccination […] will only weaken us and markedly increase our vulnerability to new viruses. […]

Universal vaccinations […] is pharmaceutical industry’s dream. They want us to be weak and completely dependent on pharmacotherapy. They manipulate vaccines, inventing those that are harmful to us and then they invent related pandemics. 20-years’ patent protection term has ended for flu vaccine and the flu had to disappear, replaced by COVID. Further pathogens and diseases are already under preparation.

‘Greatest hoax’, ‘mass homicide’ to supress rights and freedoms

One of Canada’s top pathologists and an expert in virology Dr. Roger Hodkinson, the CEO of Western Medical Assessments (maker of covid-19 PCR test kits) stated the pandemic is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public […] politics playing medicine […] a very dangerous game. He stressed PCR tests can’t diagnose infections, so testing should stop immediately. Social distancing is useless, too, as the virus is spread by aerosols which travel 30 meters or so. As for face masks: no evidence base for their effectiveness whatsoever. […] Nothing could be done to stop the spread of the virus besides protecting older more vulnerable people.

Former vice-president and chief scientific adviser of Pfizer and founder and CEO of the biotech company Ziarco, Dr. Michael Yeadon like Hodkinson sees the laws of immunology are being ignored as if to fit a hidden agenda. Yeadon exposed the fraudulent PCR test, and found no excess deaths of covid-19; while many deaths are falsely ascribed to it.

Professor of biology, pioneer since 1995 of PCR test applications in Poland’s genetic research, revealed why the test is fraudulently used in “covid” “diagnosis”:

[the] intention is not to detect the presence of coronavirus in the nasopharyngeal swab sample, as the tests are not suitable for this. Their role is quite different. They are designed to make the coronavirus pandemic credible. Depending on the parameters set up for an analysis, these tests can always detect something or not. This makes it possible to manipulate the course of a pandemic to political needs. […] The results of PCR tests are not correlated with symptoms, and there is no differential diagnosis, e.g. for flu virus infection. The tests have nothing to do with the disease.

The pandemic is a guise for the redistribution of wealth and a technocratic takeover of the whole world — a “Great Reset”, over which Trudeau’s speech dispelled skepticism labelled conspiracy theory, despite being the title of Klaus Schwab (director of World Economic Forum, accomplice in the conspiracy) manifesto for worldwide social, political and tech change. Referring to UN’s Agenda 2030, the blueprint for global totalitarian government conspiracy, the bankster lackey cum Canada’s PM promised a “reset” in the works (not asked by the citizenry) and expanded on “Build Back Better” (BBB):

Building back better means giving support to the most vulnerable while maintaining our momentum on reaching the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the [Sustainable Development Goals]

BBB is buzzed by lackey politicians co-conspiring with the banksters, such as Boris Johnson and Joe Biden aka Harris. as well as the “NGO” worldwide serving the same cabal via Soros’ subversive neo-marxist agents and useful idiots like in the BLM “movement”. Trudeau’s pledge of C$400 million from our pockets to global humanitarian aid projects is how “Holocaust survivor” “philantropist” Soros subverts our world to bankster NWO plan. Sweeping social and economic changes need a pandemic to justify restrictions of rights and freedoms. Induced deep fear coerces compliance, or nobody would agree to such “new normal”. Stephen Thompson and Eric Ip posit:

there are unmistakable regressions into authoritarianism in governmental efforts to contain the virus. […] there is no sound justification for systemic erosion of rights-protective democratic ideals and institutions beyond that which is strictly demanded by the exigencies of the pandemic. […] With a gratuitous toll being inflicted on democracy, civil liberties, fundamental freedoms, healthcare ethics, and human dignity, this has the potential to unleash humanitarian crises no less devastating than COVID-19 in the long run.

In a letter to PHO Henry, BC physician Stephen Malthouse recalls:

Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, Montréal’s medical officer, has stated “this COVID virus is much like the seasonal flu”. A group of over 400 Belgian doctors have stated “COVID is not a killer virus, but a treatable condition”. Eighteen Canadian doctors wrote the Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, stating “your policies risk significantly harming our children with lifelong consequences”. The Ontario policies are very similar to those of BC.  

In 2011, a review of the literature by the BC Centres for Disease Control that sought to evaluate the effectiveness of social distancing measures such as school closures, travel restrictions, and limitations on mass gatherings as a means to address an influenza pandemic concluded that “such drastic restrictions are not economically feasible and are predicted to delay viral spread, but not impact overall mortality”. [emphasis added]  

German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee was founded by four trial attorneys to investigate and prosecute those responsible for implementing lockdowns around the world and for using fraudulent testing to fake a pandemic. The Committee works with international lawyers to argue the most massive tort case ever, described as probably the greatest crime against humanity ever committed, as government countermeasures aimed to sow panic, for pharma&tech comglomerate’s huge profits from the sale of tests and vaccines, and collection of our genetic data.

The Committee has assembled evidence that: lockdowns were unnecessary; majority of people already have built-in T cell immunity; the PCR test cannot be used to identify an active infection with any virus; and collateral damage from pandemic response is immense.

How dangerous are independent opinions to the empowerers of bureaucrats like Henry, view a banned video of 32 professionals around the world discuss credibility of science used by the governments to herd us into fear of the pandemic, and the risks and dangers of the unproven, untested vaccines that may contain substances and injectable nano-material with purposes unknown.

