12.12.2020 Kelowna (BC, Canada): Record number of We the People rally for sovereignty and truth

Okanagan Mega-Rally announced on Action4Canada website. The group has retained the services of Rocco Galati, a top constitutional lawyer, to take on the legal action against the Government of British Columbia. Below, Okanagan Mega Rally announced by Not.YV:


Piotr Bein, 21.12.2020

Bideo by one of We the People. Compare with GlobalNews recording.

Judging from lamestream reactions alone, it was a very succesful demonstration.

A week earlier, the serial rally drew ca. 300 participants, an all-time record. On Dec. 12, a thousand people participated, according to CBC count, hopefully an accurate one, as Okanagan Global News reluctuntly mentions hundreds.

We the People gathered as usual at Stuart Park across from the City Hall on Lake Okanagan front. The young and the seniors, families with toddlers in carts and snugglies and children of all age with self-made signs, groups of friends, bikers, “underground” from Rutland (Eastern Kelowna) came from Okanagan communities as far as Salmon Arm, and from Greater Vancouver… to declare and demand freedom, transparency, truth and choice… amid the park’s concrete parapets, live Christmas Tree decorated with lights, and Hanukah Menorah erected by the Okanagan Chabad Lubavitch.

I wondered at the yellow vests worn by some. Known for love of freedom and liberty, Okanagan Canadians rallied in 2018 in support of, and solidarity with, the Gilets Jaunes, protesting economic and wage stagnation, mass illegal immigration and changing demographics, rising taxes and carbon tax (thx, Greta!), income inadequate to support family, globalism and its hostility to Whites and conservatism…

Our Yellow Vests disapprove of Canada’s premier, Justin Trudeau whose rating has plummeted since he took office in 2015. On December 12, 2020, a placard depicting “our” smirking Justin reminded the rally and drivers supportively honking, of his cardinal sin: Oh No! A virus! QUICK! Burn the Canadian Bill of Rights and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The speakers and demonstrators were less kind: Trudeau the commie. Charismatic speakers David Lindsay of Common Law Education and Rights (CLEAR) and Ted Kuntz of Vaccine Choice Canada, shared from personal and We the People perspectives.

Love, non-violence and Higher Being

Ted’s ardent story of his son injured by vaccinations touched our hearts, made some of us clench one’s fists, as some eyes got wet. Ted told how he transformed anger into love to his very special child. Love, non-violence and awareness of a Higher Being in control of the fate of our World, hallmarked the event. In his spirited address that sincerely thanked our RCMP escorts, drawing applause, David asked the crowd repeat after him “Our Father who are in Heaven…”. He also corrected the term civil doisobedience to simply sovereignty.

In short, White supremacist values, according to rags like Global News.

Anti-mask adjective was pushed into merdia readers’ minds to divide people on virtue signal worn on one’s face. The vocabulary has changed to anti-restriction, according to a 2017 plandenic plan to escalate nonsense as Christmas season approaches and unproven, unsafe “vaccines” arrive.

Kelowna rally echoed Yellow Vest sentiments and upcoming “phases” of the plandemic: Open our churches, False evidence appearing real (fear); Afraid of 99.7 per cent recovery?; Vaccines cause harm; Hugs over masks; No masks, no vaccines; My body my choice. Masks or not, protesters showed up for the rally, as usually, to defend their sovereignty threatened by orders based on quack science, hence totally unlawful. Many signs expressed this quest: Stand up for freedom; Make Canada free again; Freedom is essential

A free human will not cover his or her mouth, nor obey other absurd orders from psychopaths. If an opponent can respect our right not to wear a diaper on the face, we are open to engage in a discussion of the real issues. An independent genocide researcher and retired professional engineer familiar with math and science, this author sported at the rally “Covid + 5G = NWO, Crime Against Humanity” and “Bonnie Henry and Theresa Tam get off my face!”, as I am exempt by natural law from wearing diapers on my face. Hanging below my backpack was “Plandemic, Scamdemic, Liedemic, Fraudemic” — a summary of the mass PsyOp and the place it should be kept in your bottom part.

Plan. scam. lie and fraud are conclusions after months of research. Quack pseudo-scientist Bonnie Henry can shove conspiracy theorist labelling we know where. I have no more obligation to follow Henry’s orders, than my parents had concerning Soviet and Nazi ones in WW2 Poland, where I was born, a survivor of the Holocaust, a German Nazi genocide on over 20 groups, of which Jews were not exceptional, biggest nor in any way special.

