Killed by plandemic psychos, my blog kicks ass anew


Piotr Bein (Grypa666), 1.3.2021

Fotki: Ewaryst

My blog was killed in mid-January this year, most likely by the gov’t of British Columbia (Canada), for critiques of the “covid” policies and open letters to the Provincial Health Officer, quack doctor Bonnie Henry, an associate professor (who gives tenures to psychos!) in epidemiology at U. of British Columbia. Here are the unbearable posts 🙂

Merry Christmas! PHO Bonnie Henry must go, for harming British Columbians

Open letter to Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer, British Columbia, Canada

Phase III of the plandemic: I tested BC CDC bunk “covid” test on-line

British Columbia CDC: Covid-19 case definitions — DEBUNKED

12.12.2020 Kelowna (BC, Canada): Record number of We the People rally for sovereignty and truth

5.12.2020 “End the Lockdowns” — Civil disobedience by sovereigns, Kelowna, Canada

Globalist covidiot Pamela Anderson calls to close mink farms in British Columbia

Those full of s__t wear face diapers 

To my great surprise and dismay, went along with outside political, most likely Judeomasonic globalist pressure, to kick me out after faithful 11 years on two blogs with them.

There is still much tolling left to restore my blog fully, I might lose some contents in the process. Keep your fingers crossed, please.

As always, you will find here reliable, reasonably screened intellectual feed to awaken your consciousness and enrich knowledge.

With the new opportunity of independence from, added security and lots of plug-ins to chose from open sources, I consider new features for the resurrected blog, such as:

  • discussion forums under key posts
  • donation and earning buttons (all proceeds as always go to the fight against the globalist psychos)
  • changed blog appearance
  • contact box (destroyed on my other blog,, by the enemy couple years ago)…

By piotrbein


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