Wireless Radiation-COVID Connection?

PB: Dear Makia
1. An average person does not read your articles. 
It’s counterproductive, anyway, to bend a pseudo-scientific paper to your  belief/ideology. Average person might be deceived, but thinkers (hopefully your audience) would be turned off by it. There is more than enough confusion and discreditation already of ALL anti-5G, anti-covid, and anti-vax moverments  because of the speculative association covid – 5G by overzealous group members. 
You can make your point without referring to bunk “science paper”. To be original and truthful, you could mention the torsion field (TF) aspect instead of peddling wireless lobby mantra on EMF. I assembled some material on TF here: [updates, collection, ru, en, pl] Торсионные поля / Torsion fields / Pola torsyjne

4. I presumed you meant a bio-weapon (pathogen) but it looks like you mean an environmental conditions weapon — in the alternative paradigm of illness being an enviornmental disturbance that produces biome imbalance with a pathogen as a “symptom”.Engineered environmental condition (change in TF which most people mistake for the change in EMF) enhances SARS family of viruses — see Dr. Wojtkowiak’s paper.. The virus “gain of function” manifests itself in:- awakening the virus artificially outside and/or over and above the natural TF cycles (winter season), – making the virus more virulent by the environmental stimulus.
In this case the two meanings overlap: environmental condition (wireless, actually TF  radiation) weakens bio-immunity, and also contributes to the agency of a virus as bio-weapon. To be clear, there is no evidence nor proof that a SARS Cov-2 has been isolated, purified  and fully sequenced genetically.
Again, there is no evidence in comparative death stats that anything except government public health orders and policy, less so the alleged “5G”, has induced a factor that would cause rise in total mortality at any time of the current scamdemic. 
I’m copying Dr. Diana to check if am BS’ing.

Makia Freeman: Ad 1. I emphasize 5G and EMF because I think there’s evidence it is a factor in COVID, and also because I want to alert people to the danger of how much EMF is spreading in our society. It is becoming inescapable. I don’t think the average person realizes the dire consequences of surrounding themselves with so much EMF, swimming in a wireless radiation soup.

Ad 4. I don’t know if 5G is a “bioweapon.” Even if 5G has not contributed to excess deaths, perhaps it is, so far, just weakening people so that they end up dying of something else. 

PB: 1. Of course, just like from any wireless generation plus multitude of other factors: poisoned food, air and water, stress, depression, dismal nutrition quality, overuse of drugs and medications, nuclear pollution… Somehow the latter one has been forgotten… Why do you emphasize wireless and 5G in the headline bunk study and graphics?
2. It’s yellow journalism. You usually fish out any anegdote that supports your thesis? The same symptoms were found in 2009 in patoents with bacterialpost-flu complications. 
4. A bio-weapon deployed w/o marked rise in total deaths is not a bio-weapon. Are you an acrobat professionally, Makia? 🙂

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Hi Piotr, My answers below.
1. I am not ascribing an epidemic to 5G; I am saying there is evidence it is a factor.
2. He actually stated that his patients had symptoms comparable to altitude sickness, where people suffer high up in the mountains where the oxygen content in the air is low. His patients did not seem to be able to extract the oxygen from the air and utilize it as a normal healthy person would. Some processes in the body were failing. It is not necessarily because there is actually less O2 in the air; rather, something is disrupting the body’s ability to grasp and metabolize the O2.
3. It doesn’t appear that COVID is a new disease, but I don’t know for sure.
4.  Yes, most of COVID may be a collection of existing conditions and symptoms, but how do we know that ALL of COVID is existing symptoms? I think it is entirely plausible that the New World Order controllers running this operation could use new (especially invisible) weapons to create more illness and death, then lump it all under the banner of COVID. Why wouldn’t they? It would further their agendas, such as being able to test new weapons, create more disease, clear more suffering, depopulation, etc. A sick population is more easy to control than a healthy one.
5. I am very well aware of this fact. However, just because there is no increase in overall death does not mean that there is no EMF-COVID connection, or 5G-COVID connection.

Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak: It is so when one imagines the body is a a sack filled with organs, and not a collection of cells built of 30 thousand protein types, of which a large part is engaged in body regulation systems. Molecular biology is too difficult for some people.

PB: Dear Makia,
1. 5G has not been deployed widely and deeply enough to ascribe any epidemic, less so a pandemic: to it. It is bunk peddled by overzealous activists and “doctors” who don’t even know what 5G is. Wireless causes of ailments have been with humanity for decades, 5G is not much different — yet. 

2. Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell have observed that ‘COVID’ patients have been characterized by suffering from lack of oxygen — did he try to open the windows, and let his “patients” go out to enjoy fresh air and sun? If you feed on nonsense like this, I do not wonder anymore… Are you at qualified in medicine and which one?

