VIRAL MUST READ Professor of genetics on Pfizer’s genetic vax and PCR tests

Here are excerpts from Professor Roman Zieliński’s interview Pfizer’s genetic vaccine and PCR tests, as selected by Andrzej Szubert.

Translated by Piotr Bein, 25.12.2020

[…] the proposed mRNA technology has never been used in humans. We do not know any side effects that may appear after many months or years. Government pseudo-experts say the product is safe, but provide no proof. On the other hand, the manufacturer has been released from liability for side effects. So they produced something they’re not sure about. […]

With regard to the coronavirus “vaccine”, the injected mRNA particles will additionally be replicated and translated. So in the “vaccine” we get an invasive particle, similar to a malignant virus or malignant tumor cells, ostensibly for our own good. Let those who hesitate to take this genetic “vaccine” realize that after taking it, they will introduce a parasitic mRNA molecule into their body, similar to viroids found so far only in plants. Plant viroids are called transcription parasites because they take over their host’s transcriptional apparatus, leading to disease or death. […]

This is not a vaccine in its essence. I call it an mRNA construct, recombinant RNA, a product that is genetically engineered. The manufacturer’s package insert for anti-C-19 clearly states that the effects of this product on fertility have not been studied. So we don’t know if there may be side effects or not. […] This may also apply to the mRNA construct found in the vaccine. This construct can also be identified as foreign mRNA since the host mRNA is appropriately labeled. This can result in an autoimmune reaction.

The stability of the mRNA construct is to be ensured by purposefully inserted nucleotides, with a toxic effect on the cell. A foreign mRNA construct can interfere with cellular RNA involved in multiple signaling pathways. In general, our knowledge of cell signaling pathways is very modest, so we need to look with great trepidation at possible effects of this genetic manipulation in the wake of taking the “vaccine”. […]

Regarding the mRNA vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, the immune response is to be caused by a single antigen, an S protein, produced by our body on a viral matrix. Recent studies indicate that such a vaccine, e.g. in cats, increases their morbidity and mortality.

Scientists are of a similar opinion regarding the possible effects of using this vaccine in humans. So, this answer to [the interviewer’s] question comes to mind: people vaccinated with SARS-CoV-2 will not protect themselves against coronavirus infection, and may even have more serious symptoms of COVID-19, and thus, will be a seedbed of this virus. […]

It is no different with COVID. It does not pose too much threat to a healthy organism, even if in a slightly older person. The risk is comorbidities resulting from an unhealthy lifestyle, such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Dr. Marek Wasiluk in an extensive article on Onet considers obesity as one of the causes of the acute course of COVID. Obesity results from a lack of exercise and unhealthy nutrition. An estimated 9% of all annual deaths in Europe are due to lack of exercise. Diseases resulting from lack of exercise cost around $ 80 billion annually in the EU (according to WHO). And this amount can be saved by promoting exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, in the Covidianism era, the basic principle that have been in force for centuries are forgotten. Recommendations were made that contradict the ancient knowledge and essence of man as a biological species. Ban on leaving the house, face masks, excessive sterilization of rooms and body — these recommendations do not protect, but lead to increased susceptibility to disease. Especially for the elderly, these recommendations are a death sentence. Therefore, it is hard to believe that they are done for our good. We have to assume that politicians and many experts suddenly suffered from collective amnesia under the influence of a harmless virus.

Recommendations that contradict the current knowledge on human disease resistance resemble eugenic activities more than a care for public good. And governments should be held accountable for these actions, as they endangered the health and lives of thousands of people.

The reduction in the society’s health by the so-called countermeasures led to a sharp increase in deaths in the fall. Not only do we have a serious disease called chronic public health services failure syndrome, but we also have a reduced immunity as a result of many months of wearing microbial incubators on the face, sitting at home, and therefore limiting the intake of vitamin D.

Health lies in the body’s ability to protect against viruses, not in creating a sterile body. Farming under sterile conditions always leads to high mortality when organisms reared this way contact the environment. Probably every gardener who uses in vitro (sterile) cultures to produce flowers knows this. Today, governments have transformed people into in vitro cultured organisms, and it is hardly surprising that such people, when exposed to the environment, are unable to protect themselves against it. . Therefore, let’s not go crazy and lead a healthy lifestyle without masks and with full exercise. […]

Today the entire society has fallen victim to psychopathic actions, persuaded that the common cold is a deadly virus, and the only way to protect from it is to completely exterminate society. The concept is clear: no people, no virus. The so-called restrictions are nothing more than ordinances of the labor camp capos, the sole purpose of which is to debase, break the spine, destroy the will to fight and create a human “zombie” who does not think and feel. Such a person becomes a puppet with whom anything can be done.

The orders to wear respiratory masks, a breeding ground for microorganisms, and the bans on walking, singing, dancing, meetings, together with coercing unwanted therapies and threatening with vaccines is unprecedented violence, which in fact leads to the death of a significant part of the population. It can only be compared with similar practices that took place during World War II, especially in relation to certain groups of the population, or with the operation of sects that enslave people.

This unprecedented violence is accepted by the majority of society, who meekly adapt to the immensity of cruelty served by traitors. Polish society is behaving as if there was a collective Stockholm syndrome. Not only does it comply with the lawlessness imposed by the Warsaw torturers, but like the victims of the syndrome, it seems to cooperate with these perpetrators, leading to even greater losses in people.

