Entrapped in food store and banned for mask exemption, senior harassed and ticketed by “NewNormal” RCMP

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Movements are likely to be infiltrated. […] What the Illuminati fear, and they said so in the Protocols of Zion, is the “inspired acts” of heroic individuals, or groups of two or three.  We need to support non-violent acts like refusing to follow Covid protocols or pay fines, and boycotting and shaming businesses that demand “passports.” […] If the law becomes the instrument of oppression, we have no choice but to break it. […] Anyone without their Chinese Communist social credit vax certificate might as well be wearing a Jewish yellow star. — Henry Makow: Antidote for Despair: Non-Violent Resistance 

Mandatory masks are an insidious psychological weapon. They demean our dignity as free human beings. They do not work in an epidemic and are the symbolic equivalent of the yellow star [in Hitler’s Germany] . — Holocaust child survivor Vera Sharav on “covid” plandemic  


Piotr Bein, 29.3.2021

On Saturday afternoon, March 27, 2021, Thrifty Foods store manager has entrapped me. I had no idea that after elaborate Easter grocery shopping, I would exit empty-handed, escorted by three RCMP officers, with the manager’s ban and RCMP ticket in my pocket.

Before it happened

I shopped as usually without a mask due to the following legal, legitimate exemption reasons, as per British Columbia CDC and Provincial Health Officer orders imposed since the “pandemic” began last year (see Appendix 1, also here):

  • physical (difficulty breathing and tendency to faint for shortage of air; in November 2020 I’ve fainted while riding a bus; I’ve had repeated dizzy spells while wearing masks in the beginning of the lockdowns last year, and once almost fainted at Superstore with a mask on)
  • other: with mask on, I can’t see through fogged-up glasses
  • mental/psychological: anxiety from traumatic instances on bicycle trips in Egypt, when masked thugs assaulted me physically, and pressed to repeat Arabic words.

Before I arrived at ca. 16 o’clock at Thrifty’s, I visited the following places on that day (hour stamps on bills):

  1. Staples and Copy Shop 13:38
  2. Superstore 15:03
  3. Shoppers Drug Mart 15:27
  4. Pharmasave (posting letters, no bill)
  5. Bank of Montreal 15:56.

At none of the places any issues arose because of mask. I satisfied occasional questions by management and staff with “I am exempt, thank you.” No harassment, no questions about the base of my exemption, no calling security nor RCMP — polite, civilised and in accord with PHO order.

At Thrifty’s, I talked amiably with the store manager in the beginning of my Easter grocery shopping over there. His question about face covering I answered that I am exempt from mask-wearing. He wanted to know why. Even though it’s none of his business, I answered politely: for physical and mental reasons. He neither told me to leave nor warned of any aftermath. He consented tacitly to my shopping by not objecting to it, nor asking me to leave on whatever grounds. It was in effect an entrapment, as I found out later.

There and then, he and I were at the packaged nuts stand. I have poor sight, the manager helped me by explaining a special on nuts. His attitude and demeanor were good. I continued shopping at his store, keeping social distance from customers and staff, to whom I talked as follows:

  • Vegetables: I talked to one or two staff about (1) price I could not see in small print on tomatoe box, (2) sprouting potatoes (for seedlings in my garden).
  • Dairy: butter on special (I asked to replenish the shelf).
  • Butcher: scrap fat for birds (as usually, I got a free package, courtesy of the helpful butcher’s staff).
  • Deli: price reduction on cheese (deli staff advised me to return on Monday, since cheese cutter staff was off duty).
  • Flowers: information and tips on potted Easter lilly; neat packing of the pot as a courtesy.

Flowers are located near the store cashiers and exit. I saw the manager passing by the area, asked him casually, don’t recall what. I returned with the flower pot to my shopping cart parked at the butcher’s.

RCMP intervention 27.3.2021 at Thrifty Foods

At the cashiers, three RCMP officers were waiting for me: Asian male (plainclothes, cheap surgical mask) and two female officers in black uniforms — White (black mask-bandana), and Asian (black cloth mask). They did not identify themselves nor wore police badges.

They asked me why I was mask-less — Exempt, I replied. They asked me to show appropriate papers — I don’t need to, according to a copy of an internal guidance I received from RCMP on previous occasion (Appendix 2) but I tried anyway to obtain one and was rejected by the clinic and RCMP did not answer my email for help with that.

Agitated, the White officer interhected presumptuously: The doctor rejected you so you are not exempt! I clarified it was the clinic’s machine system in vicious circle that rejected me, not any human being, less so a physician.

The White officer also answered my request for her ID by writing something on one of my grocery packages. Unexpectedly it was confiscated in the end with the rest of my groceries. She must have known how it would end, but did not make an effort to write on a piece of paper. I found it disrespectful, unprofessional and cheap, as if RcMP could not afford name cards for handouts. If the RCMP resources were not wasted on trumped up interventions against provincial and federal laws, there would be money for “small” things like ID cards.

After I refused a face covering that was offered at the cashing place and declined to show the RCMP any exemption papers (as not being required by law), I was issued a ticket (“Fail to wear face covering, EPA 3(1)“). I still have no idea which law RCMP was enforcing, and neither of the three officers could cite any sensible one, nodding in the direction of store manager, and elaborating on the mask-wearing order.

