Canada: Commie gov’t kidnaps people to secret quarantine / Rząd Kanady porywa obywateli do skrytej kwarantanny

Reliable source: Three Canadians Have Been Taken Under Armed Guard to an Undisclosed Location 

Grassroots group intervenes in the justice system: Flooding Members of Parliament with letters — I wrote my MP, Mrs. Findlay:

PM Trudeau’s new travel restrictions clearly violate our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I’m calling on you to demand PM Trudeau immediately discontinues these measures. No detention and isolation for Canadians returning home from abroad! Replace it with a more humane, less repressive policy.

The strategy of using Covid-19 as justification for this expansion of human rights violations is a dangerous precedent to set, and any such attempts must be met with strong resistance and decisive action from our leaders in Parliament. No parliament in Canada has declared a state ofemergency necessary for any plandemic ordewrs to be legally bindoing. On top of this legal;istic fraud, we have a science fraud:

No SARS CoV-2 virus has been isolated, purified of the usual accompanying junk, identified nor photographed. Its structure is unknown, so how the s.c. diagnostic tests based on looking into the virus’ genetic code can be true? It’s a giant science FRAUD!

Administrative frauds: (1) Ascribing cause of death to “covid” when it’s a blatant forgery. (2) Diagnostics by symptoms = healthy people are “covid infected” when they show harmless syptoms typical for seasonal flus, the usual coronaviruses we have lived with for zillions of years, and pneumonias prevalent in the winter season and direct cause of natural death for ,many of the elderly.

Appointed quack doctor and chief pseudo-scientist prof. (who gives profesorship to criminals!) Bonnie Henry scares us daily with “cases” — actually misdiagnosed as “covid”, normal for the season and mostly light or misdiagnosed conditions requiring no medical intervention.

WE DO HAVE A PLANDEMIC = covidiocy. Government psychopaths incl. PM Trudeau ride on the frauds towards neo-communist draconian totalitarian New Normal. Great Reset and the banksters’ NWO.

We need your voice to defend our rights. Thank you for acting quickly on this urgent matter.


Wiarygodne źródło: Rząd Kanady porywa obywateli do skrytej izolacji/kwarantanny

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