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Emails authenticity can be certified by a few recipients. Email exchange chronology: newest at the bottom. Emails dated …. describe the initiating RCMP intervention over mask exemption. For the science base of my opinions on the plandemic — see here. Removed personal data fragments marked by “[…]”. My e-address withheld.

Notifying friends

On Fri, Feb 12, 2021 at 7:33 PM, Piotr Bein wrote:

Hi xxx

This Saturday at 1:30 pm I will have a rare opportunity to visit Surrey hospital covid ward with a nice RCMP officer from covid squad, who assures me the visit will clear my doubts that covid exists.
Yesterday, I was kicked out of a store for mask non-wearing. I requested RCMP come instead of squabbles with security guard. Given the options of a ticket or just showing my ID and driving away with my car marked with PCR slogans, I chose the latter, but walked away in a gesture of disobedience. 
In a follow-up today, a constable from covid squad  invited me to visit the ward. […] Is there something special I should keep my eyes open for? I will take the ward contact info for follow-up queries.

I am looking forward to this opportunity, both from point of disagreement with some doctors […], and enlightening the RCMP covid squad offcers who are kept in the dark about the science.

On Saturday, February 13, 2021, 09:56:16 PM PST, xxx wrote:

Piotr, I was reflecting about your question about “What to keep your eye open for”, and I thought about something…Why would anyone bring you into the Covid ward for any reason to prove covid exists, especially the RCMP?  I find this extremely suspicious . I think you need to pay attention to everything because it may be a staged. Knowing how the hospital functions as my sister is a nurse this sounds fishy to begin with. Keep me updated and if there is a way to secretly video tape it I would…

On Monday, 15 February 2021 10:11, Piotr Bein wrote:

I did not get her name and it would be unproductive strategy, deepening the existing, deliberate divisions of society. Majority of the doctors and nurses just follow the “guidelines” blindly. Who has the time like we do to study tons of material. 

I believe the nurse is honestly wrong, and the meeting gave her (and the officer) food for thinking. I try to maintain good relations with both of them. They are one of us. […] The brainwashing of professionals is apalling, not just in medicine.

We should aim at their superiors, the Judeomasonic cabal, starting with PHO, plandemic ministers and the PM. Perhaps MSM, too.

Nuremberg2.0 is overdue. I think this approach is better than antagonisation at the wrong social level.

BTW Poles in recent anti-covid protests have often succeeded in talking human to human to intervening police and other authorities. 
There is at least one case that the gov’t sent an agent provocateur to induce conflict on the ground that would infect [= entice] more of the protesters.

On Mon, Feb 15, 2021 at 12:50 AM, Piotr Bein wrote:

No worry [xxx]. I would not step into a “covid” ward, even if they gave me PPE. The mask I had was N95 that the RCMP officer brought for me at my request. He helped me put it on — nonsense, as N95 must be fitted to each face while instruction on N95 proper use is not a three second show-and-tell.

We met in the lobby of Surrey Memorial emergency (King George Hwy side). The nurse in charge of the acute cases floor with intubation, chatted with me for an hour. 

The RCMP officer, decent and respectful compared to the predominantly unprofessional, rude and thuggish RCMP force I have dealt with in recent years (are they trained in Israel?), was a bit surprised at what truth I managed to smuggle by the visibly uncomfortable nurse. She wore a surgical mask (!) and plexi shield for the eyes — again a cotradiction of rules; anybody could bring pathogens into the lobby! She was in her nurse pants and blouse, straight from the floor and returning there after the meeting. It must be a killer SARS CoV-2 indeed. I hope staff put PPE on, before entering the ward. She mentioned her problems with breathing and speaking because of the mask, but could not take it off, just as we couldn’t for the strict rules on the premises.

The officer briefed her before arranging the meeting. She started: how did I arrive at the opinions I hold. Me: start from assumption of official truth on the deadly virus, the epidemic in China, WHO-declared  pandemic, effectiveness of masks and lockdowns. I stressed repeatedly that, trained and experienced in applied science, with a track record of objectivity in analysis — from nuclear radiation health effects, thru wireless, to history — I look at data and facts, not the people or groups who publish them. 