The male officer said I must wear a mask like he does, for safety. I said that maska are ineffective according to hard science and that he breeds pneumonia etc. bacteria in his mask and blows them onto the public, but I am immune by healthy lifestyle and maintaining God-given immunity. Despite, the White female officer pointed to her “bandana” (a reminder of the thugs in Egypt) as an approved example of face cover. Both of them proved ignorance. The male officer avenged that at the end when he abruptly yanked the cart out of my hand, as I was preparing to pay and load my groceries, unaware that they concealed their plan.

The officers also probed why I did not shop on line or by phone. My answer: I have the right and prefer to shop personally, don’t wish to be exposed to computer EMF and its screen blunting my sight that I spare for computer activities for the public good on two blogs, and don’t have a dumb smartphone by informed choice.

Following the RCMP ticket, Thrifty’s manager handed me a ban from the store, based on “Tresspass Act” because of “Refusal to follow public health orders (facial covering)“. He claimed my lack of mask put his customers and staff at risk. So why didn’t he request I leave immediately at the beginning of my shopping in his store? It’s evidence of premeditated entrapment, without regard for the safety of staff and customers. Asked to show store license obligating to serve customers, he refused.

The three RCMP officers escorted empty-handed me, deprived of the groceries I selected in the course of over one hour for Easter. Surprisingly, the RCMP officers loaded my merchandise from the cashier band into another cart — for incineration I hope, as I infected all of it, the premises and the RCMP patrol with terrible “covid” germs LOL

Epilogue and pre-judgement

Obviously, the RCMP officers are confused and/or misinformed, therefore act on a whim, in a chaotic manner that seems to be based on fraudulent, non-scientific “covid” ideology.

Their interventions on “covid” business are therefore unlawful, illegal and arbitrary, depending on individual officer’s intelligence and complicity in the corrupt system — all being contrary to RCMP mission of protecting the interests of the People of Canada instead of the corrupt government and their Big Pharma, corporate and globalist bankster paymasters and bosses.

RCMP inteventions I was subject to, come across as incompetent and biased to 911 caller’s side of the law. RCMP ignores the law that protects mask exempt people. By doing so, RCMP serves the corrupt, fraudulent plandemists, in effect contributing to social-political transformation of society to genocidal globalist specifications.

The RCMP trio pressed me out of the store in a spectacle, while violating social distance and breathing out their bacteria on my neck, literally. I stopped and asked not to do it, because for severe pain in joints I can’t walk as fast as RCMP youngsters exercising at gyms at my and other taxpayers’ expense.

The officers didn’t care. Like the German nazis who pushed my parents out of their home in Warsaw with minutes given to pack up for a few day’s march (my Mother was pregnant with my elder brother), the RCMP patrol reminded this Holocaust survivor in the general sense (atrocity on more than 20 groups, Slavs being the largest), of WW2 German occupation of my Poland jointly with the Judeosoviet commies, who hunted and persecuted my late Father, the member of elite Polish defence, counterintelligence and countersabotage forces at the time of joint Nazi – Soviet invasion in September 1939. The occupation morphed into equally totalitarian and genocidal post-war Judeocommunist regime. An indirect Holocaust survivor, I live because these criminals did not manage to capture and kill my Father, but they did it to hundreds thousands of Polish intelligentsia.

I reminded the manager and the RCMP officers that in Nuremberg2.0 they will have no recourse “I followed orders from above”. The reminder made them uneasy and impatient, if not abrupt, angry and overly harsh with me.

RCMP bulldoze grey-haired infirm man, a Holocaust survivor. They are prejudice and disrespectful of him, while ignorant of law and science. Enough is enough! Aren’t RCMP cadets required to have a university degree? At which point, enraged by a few words of thruth, will RCMP officers pull out a gun or taser? The RCMP is unfit to carry out their mission under globalist pressure and influence. They are part of the globalist, totalitarian NewNormal before it offcially arrives.

See also: Holocaust child survivor Vera Sharav on “covid” plandemic 

Appendix 1. Excerpt: British Columbia CDC document re. retail stores

Accessed at 20:09 on 27.3.2021. See the last bullet.

Source: http://www.bccdc.ca/health-info/diseases-conditions/covid-19/employers-businesses/retail-stores

[…] What to do when customers refuse to wear masks

When customers refuse to wear masks in your store it puts workers and other customers at risk.

  • Private businesses have a right to refuse entry to customers not wearing a mask. Ask these customers to shop online or to choose curbside pick-up options.
  • Provide masks at the entrance for those customers who have forgotten their mask.
  • Employers have a duty to accommodate customers and workers who may not be able to wear masks for disability or other medical reasons.  If a worker or customer shares these as reasons why they cannot wear a mask you should accommodate per the information provided by the BC Human Rights Tribunal
  • […]

Appendix 2. Previous incident over mask exemption

In a previous incident over mask exemption, Constable Bell of Surrey RCMP recommended I get doctor’s statement on mask exemption. I contacted a walk-in clinic, but after filling out on-line registration I was sent to a phone machine that told me to fill out on-line form, in a vicious circle rejecting registration for a visit at the clinic. Cst. Bell did not reply to my email to help get into the clinic.

In a disrespectful and over-harsh treatment of an old man exempt from mask-wearing, without citing any written legal base, an RCMP officer nonchalantly “advised” me to find it out by calling RCMP Surrey Detachment.

More details in archived material: [archive] Mask exemption saga Feb 2021

By piotrbein