Mysterious sharp peak

Dr. Denis Rancourt of Ontario Civil Liberties Association discovered a sharp peak with unique characteristics in all-cause mortality data for US and Europe:

  • Its sharpness, with a full-width at half-maximum of only approximately 4 weeks;
  • Its lateness in the infectious-season cycle, surging after week-11 of 2020, which isunprecedented for any large sharp-peak feature;
  • The synchronicity of the onset of its surge, across continents, and immediately followingthe WHO declaration of the pandemic; and
  • Its USA state-to-state absence or presence for the same viral ecology on the sameterritory, being correlated with nursing home events and government actions rather than any known viral strain discernment.

These “COVID peak” characteristics, and a review of the epidemiological history, and of relevant knowledge about viral respiratory diseases, lead me to postulate that the “COVID peak” results from an accelerated mass homicide of immune-vulnerable individuals, and individuals made more immune-vulnerable, by government and institutional actions, rather than being an epidemiological signature of a novel virus […]

total deaths usa
Dr. Rancourt’s “covid peak” for the USA. Source

Henry has no time for serfs

BC PHO stated she has no time for people who believe that wearing a mask somehow makes them ill or is a sign of lack of freedom. To me, it’s about a sign of respect for our fellow people who are suffering through this with us. A CBC scribe confabulated it into a conspiracy theoretical issue: she “has no time” for people who are aggressive or rude about refusing to wear a mask, or those who spread conspiracy theories about COVID-19.

Henry has no time just as she has no data to share when it suits her to save face when caught at implementing global agenda. Rockefeller Lockstep 2010 document blueprinted the present pandemic, a prerequisite for the Great Reset that would follow. The plan is implemented by psychopaths subservient to the bankster power cabal: global commandeers like “philantropic” eugenist Bill Gates, and accomplices at national level, like Dr. Anthony Fauci in Washington and Dr. Theresa Tam in Ottawa, and PHOs like Henry. The genocidal global cabal is intimately tied to Big Pharma and vaccine makers who have the banksters’ green light to profit scott-frre, as long as they implement the NWO agenda.

Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms sums up the scam in Flying Blind:

As they locked down Canadians, Canada’s federal, provincial and municipal governments were effectively flying blind. Apart from the massive and damaging social and economic impact that lockdowns have had and continue to have on the lives of Canadians, these violations of the Charter rights and freedoms of Canadians to move, travel, associate, assemble and worship were not, and are not, demonstrably justifiable in a free and democratic society.

Loss of freedom is not a theory of “tin hat wearers’ who believe in radiowave trigger of coronaviruses and harm of the “covid” “vaccines” that might contain, for example injectable neuro-nano-bots and –electronics. Everything plandemic that unfolds before us, the scamdemists have designed in detail, incl. the case-demic pushed by Henry to idiotised British Columbians.

Senseless science-less, NOT science- nor fact-based

Quack science leads to enslavement, economic downturn, negative social impacts and collateral deaths due to neglect of non-covid patients, while fewer Canadians are dying in 2020 than in 2019 and mortality rates by age remain unaffected. At 8,795 deaths with covid-19, 10,295 fewer deaths resulted from cancer, heart diseases, lung diseases, stroke, pneumonia and flu. This may be due to ascribing these causes to “covid”, smaller chance of treatment by fatal malpractice, and counting flu/pneumonia and other as “covid-19” cause of death. Some deaths followed cancellations and delays of diagnoses and surgeries to clear hospital capacity for “covid” patients.

All deaths Canada20162017201820192020
8-month total177,860181,135186,825190,300186,690
Deaths of all causes by month, Canada, January – August, 2016 – 2020. Source
Total to 31 July00008,795
Alleged “covid-19” deaths in Canada by month. Source

PCR “diagnostics” sent the most severe non-covid cases, mostly the elderly with pre-existing co-morbities, to ICU respirators, prematurely killing up to 80% of them in the US and UK, while inexpensive, effective and proven hydroxychloroquine with zinc and other cures were around. Reduction in seasonal illness of flu/pneumonia and chronic lower respiratory diseases migrated to “diagnosis” of “covid-19” deaths in April – July 2020.

WHO confirms “mysterious” disapperance of flu from the global scene: zero seasonal flu (min. 10:46) cases beginning just after “covid” started about week 12 of 2020

Total to 31 July3,9504,8306,0704,5153,750
Deaths of flu/pneumonia in Canada by month. Source
Chronic Lower
Respiratory Diseases 
Total to 31 July7,4608,0658,1157,8856,575
Deaths of chronic lower respiratory diseases in Canada by month. Source

Flying Blind proves covid-19 risk to seniors with pre-existing medical conditions, but no harm for ca. 90% of the population. Seniors over 70 represented 89% of deaths March 9 – November 2. Almost all of them suffered of one or more co-morbidities, while the vast majority had at least three serious pre-existing conditions. Of the 10,208 deaths March 9 – November 2, only 0.3 % were under age of 40.

Mortality rates fby age group, all causes of death. Source: Flying Blind, .

300,000 Canadians die each year, more than 96% of them from non-covid causes — hardly an epidemic. Hospitals were not overwhelmed. As of November 16, less than 10% ICU capacity and only 2.4% of the hospital beds in Canada were used for covid-19 patients. The remainder was and still is available for more covid patients and all patients.

Physician to Bonnie Henry: Wake up!

