Advice to an activist who suspects covert attacks for spreading truth on vax and plandemic

XXXX: [A person] became very worried for herself and her son, who became authistic since he was vaccined when very small. This woman, his mom, engaged  herself very much to tell the truth about vaccines. And to her I am grateful that I did not vaccinate my children.

And I spoken to her just few days ago and she was very upset; she said that evil forces try to damage her son, since he is the waekest point of her family. She said, that his health was rapidly falling since she became engaged contra corona news this Spring. Since then his health is so bad that he even wanted to kill himself, because he became awfully anxious. She found one person who deals with black magic and that made some help but now at all. 

Do you have some knowledge how to help her?

1. Persons suspecting exposure to the criminals must stop using computers, smartphones etc. devices tied to that particular person, or present in the house the person lives in or spends considerable time. Any WiFi (WLAN) devices, and the WiFi function of routers, must be switched off in the house and at neighbours households, and be replaced with direct cable connections to respective devices. 

Smartphones have a large number of microantennas inside, so theoretically any set of criminal frequencies could be custom-delivered to the victim. It’s not a good idea to use smartphones by anyone, never mind targeted persons. 

The persons must also be careful about listening to music and other public audio, as mood, emotion and illness inducing signals can be modulated upon carrying frequencies of public audio broadcasts.

Direct beaming onto the victim via computer/monitor (picture frequencies can carry harmful signals, too).

2. If the criminals are using remote psychotronics, then you would benefit from advice of two Polish victims of such programs (by DARPA?) that have been testing on unsuspecting people in Poland for years.

3. Smart meters could be in the network of the criminals, as harmful electromagnetic signals could be sent via power cables to a particular meter.

4. If any of the above is the cause of ill health of the case you mention, such persons will very likely enter the 5G database as targeted individuals, TI,  for AI to “manage”, as was discovered in 5G documentation in California (Deborah Tavares reporting).  

Organizers of some “covid” protests in BC are parents of kids hurt for life by vax. They are hated by the criminals’ media.

By piotrbein