Open letter to Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer, British Columbia, Canada

[One of the docs that caused closure of my blog on I emailed the open letter to Mrs. Henry about its publocation date of Dec 1, 2020, as encouraged to do on her plandemic order in case someone has info contrary to what she believes is reasonable science!!! Globalist demoncracy at its best!]

Dear Dr. Bonnie Henry

In Canada, flu and pneumonia are ranked among the top 10 leading causes of death; each flu season causes ca. 12k hospitalizations and 3,500 deaths.  “Covid” this year has caused ca. 12k deaths in this country. Is this even an epidemic, considering that substantial proportion of PCR tests are false positive, while SARS CoV-2 has not been isolated nor identified to make any type of diagnostic tests credible! 

Propaganda has it that effective, inexpensive  pharmaceuticals don’t exist for covid-19 treatment. Not true! For example, hydrxychloroquin administered with zinc early in disease development completely cure “covid-19”, in contrast to pharmaceuticals pushed by Big Pharma and their lackeys in “science literature”, and to the application of ventilators in acute cases, resulting in a high proportion of deaths. 

What is the stock of HCQ for British Columbians and how many cases have been treated this way so far and with what success?  

In a recent public address you fear-monger with ca. 31k “cases” to date and a daily record of 911 new ones. Obviously, as the number of tests rises (total of 1.1M to date), so will the number of “positive” test results. It is not a pandemic but an inflated case-demic propaganda.  Your “cases” are infections, mostly not requiring medical interventions. “Confirmed and probable cases” all depend on pre-knowledge of the alleged SARS CoV-2 structure, a condition that has not been met to date, to my knowledge.  

There are  ca. 400 confirmed deaths in British Columbia — allegedly of “covid-19”. BC CDC reports don’t show deaths of all medical causes for the last 10 years or so. The data might reveal that there is no significant spike due to “covid” which “stole” the other causes to inflate the numbers. WHO shows zero seasonal flu (min. 7:50) cases beginning after “covid” started. Also, “covid-19” stats are being added up since Spring, while flu/coronavirus seasons begin in Fall. 

PHO’s order based on fear-mongering, politicized lies, pseudo-science and manipulation, is unlawful. Consequently, ever since uncovering last Spring the fraud you call “covid-19 pandemic”, I’ve been sceptical of BC PHO orders and will continue to be so, until you prove beyond reasonable doubt that your mandate is legitimate: Pursuant to Public Health Act,  PHO Order COVID-19 PREVENTION REGIONAL MEASURES that you signed on 13.11.2020 states: 

12. I have reason to believe and do believe that

(i) the risk of an outbreak of COVID-19 among the public constitutes a health hazard under the Public Health Act

What is the science base of your belief? The pseudo-science listed in the pre-amble indicate that a vast area of science has been ignored as a base for issuing the PHO orders. Your orders affect our daily lives. Unmasked exempted people are harassed and abused, a by-product of your orders based on fraudster science, and of the mass psychosis your case-demic helps to create. 

I am exempt on medical and psychological-behavioural grounds. For not wearing a mask, I was recently verbally attacked and abused with ethnic hate by a masked client at Canadian Tire who broke the social distance coming less than 3 ft from me and waving his hand in front of my face. Store manager also wanted me out, but I cited POH order that exempts without need to show a paper. The adamant manager yielded, but I still was not allowed to shop beyond the car parts counter.  

Store management need more education about your orders. I have reasons to lay multiple charges in connection with the incident. I attach a fitting poster. Like the manager and his security guard, both clients lined up were absolutely sure they got the POH order content correct from TV! Do you have any authority over the media. a key in driving the fear campaign down public throats and spreading misinformation? 

I reasonably believe this is an omission from the respective acts, but should be punishable.  I take the liberty of listing under this letter some of the vast volume of material contrary to your “science base”. 

Yours truly, 

Piotr Bein, PhD retired professional engineer

independent genocide researcher

blogger Grypa666 and PiotrBein, both on   

Sample of commentaries on pseudo-science and science fraud concerening “covid-19” “pandemic”. Links to sources and science articles are in the material.

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