BC physician for more than 40 years, Dr. Stephen Malthouse wrote to PHO Henry:

Many of our friends, family and patients died alone, terrified, and isolated against their will in facilities and nursing homes. That cruel policy was unjustified and inhuman. 

PHO Henry’s “our elderly dying of covid-19” is a double fraud. First, life most often ends with death at old age, even though billions of people globally have succumbed to the biggest PsyOp operation based on fear of death. Second, cynicism consists in creating, under fake pandemic “emergency”, deplorable conditions in institutions for seniors, and also shutting down or reducing non-covid medical services, all leading to premature deaths of seniors. Seniors in family’s care were reluctant to use government medical services, once the scamdemic became obvious.

Henry’s inhuman, senseless orders imposed isolation from loved ones, indispensable for seniors’ well-being. Why not order protection by giving them vitamin D, opening doors and windows for fresh air and sun, allowing normal human interactions with family and friends, while letting the healthy population live normally.? Dr. Mulhouse wonders:

How is it possible that a doctor with your previous training and experience did not anticipate the collateral damage of your public health policies – the economic disruption, the psychological and physical health consequences, and the deaths from despair?  

Henry’s press meetings serve cruel globalist agenda, by inducing and maintaining a deep fear of death, necessary to relinguish our rights and freedoms out of our own will, and to comply, in the name of promised safety, with the absurd measures converging on the globalist cabal’s vaccinations and “New Normal”.

Globalists target children

In March – April, politicians, media and PHOs referred to covid dangers to children and youth, despite negligible risk to this age group, known by then to WHO, Dr. Tam and political leaders she had advised. K-12 schools across Canada had to close in mid-March, ostensibly to protect children and staff. 

During spring break for 550,000 students, BC premier John Horgan announced that elementary and secondary school classes have been postponed indefinitely. BC education minister Rob Fleming said: we have to take action today to protect our students and staff and keep our schools safe. […[ Every student eligible to graduate Grade 12 this year will graduate. How “educational”! What an example of diligence and responsibility to earn graduation! After some schools have reopened spme programs, by May 7 CBC reported Victoria’s decision to expand back in classrooms by June, with a full return to normal by September. Weaving into the plandemic hysteria, and in “keeping” with Journalistic Standards and Practices, CBC scribe added “pandemic” colour:

The provincial government announced a gradual return to normal life in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic this week and it includes a five-stage plan to resuming in-class learning for B.C. students from kindergarten to Grade 12.

Abnormal life means more time spent on e-gadgets in e-learning and exposure to electromagnetic radiation. How about looking into that epidemic, Mrs. Henry… By November, lamestream media changed the tune to the newly prescribed “case-demic”: B.C. education minister hopes to avoid school closures amid rising COVID-19 cases in province, continuing propaganda of day before: B.C. schools consider masks in class, more remote learning as COVID-19 cases rise.

By December, BC health ministry was unable to provide daily school exposure data, reportedly for the effort required. Was the yield too small compared to remianing population, where contact tracers focused? Only 10% of total “cases” concerned 15 to 19 years old. BC CDC thus left parents to social media apps — tracing Stasi-, KGB- and Gestapo-style, based on PCR test diagnostic fraud and “assessment” of seasonal symptoms.

What sane parent would endanger their kid to dumb (or extremely corrupt) implementers of illegal and suspect testing that might damage the brain-blood barrier, introduce devil knows what into the body, and spy on the child’s DNA for global pedophiles of the Epstein kind, all in one sampling. The forum under Vancouver Sun article gives hope that not all in BC succumbed to covidiotism; Henry, BC premier and ministers of health and education may face a people’s tribunal when the plandemic hysteria dies out due to mass injuries from fake vaccines.

The plandemic crime against children is no lesser than the one against seniors. Mulhouse writes:

Why are children being pursued with a new rinse-and-spit saliva test that is also based on a worthless PCR test? Children have been terrorized and are being given the message that they can never be trusted not to infect their family and friends — essentially, that they are naturally bad. The insistence on covering their faces with masks, a proven useless and even harmful measure, only worsens this sense of shame. The psychological fallout from such messaging is going to be horrific. One only needs to walk down Main Street to already see the catastrophic effects of these messages on the mental and emotional health of families. […] With unnecessary school closures, the ability of teachers to identify children subject to abuse and malnourishment has been curtailed. 

Eight months into lockdowns, when enough data should have been collected by governments, Flying Blind asked provincial premiers and PHOs:

How many children and spouses do you project will be abused while couples and parents remain confined to their homes, in many cases unemployed, without their usual income and social connections?

How many children will be put in foster care because of domestic abuse, or loss of their parents’ ability to provide for them, or both?

How many children, confined to their homes while schools and playgroundsare closed and athletic and recreational activities are shut down, are projected to develop diabetes or other chronic health conditions?

How many G-pas and G-mas have died of sorrow as they couldn’t see, embrace, kiss nor touch their beloved grandchildren?

Economic and social impacts, case-demic goes on

During the second quarter of 2020, Canada’s GDP fell at an annualized rate of 38.7%. Suicide rate went up 17% due to unemployment alone. Lockdowns and mask orders cut off millions of Canadians from meaningful human relations and a multitude of interactions, driving vulnerable Canadians to suicide. Since the lockdown began, opioid use has soared; in BC, Alberta and Ontario by 52, 47 and 25%, respectively, compared to 2019. Alcohol consumption substantially rose in BC since the plandemic started ,and more people died of an illicit drug overdose in first 8 months of 2020 than all of 2019.