Lamestream hates freedom lovers

I couldn’t find a link to CLEAR. Instead google returns hate against David Lindsay. He has shown his dedication to freedom and truth in an email to Castanet’s Kelowna office, correctly exposing BC “covid” statistics as completely false and misleading, in need of urgent action among other things e.g. mass fear and intimidation by state scamdemic tyrrany:

For every person in attendance, there are many thousands not in attendance due to fear of losing their jobs and other public retribution and fear for their families. Canadians are living in fear of the state – that is not freedom – that is tyranny.

Politically correct Goebelsian slurs (white nationalist, conspiracy theorist, fringe groups, bogus arguments, misinformation…) by a marginal New Westminster Record prove that David is authentic before people at the rallies: an honest, passionate, dedicated and unswerving warrior for freedom of Canadians.

I can’t assess the legal aspects of David’s activism, but the piece reveals itself as slanderous in areas I have meticulously researched: (1) the “covid” “pandemic” as a globalist fraud, and (2) criminal Judeocentrism and “antisemitism”. Thus, Castanet and New Westminster Record, like all lamestream media, collude in the mass fraud built around “covid” virus — a crime against humanity.

The lame scribe alleges Lindsay’s association with Arthur Topham, who was convicted of communicating online statements that wilfully promoted hatred against Jewish people. The scribe shamelessly exhibits extreme racist bias, as Topham gave his side of the story over five years earlier and, in my opinion, exonerates himself from highly embarassing, inexpert and biased jury verdict; see for yourself.

The scribe also laments about charging for seminars. Nobody is forced to use David’s service and pay the very reasonable $25, which would not buy a piece of good meat for family dinner. One may as well “invest” in changing the corrupt government system. Likely, it’s a donation for David’s expenses on activism for the common good; does the scribe contribute to society for free? Most of the material can be e-dug out, but many of us would sign in for David’s talks just for the good energy he emanates and for his personal experience with the system. I almost participated in David’s December 13, 2020, Zoom session, was it not for an opportunity to return to Vancouver for an anti-plandemic rally scheduled for the same time.

Police with We the People

A Kelowna Mountie gives a thumbs up in an exchange with protesters about where they can stand on the sidewalk.

A Kelowna RCMP officer gives a thumb up to protesters (Facebook). Global News made this into a misinfo by overzealous social media users. Worse things and fakes survive on corporate controlled social media. According to RCMP, the officer for safety reasons instructed the protesters to vacate the median. Regardless, the officer showed a friendly gesture and it should be appreciated, not de-valued in a biased way by rag press.

I witnessed a chasing off a Global News reporter:

Global News was on scene, with one male protester saying “the fake news is here,” then later adding “you’re not welcome here,” though the rally was being held on public land.

What was the reporter so afraid of, to run as he did to the safety of police cars on the other side of the street? A case of judging others by own character? It is public land and we are the public, Global News being alien interest group’s media, as I have previously discovered. No Sovereign lets in aliens serving entities that bring plandemics upon us.

An undisclosed organizer of the rally was issued a $2,300 ticket for violating a provincial health order. Given David Lindsay’s expertise in fighting (and winning!) legal cases across Canada, the ticket could spell Bonnie Henry’s loss of status if not cessation of her dictatorial, unscientific ordering 5 mln British Columbians around. The PHO issues orders that lock you down, i.e. up in care homes and ICU prisons, with a morgue destination. She can sentence to isolation and unhealthy wearing of masks that intimidate and train to NWO obedience. Small businesses and churches are forced to close while corporate big boxes boom.

All this is based on Henry’s claptrap science: fraudulent PCR testing, fake covid symptoms and cause of death “stolen” from flu/corona illness and pneumonias, typical for the season. Pretty much for a non-elect official without idea of virology and epidemiology outside of the Rockefellerian medicine “concensus” which she was socialized into at university and WHO, and which serves the bankster cabal so well. By definition, there is no such thing as concensus in sciences.


I wished David Lindsay won in court over corrupt BC “health” psychopaths. I found in conversations not only with rally participants, and not only in Kelowna, that they wished so.

I have reasons to believe that Bonnie Henry, BC premier and ministers of health and public safety should resign. A professional, non-Rockefellerian medical and scientific team should take over assessment and management of a pandemic, if and when one arrives here.


By the author:


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