Nazi and Pan-European US Space Force+ Foreskin Restoration + Italians White? + Catholics Obliged to Vote? + Against White ethnostate + Jews Behind Refugees + Jews Own the Media + Kushner & Trump…

The Nazi and Pan-European Nature to the American Space Force Guardians

The Foreskin Restoration of Dr. Paul Tinari

Are Italians White? The Trifunctional Hypothesis of Georges Dumézil and Ancient Indo-European Worldview

Are Catholics Morally Obliged to Vote? In the Words of Pope Pius XII

The Historical Complacency of Styxhexenhammer

Jew Bari Weiss Admits Jews Behind Refugee Crisis Displacing Whites

Jared Kushner Shell Company AMMC Funneled Millions of Small Donor Campaign Money to Trump Family Wallets

Proof that Jews Own the Media

The Faith Dumps Trump – Response to Introibo Ad Altare Dei

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