Media keep silent that the “cases” PHO Henry scares with every day, mostly involve no harm from a “covid” virus that has neither been isolated nor identified. The diagnostic accuracy is useless for ill-defined syndrome covid-19 allegedly caused by still unidentified virus. Morbidity and mortality data confims it. Experts have exposed the fraudulent “diagnostic” PCR testing and allocation of cause of death, so “cases” and “deaths” of “covid-19” are much lower than in scary headlines fed daily to globalists’ serfs via globalist-controlled media, politicians and appointed PHO lackeys.

Masks useless and illegal, like all PHO orders

Henry declares science-based to the public, who know zilch about sciences, as the Nobilist inventior of the fraudulently applied PCR test has said. A large body od scientific refereed research indicates that masks do not affect infectivity, and wearing them may be harmful. Pseudo-scientific bureaucrats like Henry have been imposing pandemic counter-measures ambiguously. Besides covidiocy concerning general danger, lockdowns and border control, Henry’s counterparts and comrades in vax keep sending inconsistent messages that confuse the public.

Henry’s equal in Ottawa, Theresa Tam became a laughing stock and a cause of deserved public anger, when she said (25.2.2020): We are advising people not to just generally walk about wearing masks. That’s not going to be effective. A month later (30.3.2020) Tam said : if you’re sick, then put on a mask to prevent those droplets from flying […] Putting a mask on a asymptomatic person is not beneficial, obviously, if you are not infected […] potential negative aspects of wearing masks where people are not protecting their eyes or other aspects of where the virus could enter your body and that gives you a false sense of confidence […] increases the touching of your face. […] the outside of the mask could be contaminated […]

Asymptomatic covid case is another claptrap in the plandemic boogieman box. Close to 10 million Wuhan residents turned out to have a tiny rate of asymptomatic cases and no covid in their close contacts. But on 6.4.2020, Canada’s mask policy changed due to alleged pre- and asymptomatic transmissions. Tam: the special advisory committee has come to a consensus that wearing a non-medical mask, even if you have no symptoms, is an additional measure that you can take to protect others around you. WHO modified mask recommendations on the same day:

the wide use of masks by healthy people in the community setting is not supported by current evidence and carries uncertainties and critical risks. 

On 21.5.2020, Tam: we got more evidence about asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic individuals. […] an added layer of protection even for people who don’t have symptoms to wear a mask to prevent transmission to others. And even though the evidence base hasn’t changed too much […] the chief medical office has felt that they can recommend this for people who cannot maintain that two metre distance. A few days on (27.5.2020), Tam: During high heat and humidity, wearing a mask can make breathing difficult. […] outdoors, maintaining physical distancing is best. Reserve the mask for use indoors for short periods of time when physical distancing cannot be maintained.

Fortunately, germ freak Tam exhibited some unintended humour (2.9.2020): The lowest risk sexual activity during COVID-19 involves yourself alone. […] When engaging in sexual activity you can reduce your risk by […] consider(ing) using a mask that covers the nose and mouth. Germ scarers of humans must have worked hard in the meantime to fill every point of “medical emergency preparedness”, as on 4.11.2020, MSN News kept hyping up the non-existent pandemi for the sheeeple to put a sign of slavish obedience on the face: Sometime during the week prior to November 5, the Public Health Agency of Canada quietly updated its guidance to acknowledge the reality of aerosolized transmission of COVID-19, undermining the efficacy of social distancing and of single-layer masks.

I do not only believe, Mrs. Henry — I know I got dizzy and fainted on a bus under one of PHO mask orders. With a mask on, I am anxious and short of air, and it makes my glasses fog up. Nobody will force me to wear a mask, Mrs. Henry, even if you sign liability for breaking old bones when I faint and fall — because I am not a slave.

Having been asssaulted physically and verbally during bicycle touring of many places of the world, I know could panic at the sight of agressive masked people. While you wishfully remind everyone to be “kind”, your orders, Mrs. Henry, do not stop sheeple become infuriated and insane when facing unmasked people. Your exemptions from mask-wearing are useless, without (an intended?) lack of reference to the Charter of rights and freedoms. Your orders make things even worse when selectively cited by the corrupt media as if the order was Stalin or Hitler’s. I’ve had very unpleasant encounters with the mask slaves and the store security and management they called. I won every one of them, morally and law-wise — luckily for the persons involved, as in court of law I would claim hefty compensations from the covidiots, and from yourself, Mrs. Quack-“Doctor”-and-Honoris-Causa in law, Bonnie Henry.

Honoris causa in law?! For signing and imposing unlawful orders! Unlawful because based on a fraud and pseudo-science! Unlawful — mandated by an unconstututional commie Bill 19, BC covid-related measure act toward tyranny, giving sweeping powers to the government!

Pump up the case-demic

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, PCR testing cannot diagnose active infection, creating a false narrative of a case-demic to justify imposition of severe restrictions by frighrening people with meaningless “case” numbers. Here is how case-demic is accomplished.