Did she get it? She repeatedly showed a dismay with my opinions as biased because I miss some body of evidence from (unspecified) people. I asked her of sources that I must have missed. She said they are assembled into the guidelines she goes by. She will send a copy to my RCMP guardian angel. 

We chatted about still unidentified and unsequenced SARS CoV-2, the PCR test fallacy, diagnostics based on a collection of seasonal symptoms, and the vaccines. She dismissed all of my points. 

Nurse: PCR test is not the only criteria for covid case, we look at symptoms, too. I told her how I probed the on-line BC CDC self-checker that directs to the nearest PCR testing station for symptoms like jetlag sleep disturbance, travellers diarrhea, headaches and dizziness from wifi. Test runs on my computer (report killed with my blog likely suspended at BC PHO request) sent me to PCR testing. I commented on-line the misleading “diagnosis” and becoming “covid case” with false positive PCR test result. BC CDC changed the on-line text shortly after my feedback. 

We chatted about risks to medical staff. I empathised with the nurse […]. Nurse: why are you concerned? Me: because they are not approved, remain untested, not safe and not effective. The “efficacy” given by vaccine makers is another plandemic fraud. She raised her brows… so I explained what “efficacy” really means for the “covid” vax: no prevention of infections, lessening/mildening of the symptoms. She corrected me: the vaccine’s efficacy is in preventing deaths. 

After a few items on the plandemic, the nurse lost her verve of questioning my objectivity and sources. The officer reminded her of the main purpose of our visit: Could she tell me of the ward patients in acute condition? She described the unique symptoms in covid patients: glas-like structure of the damaged lungs on scans. She told me of patients she had to intubate, but they died anyway. I said that in UK and USA intubation killed 50 – 80% acute covid patients, being the wrong procedure for misdiagnosed condition. 

At the end, I repeated I pray that my opinions are dead wrong on the pandemic being a total psyop and science fraud, because otherwise serious conseequences would await professionals who follow instructions based on unlawful orders and non-science. I also said I look forward to the nurse’s material she uses as professional info source. The nurse had to return to her floor and patients. 

The offcer had his guidelines (his words) to share, to keep me out of multiple tickets. He advised me to get an exemption certificate from a physician and gave me two-page undated printout with RCMP Operational Readiness and Respons E Division header, as follows:

Page 1 top:

  • Being a passenger in a perimeter seated vehicle or bus if there are more passengers than can be accommodated safely
  • Entering (or refusing to exit) a retail business or episodic market after being advised by the owner or staff that they cannot be accommodated safely (e.g. after being asked to wait in line)

Then follow 3 stages, each punishable by $230 under EPA – Face Coverings (Covid-19) Order

  • Fail to wear face covering — Section 3(1)  Covering must cover mouth and nose, loosely wovem materials not allowed, face shield not adequate. Compliance and Enforcement officers are recommended to approach [mask exempt] situations with caution and compassion.
  • Fail to comply with direction — Section 6(1)  
  • Abusive or belligerent behaviour — Section 6(2)  …towards an operator, visitor or enforcement officer.

*Not to be issued to youth [asterix ref. unclear]

Page 2

  • Similar three stages re. non-compliant event, under same order and each punishable by $230 
  • Patron failing to comply with food and liquor condition, punishable by $230 under same order. 

How did I get to this point?

RCMP intervention the other day at my request to the store manager happened after I was shown the door because I did not wear a mask. I insisted on showing me the legal base, was disrespectfully advised to look it up on the Internet. I insisted my basic rights were being violated. He invariably said that private business may refuse service to whoever they choose, and listed my options: I can order the products on-line or by phone. I explained my comp does not work right now (problems with clicking purchase buttons in Safari browser) and I do not have nor use a smartphone for health reasons. My landline phone does not work well, as I refused installation of fibreoptic cable for same reasons.  

The manager “compromised”: If I wait outside, he will bring the merchandiase, will take my credit card to the cashier. I replied: I will not stand in the frost and I do not give my credit card to strangers.

I showed the BC OHRC pamphlet that states nobody needs to show any certificate of mask exemption. Anybody can print this out — he replied with a grin, as if the pamphlet was the certificate of my disability, exempting from mask-wearing. 