3. however, it is possible that, if ‘COVID’ is a new disease, there are some new causes and factors that didn’t exist before (such as 5G) — “Covid” is not new (except in propaganda), not a disease and it’s not real — you know it. The rest of the sdentence is speculation.

4.  there is no proof that ‘COVID’ is even a new disease — So why number 2 and 3. above? “Covid” syndrome is a collection of usual seasonal illnesses’ symptoms  Do you know this doctor personally and trust him 150%? The medical profession has compromised their ethics big during this plandemic, I don’t trust anything from them that even remotely confirms existence of “covid”. Do you?

5. As I said previously, there is no evidence whatsoever of any significant increase in total number of deaths during the enitire plandemic compared to last 10 to 20 years. However you bend the topic to sound like 5G or wireless is to blame for “covid”.  

Some of your articles are believeable, but when you do acrobatics like here to prove your headline and graphics, you lose credibility.

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Hi Piotr, Thanks for your email. As I see it, these is no contradiction in my writings. This is what I believe based on the evidence I’ve seen:
– there is no proof that the alleged virus SARS-CoV-2 exists, since it has never been isolated and purified
– there is no proof that ‘COVID’ is even a new disease
– ‘COVID’ is a repackaging and reclassification of existing diseases, bolstered by a fake case count and a fake death count, in part due to the PCR technique, which is being grossly misused and misapplied
– people with all sorts of existing conditions, especially the common cold, flu and pneumonia, as well as conditions of low oxygen (hypoxia and hypoxemia), are being rebranded as ‘COVID’ cases
– since there is no proof COVID is caused by SARS-CoV-2, I contend ‘COVID’ is not 1 disease and does not have 1 cause
– however, it is possible that, if ‘COVID’ is a new disease, there are some new causes and factors that didn’t exist before (such as 5G)
– doctors such as Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell have observed that ‘COVID’ patients have been characterized by suffering from lack of oxygen
– Dr. Robert Young’s research shows that ‘COVID’ symptoms are circulatory problems that stem from pathological blood coagulation. He believes ‘COVID’ is a biochemical poisoning of bodily fluids causing cellular membrane breakdown and genetic mutation. He believes the causes of this are toxicity and acidity, coming from environmental factors outside the body which are then introduced into the body (e.g. vaccines)
– it is quite plausible that another of these environmental factors could be EMF and 5G, given the very strong similarities between ‘COVID’ symptoms and EMF effects
So, I am not claiming causation, but I think EMF/5G is real factor in the plandemic.
As far as gain-of-function research goes, I don’t believe there is a virus – natural or manmade – that is causing the sickness, since those pushing the narrative cannot prove the virus exists and satisfies Koch’s postulates.
Best wishes, Makia Freeman — Editor The Freedom Articles www.TheFreedomArticles.com

Dear Makia. You need to make up your mind: either there is no virus allegedly causing “covid”, or claims of connection between the plandemic and wireless are bunk in pseudo-scientific cloak.
RFR and its subset microwave radiation are still EMF radiation. Their classification as separate forms of non-ionising radiation is strange. Non-natural frequencies  and power densities in the whole non-ionising EMF range may have negative effects on health and life in general. 
The paper has been submitted but not peer-reviewed. The authors urge for a 5G moratorium, while admitting that earlier wireless tech generations adversly affect health. Why not call on a major revision of “science” behind regulating the industry, not just 5G? 

This   evidence   presented   here   does   not   claim causation.  Clearly  COVID-19  occurs  in  regions  with little  wireless  communication.    In  addition,  the  relative morbidity  caused  by  RFR  exposure  in  COVID-19  is unknown. The  question of    causation could be investigated in controlled laboratory experiments.
EMF causation of SARS-like symptoms by EMF was proven in coronaviruses’ gain of function, very extensive research a decade ago. See Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak’s paper:

VIRAL Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak to Poland’s Public Prosecutor General: SARS CoV-2 pandemic is related to 5G

Evidence is not proof, correlation is not causation. The authors stress it repeatedly. If 5G rollout was a factor, the total death stats would heave shown a rise compared to previous years, but nowhere they did. Read e.g. Rancourt papers. 5G rollout has nor been spectacular yet, in particular in its sub-system frequencies higher than ca. 5 GHz. The rest is as in previous wireless tech generations. 
The authors ride on purely speculative, anecdodal “evidence” from spurious correlations. Cifre’s and Havas’ articles are not scientific, constitue no proof, and don’t even mention the gain-of-function research on SARS viriuses that Wojtkowiak cites from a small sample of papers on this extensively researched subject. 
You are aware of that research, but do not mention it in your article — why?    I copied you repeatedly on the relevant article by Dr. Wojtkowiak (and related discussions). It’s way better scientifically than de Cifre’s and Havas’ pseudo-science:

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Study Analyzes Wireless Radiation-COVID Connection 

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