  • Create a primodal fear of a deadly virus.
  • Socio-engineer frightened populution into accepting and obeying absurd and illegal orders devoid of science and cost-benefit calculus of human, economic and social factors — all “for the benefit of people”.
  • Hire beforehand a force of contact tracers (spies).
  • Drop any user-operated apps for “contact tracing” as normal people do not spy on fellow Canadians, thereby upsetting central control of the at-will generation of “cases”.
  • Wait for seasonal onset of flue and common cold in the Fall.
  • Under pretext of rising “cases”, enlarge contact tracer force and unleash it to pump up the “detected cases” data, exploiting the rise in sesonally symptomatic persons.
  • In a scare tactics, emphasize the number of hospitalisations and deaths concurrently with the number of “cases”.
  • Riding largely on false positive PCR test results and a rise in usual seasonal symptoms, bombard the public daily with hysteria of “cases”. Add MSM horror stories of people dying (natural death of non-covid causes).
  • Call for a lockdown or new restricitons over previously issued PHO order.
  • Escalate “contact tracing” and “detection” of “cases”, arbitrarily selecting social situations (large gatherings, gyms, worship, celebrations of traditions) to point to “threats” of community transmissions.
  • More tracing leads to more testing, situational nomination of cases, and more false postive test results….
  • …until “salvific” vaccines arrive.

PHO Henry & Cohorts imposed contact spying. On July 8, 2020, BC public safety minister and solicitor general Mike Farnworth extended BC state of emergency to July 21. The cumulative cases reached 3,008, as 18 new cases were found. The Georgia Straight hyped it up with the usual morbid/mortal rhetoric: British Columbia passed the 3,000 mark for the total number of COVID-19 cases that have been confirmed in the province since the pandemic began. […] Sadly, there are three new deaths. B.C.’s total number of fatalities is now at 186.

Referring to Israel and Australia (draconian orders bt world standard), the reader was reminded with Henry and health minister Dix’s scare that spikes in cases after low numbers can lead to lockdown renewal, but people can ensure they have the information that contact tracers need to keep the pandemic under control, by reaching anyone exposed to the virus. Citing tips from Henry, Dix and BC CDC, the article listed some things people can do to ensure the contact-tracing process works efficiently: […] Ensure you know who all your contacts are as well as have contact information for all individuals you interact with outside your social bubble. (An optional measure is to maintain a daily log of people you have spent time with.)

Many in BC come from countries with totalitarian past of KGB (Soviet Union, diaspora), Gestapo (Third Reich and German Nazi-occupied countries), Stasi (German Democratic Republic) and similar atrocious Judeocommunist security apparatus in sovietized Eastern Europe, and Mossad (Israel and Jewish diaspora)… They all made people spy on each other and report. Many people had to cooperate with the agencies long term for survival. just like the New Normal will depend on your complying with totalitarian measures. Recollections of the ghastly times come back when I hear agressive Where’s your mask?! from shoppers and staff in stores, banks etc.

It’s time to step back, our PHO urged November 12, as another 1,130 new cases were identified over two days. Ability to find everybody in a timely way has been stretched to the max and we are falling a little bit behind. Despite hiring hundreds of new contact tracers, they’re being stretched thin in Metro Vancouver where the alleged surge occured. We need to get our social interactions back to those levels where our public health contact tracing can control the spread. Henry added that reduction of case numbers to zero won’t be possible until a vaccine is developed and distributed, hopefully in 2021:

We need to find ways to live with [the virus] without putting people at risk, particularly our seniors and our elders. […] We are in a challenging time, perhaps the most challenging time of this pandemic.

In BC plandemic narrative, social interactions in households and other gatherings continue to be the primary source of transmission across the province, but in recent weeks it has spread to seniors:

We’re starting to see young people again driving infections in the province, whether it’s through social interactions primarily, whether it’s through work interactions, and what we’re seeing now is spill over into older age groups. Once again, we’re starting to see spill over into long-term care homes where we know its an older population that are more likely to have severe illness.

Total number of “cases” goes up with flu season and contact tracing. So does the incidence rate of positive test results. Rx for case-demic.

Back in August, Victoria announced expanding the force of covid contact tracers to make sure people are kept safe […] by jumping into action as soon as there is an outbreak, and will start their detective-style work to find out who may be infected.

As if to “teach” who is boss, our PHO reached out with “covid testing” of ski bums, BC vacationers relaxing from covid insanity, and the international young staff at Big White, Okanagan ski resort. Participants of serial anti-covidiocy rallies in Kelowna reasonably believe (Henry’s expression in her PHO orders) that the PHO took revenge for the rally growth to at least 1000 anticovidians led by outstanding, seasoned, thinking freedom-minded individuals.

In November, wireless industry noted BC continues to dismiss Canada’s Covid Alert app as a tool to help track civid exposures, but would hire 800 contact tracers instead. Ottawa has vetted the app as privacy-safe. It allows someone tested positive to anonymously alert others that may have been in contact. Is this what Henry disliked?

By November 27, contracted at taxpayers’ expense top contact-tracer propagandised on coffee-break infections and scaled-back monitoring, while his underlings, public health workers cum “Stasi” agents tried to track and stop infections and liars (the freedom-minded mindful of Nazis and Soviets). As if to finish what was BC economy, he also boasted to warn workplaces are a major problem at the moment, stretching their ability to stay on top of where and how people are infected with the coronavirus to its limit. No mention of corporate big box stores full of shoppers.

At that time, infection rate according to BC CDC went beyond science and common sense; case-demic swindle amounted to …50 persons per 100k British Columbians. Has not seasonal flu done better each year, without earning the podium for gold in humanity’s most scandalous hoax? Just asking, Mrs. Henry, while waiting for the data I asked you in an open email.