Where are the scientists, professors who have always had their mouths full of phrases and are now silent in the face of extinction? Why are medics, biologists, psychologists and sociologists silent? Why are voices of reason not universal?

In return, we have pseudo-experts who prove with every word uttered that they sold themselves for a few pieces of silver. Why do these so-called elites close their eyes to a clear violation of the dignity of the human person and his right to live in accordance with his own beliefs, the right to inviolability of his own body? No epidemic, not even a real one, entitles the elites to ruin people’s lives, to forbid the use of Nature’s goodness.

As a reminder, patients with Spanish flu were advised to stay outdoors. No epidemic entitles anybody to expose others to disease and death by irrational ordinances. In October, the number of deaths has already increased as a result of postponed operations, the lack of cancer diagnosis (40-50% fewer people are referred to the fast track), and all medical activities were directed to a virus that is not too dangerous.

In the coming months, the number of deaths will continue to increase as a result of many months of neglect. Additionally, during the fall and winter period, we are accompanied by a sharp increase in the number of people suffering from flu, flu-like conditions and colds that will be presented as caused by the coronavirus.

Instead of treating their colds with home remedies, at their own request many, will turn themselves over to the Martians, who will lock them up behind barbed wires and experiment with unproven therapies. Some will give up because they will panic. Others, because a cold will last a little longer, the symptoms will be slightly stronger, including acute ones due to the drastic reduction in the immunity of the whole society.

People aged 70+ are already subject to slow euthanasia due to the ban on leaving home, which went unnoticed. After all, someone has to be sacrificed, saving expenses on social insurance at the same time. Is this different from segregation on a ramp [of a death camp]? A psychopath’s brilliant idea.

No rational voices speak to the masked crowds. Without offending the sheep, these crowds like “sheep” go to the slaughter. It is the masked ones who have lost their immunity, those who have reduced their walking and physical activity are to blame for the rise in deaths. They are to blame for overcrowded hospitals, because by avoiding walks and sun, they significantly lowered the vitamin D content in their body, becoming more susceptible to disease. Crowds on the beaches and at swimming pools sunbathing in masks — we owe them the new restrictions.

It must be made clear that the pandemic is a hoax. Restrictions on face masks, social distancing, and quarantine are anti-health. There is no justification for spreading panic and biomedical terror because of a common cold virus that passes through 80% of us without symptoms. Vaccines are unnecessary. Viruses have been everywhere, forever. The only effective defense is building your own immunity. Vaccination is a road to nowhere.

There are many viruses. We cannot possibly get vaccinated against all of them. Each vaccination, i.e. an attempt to protect us pharmacologically, will only weaken us and markedly increase our vulnerability to new viruses. They are just waiting for it. Universal vaccinations, i.e. for everyone and against everything is pharmaceutical industry’s dream. They want us to be weak and completely dependent on pharmacotherapy. They manipulate vaccines, inventing those that are harmful to us and then they invent related pandemics. 20-years’ patent protection term has ended for flu vaccine and the flu had to disappear, replaced by COVID. Further pathogens and diseases are already under preparation. […]

So why use these tests? Because the intention is not to detect the presence of coronavirus in the nasopharyngeal swab sample, as the tests are not suitable for this. Their role is quite different. They are designed to make the coronavirus pandemic credible. Depending on the parameters set up for an analysis, these tests can always detect something or not. This makes it possible to manipulate the course of a pandemic to political needs. We saw examples of this in testing Silesia miners. Similar examples came from the USA, with 100% positive tests obtained in some counties. The results of PCR tests are not correlated with symptoms, and there is no differential diagnosis, e.g. for flu virus infection. The tests have nothing to do with the disease.

So what shall we do when faced with the testing? Just try to avoid it. Unreliable PCR tests for the diagnosis of coronavirus are to authenticate the non-existent pandemic of this virus, if it exists at all. Many scientists speculate that SARS-CoV-2 might be a computer complex virus based on previously sequenced SARS viruses. Note that the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which would have been obtained from cell culture, has not yet been sequenced. This means no pattern of this virus (no gold standard) is known. This virus was not obtained in a crystalline form, either. […]


About Roman Zieliński

Roman Zieliński is a professor of biology specializing in genetics, with almost 40 years of experience in research and teaching. He studied biology, and specialized in genetics at Adam Mickiewicz U. of Poznań (1971-1976)

At the said university, he obtained a PhD degree in genetics (1980), a DSc in genetics (1986), and the title of professor (1998). In 2007, he became a full professor [profesor zwyczajny, Poland’s highest academic rank]. He created from scratch the Department of Genetics at the U. of Szczecin, which was one of the first units introducing PCR analysis into genetic research (1995). He created the Department of Genetics at the newly established Faculty of Biology of the U. of Warmia and Mazury (UWM) in Olsztyn, where he worked until 2014.

16 years of Prof. Roman Zieliński’s work at UWM led to the creation of a unit dedicated to molecular genetics that was recognized at the international level. Confirmation of the unit’s high position and the achievements of Prof. Roman Zieliński was to acquire 9 international research projects, incl. the prestigious project he coordinated under the 6th EU Framework Program (Contract MTKD-CT-2004-509834) and the COST research network (FA0603).

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