RCMP intervention

RCMP patrol arrived, I explained I don’t know of any law re. service refusal by private busines, while the manager has not shown it to me. I am exempt w/o the need to show anything to anybody, according to BC OHRC. PHO orders don’t stipulate such requirement, either. Besides, I have shopped in this store several times w/o a mask since the pandemic began.

The officer said I have to leave the premises and we will continue outside, he will tell me what I need to know. Outside, he gave me options: 
1. He notes down my ID info, I get into my car and get out of there (public space, shopping street).
2. He gives me a ticket. 
I chose 1 but did not get into my car in disobedience. Before I did it, I asked the officer to cite the law on a right of a business to refuse service to a disabled person, He advised me to call Surrey RCMP. I asked for the name and phone number, he spelled out a name and number too fast. I asked to say it slowly or write it down for me. He said “You write it down!”, becoming increasingly unceremonious and disrespectful. His comrade stepped in more disrespectfully while narcisstically pointing to the back of his head, spelling a name and a number I managed to catch, But he, too, did not have piece of paper to write it down on and advised me to write it on my hand. On a bill I wrote his name and number, not any contact to get info I asked for. 

In the talk with the RCMP officers I complained that I have shopped w/o a mask for many months, just on that day at Thrifty’s. Nevertheless I was told to stay away from private businesses (are there other ones?) to avoid a fine of $230 each time. Then I proceeded to Superstore — no problems as usually for months. 

Stop at Thrifty’s and another RCMP patrol at my door

Afterwards I stopped by Thrifty’s. At the cashier a security guard approached me with a question about no mask. I replied “exempt” and successfully finished my shopping. He was new? After leaving w/o incident, I saw thru the window the manager instruct the guard. 

The system tried to prevent me from getting essential food, for disability exemption from mask-wearing! Based on fraudulent orders for a pandemic hoax, based on quack science and power trips by psychopaths named to assume totalitarian powers w/o any parliamentarian declaration of state of emergency in BC!

Some hours later, a different RCMP patrol knocked on my door in the dark. My wife got frightened as a week earlier police imposters killed a grandma in Vancouver, and we had multiple incidents of thug-looking strangers coming to our door. The neighbourhood is known for crime of this sort, incl. beating up or killing old people before robbery. My wife did not open the door. The officers asked where I was. “Shopping”. Why does he not wear a mask? “He is sick”. Mentally? — was their last question. 

Are they preparing for labeling dissidents mental to put them for “re-education” in neostalinist psykhushka? 

As I was approaching my home after shopping, I spotted two RCMP cars about 2 blocks before my house. They were spying on me to stalk me to my house?  The offcier who invited me to the hospital told me that RCMP found several video recordings at Thrifty’s  of myself w/o a mask. I shop there every week, since plandemic began w/o any problems over no-mask.

I was singled out, stalked and harassed by RCMP for a disability? If covid is soooo virulent and I am old with pre-existing conditions, should I be invited by RCMP near covid wards? 

[Two paragraphs removed for personal data protection.]

Refused by clinic registration system

From: Piotr Bein <piotrbein at yahoo dot com>

To: [email protected] <[email protected]>

Cc: [email protected]

Sent: Monday, February 15, 2021, 11:03:58 AM PST

Subject: walk-in

Good morning
I have registered via website on Saturday but at the end I was redirected to calling. Today, your phone mssge refuses telephone registrations, and excludes registrations by walk-in personally, too.
What shallI I do? RCMP recommends I obtain a physician’s exemption statement re. mask wearing.

Piotr Bein [phone number]

From: Piotr Bein <piotrbein at yahoo dot com>

To: [email protected]

Sent: Sunday, February 14, 2021, 09:57:12 PM PST

Dear Constable Bell
Thank you again for the opportunity to meet the nurse at Surrey Memorial. I can now better understand the shoes medical staff are in.
Also great thanks for the penalty outline you handed out to me. I can see that you are a decent man of high moral standards, caring about fellow citizens.
Would it be possible to get a copy of the law on a private business right to refuse service? Or please point where to find it on the internet.
Yours sincerely
Piotr Bein 
PS. I will try tomorrow but probably walk-in clinic is closed on the long weekend. If so, I will use a mask for the brief time I need at Thrifty’s.

By piotrbein