Dr. Aamir Bharmal

Dr. Aamir Bharmal, Fraser Health’s top contact-tracer. One of hundreds of quack sciency marshalls cum “Stasi” covid police. A willing accomplice in Henry’s mass crime against British Columbians. Another waco socialized into Rockefeller “medicine”

The low incidence didn’t result from contact tracing nor restictions on churches and gyms. BC top cop for non-existent “covid”, Bharmal admits that BC contact tracers are at the brink of not being able to keep up with the rate of infections: we’ve had to trim down over time because with the numbers and the volumes we’re talking about, every single case potentially could have hundreds of calls associated with it. His corps members encounter outright belligerent people, but more often deal with liers [who is obliged under unlawful orders to obey anything the psychopaths tell us to do!]:

We encounter people who are really worried because they did something, they went out to a party or they worked while they were symptomatic or they were sick, or they’re worried about their job […]. We let them know this is a safe space, we’re doing this because we’re trying to protect other people. […] a lot of other people they care for and care about and also who they work with and interact with, too. That certainly does help with some of these situations and helping them realize we’re doing this so that we can break a lot of those chains of transmissions.

However the cops handle the “case” contacts, the vast majority of Bharmal’s professional colleagues participate in the fraudemic. His humane treatment is balpney if a traced person is put into ICU on a respirator because of post-flu complications, then dies because it’s the wrong procedure for wrong “diagnosis” for non-existent syndrome cooked up from seasonal illness, pretended to be due to SARS CoV-2 virus that has not yet been isolated nor properly identified.

In favour of Big Pharma vax

In a piece advertising the first covid vaccinations in BC, PHO Bonnie Henry, one of the recipients, reportedly stated: There is a lot of work that’s been done to make sure that this vaccine works and that it’s safe […] I have full confidence that it is both of those things. Here is an opinion on the covid vaccines by a doctor of science in virology, recently fired from a university position for honestly advising Poland’s government on health and other effects of 5G. Inbetween, she also submitted a revelation on the link between SARS CoV-2 virus and radiowaves.

Recently revamped for “covid-19”, Henry’s Soap and water & common sense 2009 book adheres to “germ theory”, the basis of much of Rockefeller medicine. It’s astounding that in her career (Appendix 2) Henry wouldn’t have been exposed to scandals of diseases caused by viruses engineered in government bio-labs, nor to the fraudulent vaccination theory. It’s monumental […] brings a spark of light and joy and is turning the tide on this pandemic“Dr.” Henry rejoiced after first person in BC received covid vaccine.

Most of the medical profession is corrupt. The Polish professor of genetics said on this:

Where are the scientists, professors who have always had their mouths full of phrases and are now silent in the face of extinction? Why are medics, biologists, psychologists and sociologists silent? Why are voices of reason not universal? In return, we have pseudo-experts who prove with every word uttered that they sold themselves for a few pieces of silver. 

For tens of thousands BC health care professionals, only a handful have spoken up against the scamdemic, jeopardizing their career and livelihood. The rest either keeps quiet to preserve the job and income, or, hopefully in relatively small numbers and for membership in certain clubs, willingly supports the criminal mafia, in both cases contributing to the Big Crime perpetrated systematically within a complacent “Satanic cult”.

One of thousands of Henry’s plandemic comrades-in-arms, Ms. Rhonda Low, M.D., (willingly?) misinformed millions of British Columbians, shortly after salvific vax were being distributed across Canada […] residents will need to be patient, some health-care workers have already received their first dose, with more shipments expected soon. Yey!

Exploiting sectarian pseudo-authority, a quack physician in BC service to Rockefeller “medicine” and Big Pharma, Rhonda Law brainwashes unsespecting public. CTV News: So how long will it take until you get the full immunity? Low: You get 52 per cent after the first shot, you check in with the second dose and that gives your immune system a long-term boost. With the three front runner vaccines that we have right now, the efficacy rate is between 86 to 95 per cent, which is pretty darn good.

 “Dr.” Rhonda Law, a quack physician in service of genocidal Big Pharma and Rockefeller “medicine”. Pictured here in a CTV medical advice program of 2011. Giving her e-address as a “public figure”, she writes about herself on her FB page: Rhonda Low is a family physician,TV and radio journalist and news junkie who believes that exercise will help keep you healthy!

A servile megaphone for globalists, CTV News has not verified any of Low’s below-the-waist claims in the hype of corporate press releases. To cool off the corporate media-led hype, here’s is a bucket of cold water from Christmas snow thawing off Vancouver roofs. Contrary to lunatic “doctors” Bonnie and Rhonda, covid vax efficacy is misleading on the sense of the term, and is also meaningless, as the trials rely on corrupt PCR test to identify positive “covid-19” persons in the vaccinated and the placebo groups.

The “efficacy” that ignorants get excited about is no absolute risk reduction, as most people automatically imagine, but a relative risk reduction around 1%, according to British Medical Journal editor. The vax trials assemble, say, 20 thousand persons, and divide them into vaccine receivers and the placebo group who don’t get vaccinated. The vaccine is applied to some in the first group, and participants are watched for “covid” symptoms. The ‘”cases” so discovered are counted and compared with the case numbers showing up in the placebo group. But not thousands of participants are vaccinated — how else for the most rushed vax development ever. The trial is interrupted when about 100 total cases are reached. Say a total of 100 cases are discovered: 95 pop up in the placebo group, and 5 in the vaccinated group.

