To Dr. Henry Makow re. propaganda on his website

Insider in Mexico: Doctors kill “covid” patients

PB: Henry, The Q should be: is the insider paranoid. Jim has a decent track record and intuition: 

  • one of the first in the world to notify govt’s of H1N1 hoax before Summer 2009
  • the best theory explaining Fukushima catastrophe, debunking the official narrative
  • research on remotely controlled cars to kill dissidents (Israeli invention)
  • he cares about Humanity, early warnings about wireless as a weapon against the public.

Mexico, as one comment says, is likely for organ harvesting in any situation, like Poland is. If the globalist mafia bought millions of physicians and nurses around the world with extra pay for “covid” cases, then imagine what higher reward for human organs could do.

The optimistic comment on goodwill and professionalism of medical staff is not reality. Yesterday, invited by RCMP (“education” for my opinions contrary to mainstream, for which provincialhealth office likely zapped my blog, I talked to a nurse in charge of an acute cases floor. She has no idea about the “alternative truth”, patients died under her care when intubated. She goes by guidelines centrally prepared. I know someone who lost her mother to wrong “covid” procedure at said hospital, the other rescued his wife from wrong procedures at said hospital. 
Who needs medical insurance — open arms to rockefeller “medicine” and Big Pharma genocide. Taxman reminds us “submit your 2019 tax return, or else you get no coverage for medicinal and devices” 🙂 Who needs that stuff! We should refuse to pay taxes and to have the “medical insurance” paid for by the gov’t from our pockets via bankster usury.

Covid was a manufactured virus that was designed to be easy to cure and they want to punish anyone who seeks an easy alternative cure by denying them medical care. — If true, then where are the jumps in total death numbers? Around the world, the numbers are as in previous 10 to 20 yrs, i.e. “covid” deaths are stolen on the certificates from the usual seasonal fatal cases. The only anomaly are strangely occuring peaks in some countries as a result of lockdowns.

Also revealing of the “doctor” source is fundamental error: covid is not a virus but the syndrome it allegedly causes. PS. Make sure to publish my full name. Secret service knows who wrote what, while you may be hiding shills and misinformers before the reader.


Re. Here, Jacob Rothschild Explained How & Why

PB: Is this your proof, Henry? Me too have credible record of these studies. More than 20 yrs later:

  • my work, refereed by independent genocide scholars has been destroyed just before publication in reputable series on genocide
  • my blog on very secure platform (two blogs, 11 years) has been suspended and kicked out w/o reason, shortly after publication of series very critical of the plandemic policies in British Columbia.

Who gives. The merit argument counts, not squabbles. So why do you believe the Surrey email is a re-route from Rothschild himself? If the secret Judeoservice objected, your website would not exist, Perhaps you are useful to them as unaware misinformer? Likely, Henry, as your ego takes over merit.

Henry Makow: I have studied the Judeo Masonic conspiracy for 20 years and this passes the smell test.
These people always have deniability

PB: Thanks Henry, What evidence do you have that Rothschild wrote the email to you? Please don’t hesitate to show my full name. God bless you and your work.

Henry Makow: You are naive.

PB: Hi Henry, I think you have been goofed by a prankster or masons from BC. What kind of Rothschild would bother writing you an email?Sophisticated? Anyone familiar with the cabal and the plandemic and NWO agenda, plus good writing skills, could produce a piece like this. My friend with trade school diploma could and does it for fun occasionally.

The Agenda 21/2030 poster you display is amateurish, lacks IoB = internet of bodies, for example.
cheers — Piotr Bein PS. My blog has been suspended recently for writing the truth about Judeomasonic plandemic in British Columbia.

On Friday, February 5, 2021, 06:22:30 PM PST, Henry Makow <>:

Friends, Here, Jacob Rothschild Explained How & Why“. Makow believes this presentation is too sophisticated to be written by anyone but Jacob Rothschild himself. 

By piotrbein