At that moment, the trial executors infer from this data that 95 minus 5 = 90 cases were prevented in the vaccinated group, i.e. the vaccine “efficacy” is 90/95 = ca. 95%. This is not an absolute risk reduction, but a relative one, reflecting a time point shortly after the vaccination, while viral disease may take longer to develop and side effects occuring months later are omitted.

The “covid vaccines” so far criminally authorised for ise under emergency (read: mass-scale, forbidden tests on humans!), have a dismal trial performance record, making the vax, also containing harmful ingredients, worse than the disease:

  • Testing/trials protocols concoted by corrupt vax makers. In a “race with the pandemic”, they skipped normal protocols and due dilligence by setting up unprecednted, very low benchmarks, so the vaccine would look successful.
  • The vaccine does not provide immunity against SARS CoV-2 virus, only lessens the severity of symptoms in an alleged syndrome called “covid-19” by the scamdemists.
  • A vaccine must prevent covid-19 hospitalisation and mortality, but no benchmarks were set for these criteria. Any claims of reduced morbidity and mortality by the vaccines are thus pure hoax.
  • Animal trials skipped.
  • Not tried on children up to 16 years old, nor the elderly in some vaccine brands, nor risk groups with special medical conditions.
  • Only a few months’ trials. Checked no medium- nor long-term effects, such as infertility.
  • Short-time adverse effects ignored after a conveniently set short period. Long-term adverse effects incl. death, infertility and autoimmune problems — ignored.
  • Autoimmunity and antibody adverse effects point to a grand manipulation with vaccine ingredients, hidden from public scrutiny.
  • Widespread, serious other side effects in trials of several vaccine brands.
  • Thousands of types of adverse effects, incl. death, in actual vaccination programs. Widepsread deaths of vaccinared elderly reported in numerous countries. Data doctored and manipulated to hide the horror.

Practically, the “covid vaccination programs” are full-scale trials on unsuspecting public with vaccines that are unapproved in due medical/scientific review process, untested and dangerous (per vaccine makers’ information sheets) in forbidden experiments on humans, violating int’l conventions, constitutions, state laws and charters of rights and freedoms.

Rhonda Low and Bonnie Henry peddle a potential genetic bio-weapon, the “covid” vaccines, as if they were the best thing veside sliced bread. Quack, fraudulent “doctors” in conflict with science and fact should be locked up for criminal disinfo and stripped of their physician license. The illegal human trials are “testing”only prevention/mildening of seasonal symptoms,whileintroducing into the vaccinated bodies generic material, untested long-term. Even normal vaccines, after extensive safety trials that take up to 20 years, could be toxic and risky. But in the “new normal”, vax are being rolled out at “warp speed” under emergency use authorizations justified with non-existent pandemic.

Vax makers are released from liability and protected from prosecution, while governments are setting up courts for handling covid vax injury claims. As in previous “pandemics”, covid vax injury/death compensations will come from taxpayer pockets, at the usurious interest rate of gov’t borrowings from the banksters.

Who of a sane mind would take such vax for self and family… from an eugenist psychopath “philantropist” Kill Gates & Company… with a “carrot” Industry4.0 and dumb SmartCities in the 5G gate to Transhuamanism, dangled by psycho obey-consume-reset Clown Schwab of World Economic Forum… all planned by the globalist bankster cabal… Meanwhile, WHO admits the vaccine will NOT return us to normal. WHO boss, neo-commie Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that a coronavirus vaccine alone would not end the pandemic; continued surveillance, testing and quarantining would be needed to effectively control the crisis. Let’s be honest: the Biggest Scam of a PsyOp crisis in human history.


Yet, globalist genocide accomplices like PHO Henry have streamlined their “epidemiological management of covid-19 pandemic” to the bio-weapon aka vax end goal, a prelude to Great Reset and NWO.

Conclusion– PHO Henry must go

Time to resign, Mrs. Bonnie Henry, M.D., a conscious and willing accomplice of the banksters and Big Pharma in global genocide and mass crimes against humanity. A professional, non-Rockefellerian medical scientific team should take over assessment and management of a pandemic, if and when one arrives in British Columbia.

As the BC government lacks qualified people, I suggest Polish NGO be contracted to do research for the commie premier and likewise cabinet before they make bigger fools of themselves, scoring yet more points to be held accountable and resposible before BC people’s tribunal for crimes against humanity, incl. collusion in a communist coup in our neighbours’ USA, where, beside Sorossian neo-marxist revolution preparations, covidiotism may play a key role.

Entrusting decision making and leadership to one person, the PHO, necessarily biased by the process of socialisation into a “science paradigm”, clashes with the principles of democracy and scientific process of deciphering and managing an alleged epidemic. If qualified uncorrupted professionals were unavailable for the team, and our enemies in the government still were siphoning off their salaries from our tax dollar, We the People would be willing to chip in to import the best of the best from such gremia as the signatories of the Great Barrington Declaration, for example, but there are many more.

Quack pseudo-scientist and “doctor” reciting globalist claptrap, Henry should be stripped of science and academic credentials such as her profesorship at UBC. Certifications by the American College of Preventive Medicine and by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada should stand, for public identification as a member of the global genocidal “medicine” mafia.

A very serious risk to public health, Henry should be expelled from leadership and other positions in committees and groups tasked with epidemiology and immunisation. A long-term isolation order in a $25k/day bracket at her expense should be issued to keep her off the world, in case she reverted to promoting and practicing Rockefeller “medicine” elsewhere, until she impresses the public via daily press conferences, that she was wrong, the “covid” hutzpah was scam&hoax, and she condemns it and why, and no longer wants to have anything to do with this tera-fraud (in terms of gains to banksters and their corporations) and with history’s biggest assault on We the People rights and freedoms.

Christians of all kind should congregate day and night, mask- and distance-free by Henry’s quarantine/isolation locale to sing praises to Father God and His Son. But before she is imprisoned… sorry — isolated, they should boycott BC PHO Henry eye-for-an-eye for singling out Christianity during festive season of other cultures, too, e.g. Hanukah. For her selective assault on Christmas, like the Israeli bombing of Gaza and Syria at this Time, she should be prosecuted for discrimination of a minority labelled “priviledged majority” by those who hate Christ, the banksters’ “competitor” in their genocidal race to global, God-less power.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, certainly no “New Normal”!

Appendix 1. Timeline

On January 31, 2020, WHO declares covid-19 public health emergency of international concern and on March 11 arbitrariy upgrades it to a pandemic. Also in March, UNICEF notes that seniors with underlying health conditions are more vulnerable, and link the virus to the same family of viruses as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome [SARS] and some types of common cold, adding that the SARS-type virus could be fatal in rare cases.

March 13, the Canadian lockdown begins with the closure of Parliament. Political leaders seek expert advice – mainly from federal and provincial Chief Medical Officers, and then take actions known as the lockdown.

South of the border, quack Dr. Anthony Fauci, the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases director says on April 1, 2020, that reports project covid-19 infections could kill 100,000 to 240,000 Americans, much less than 1.7 million US CDC quoted, and a fraction of the 2.2 million computer-simulated by Imperial College in UK. The next day, Fuci calls for an all-state, nationwide lockdown; US CDC instructs Americans to wear masks outside their homes.

Ottawa follows the script. Having initially assured Canadians on February 21, 2020, that the risk of spread of the novel coronavirus within Canada remains low, Henry’s federal counterpart quack Dr. Theresa Tam says a couple weeks later:

Covid-19 is a serious public health threat […] Today, I am asking everyone to take strong action to help us delay the spread of covid-19.

March 15, hospitals start cancellations of ‘non-essential’ surgeries and diagnostic testing. March 18, travel restrictions imposed on Canadians. April 9, Government of Canada document predicts: with strong control measures the death toll would be 11,000 to 22,000 over the pandemic period, but would exceed 300,000 without controls. Mid-April to May 31, Canadian deaths attributed to covid-19 rise, then fall sharply and remain at low levels from June to end of November.

October 15, according to WHO, lockdowns can slow covid-19 transmission by limiting contact between people, but these measures can have a profound negative impact on individuals, communities, and societies by bringing social and economic life to a near stop.

WHO special envoy on covid-19, Dr. David Nabarro castigates lockdowns on October 9:

We in the [WHO] do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of controlling this virus. The only time we believe a lockdown is justified is to buy you time to reorganize, regroup, rebalance your resources, protect your health workers who are exhausted. But by and large we would rather not do it. […] we may well have a doubling of world poverty by next year […] at least a doubling of child malnutrition. […] So we really do appeal to all world leaders, stop using lockdown as your primary control method. […] remember, lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never ever belittle, and that is, making poor people an awful lot poorer.

Mid-December 2020, Ottawa hastily approves unproven, inadequately tested, ineffective, harmful vaccines of unknown composition, suspected of altering human DNA and of containing injectable neuro-nano-material.

Mass vaccinations begin mid-December, with healthcare staff responding to the case-demic as first priority “risk group” vaccinated. For the elderly and less than 16-yr-olds, the corrupt vaccine makers conducted very limited and fraudulent tests to ad hoc, self-decided vaccine performance and quality specifications and standards, but these groups are scheduled for vaccinations after health care force is innoculated. To herd the public into vaccination lineups, corporate MSM brazenly impress with a supposed short supply and other obstacles. Big Pharma-government-MSM complex came out of the closet if somebody had doubts before.

Appendix 2. Bonnie Henry’s professional career

After graduating in medicine at Dalhousie in 1990, Henry served for 10 years in the Royal Canadian Navy. Military teaches obedience, and also commandeering.

In the early 2000s, Henry served in WHO/UNICEF polio eradication program in Pakistan, and for WHO in Uganda supported efforts to tackle Ebola. She helped establish the Canada Pandemic Influenza Plan, which recommends activities during the spread of a virus.

In 2001, she joined the Toronto Public Health, and led emergency services and communicable disease liaison, responding to SARS and H1N1 [ref. missing] outbreaks. Henry was (2005 – 2007) an epidemiologist at BC CDC, medical director (2007 – 2014) of emergency management and of communicable disease prevention and control starting in 2011.

She helped plan and police the 2010 Winter Olympics [ref. missing]. Wiki lists posts at BC CDC (2013), Deputy Provincial Health Officer (2014 – 2017), and advisor to Government of Canada on H7N9 epidemic.

In February 2018, Henry was appointed PHO at BC ministry of health. She chairs the pandemic flu task group and called for better e-systems to understand vaccine uptake and manage Canada’s vaccine inventory. According to CBC, Dr. Bonnie Henry brings wealth of global experience to B.C.’s COVID-19 response.



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