ALERT What are the gov’t psychopaths up to? CBC scare on Charter of Rights appeals against mask-wearing tyrrany


PB: The case before the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal does not apply to complainants who willfully and voluntarily disclose to the Tribunal exactly how masks interfere with their personal condition or other reasons spelled out by provincial psychopaths’ “orders” rooted in humangous science fraud and mass PsyOp feeding on it.

As is, the corrupt system institutes an unspecified, on-site checking of a person’s eligibility for mask exemption. The onus falls the intervening RCMP or store/business managers who have succumbed to the PsyOp, compromised their police oath, or go on a power trip. I have experienced personally couple of incidents indicative of such sociopathic aberrations.

Tribunal’s dismissal of the subject case may mean that the Camplainant:

  1. does not know how to lie, unlike the bankster lackey gov’t and servile media psychopaths do (and get away with it),
  2. prefers to abide by natural law: her medical/mental condition is no business to anyone except God, 
  3. must follow the “disability” narrative of the human rights tribunal process while actually the issue is false grounds for mask order, or
  4. she can’t argue the case before the tribunal within the imposed terms and/or does not understand science and can’t convey it to the judge (also an ignorant in most sciences) — by itself an act of discrimination.

Apart from the first point, the others (and more) are legitimate, socially and legally acceptable manifestation of diverse human nature. Yet,in British Columbia government orders and associated commentaries regarding the Charter of Rights and Freedoms they are labelled “people who refuse to wear a mask as a matter of personal preference”.

Yielding to (and desiring) an apparently salvical yet corrupt totalitarian and draconian authority is also human nature as German Nazi and Soviet era have shown in recent times. Post facto judgements, incl. judicial ones in Nuremberg Trials for example, testify that this human tendency is not acceptabler socially nor from a civilisational perspective of Humanity. Nevertheless, the BC Human Rights Tribunal indirectly condones our government’s behaviour by punishing their victims through a narrow window of limited “human rights” and without the consideration for the fraudulent character of the government orders.

The Charter contains a loophole since citizens must prove eligibility for exemption. Canadians are not slaves nor Auschwitz inmates subject to medical procedure proven harmful and called mask wearing. Nuremberg Code and related conventions forbid requiring such procedures/devices on a massive scale, let alone forcing them on individuals who remain unaware or decieved about the associated harm.

A mask exemption appeal before a tribunal that may be biased to gov’t advantage (given the corruption in all aspects of governance) is just a window dressing to further pull the scared public into the PsyOp machine and to feed naive (corrupt?) reporters who then impress the rest of the public with the bias. This is a devious propaganda and misinformation, dear CBC.

A balanced reporting is called for, also in most of the remianing aspects of the fraudemic, unless CBC is begging for a class action lawsuit on behalf of freedom-defending Canadians divisively labelled “antimaskers” for a mythical “personal preference” — to discern it from “preference” of the uninformed and corrupt ones in the gov’t, enforrcement and the public who take the globalist opressors side? Fight for the Sovereign’s (We the People) rights and freedom from totalitarian oppression is not a trivial “preference” on the whim of a Canadian, but His or Her duty!

A doctor, too, can believe or disbelieve a patient’s reasons for mask exemption; he can’t test them and the patient could be a lier. The process is absurd, incl. the preamble background in the BC Tribunal’s decision:

state of emergency because of the COVID‐19 pandemic. Face coverings reduce the transmission of COVID‐19. Since November 2020, face coverings have been mandatory indoors, subject to certain exemptions. Before that, they were strongly encouraged, and many businesses made them mandatory.

The assertions are false and pretentious. Businesses licensed to serve the public may not refuse essential service on arbitrary grounds. They were not mandated to enforce unlawful ministerial orders devoid of science and propped up on the go with fabricated data and falsities for wide- and long-reaching social engineering fashioned to benefit evil interests. If a business is allowed to mandate whatever in order to appease unlawful gov’t orders, a Canadian should refuse it as a matrter of citizen duty and disobedience to unlawfullness.

“Business” is someone in its management who under pathological fear or in power-tripping imposes medical device/treatment (mask) on the customers or emplotees. Personal suing of the business managers, intervening RCMP officers and the “order”-givers first of all, would stop it. 

The plandemists have blocked scientific considerations by courts, so no cracking down is possible of the ghist of the global “covid” rubbish PsyOp, perhaps the largest in human history. Corrupt medical and science professionals (the majority) don’t protest, as only a few would risk paycheque and skin for the common good when they thrive in exchange for obedience to the plandemists. 

“Personal preference” to avoid slave paraphenalia or a “diaper” on one’s face, both harmful from medical/psychological and personal freedom angles, is a legitimate personal concern. A human rights tribunal overriding this “preference” with the supposed legal power of an arbitrary ministerial “order” is committing an act of discrimination. It also violates the God-given natural law. Do our provincial human rights tribunals exist to enforce neomarxist (cultural) ideologies, rather than We the People’s human rights?

CBC does not report on associated iffy matters: businesses mandating masks, disclosure of medical info to a stranger representing the cabal… Instead, the rag that used to be respectable CBC ca. 25 years ago, broadcasts the case to reduce flow of complaints to the tribunal, in an evil effort to thwart civil disobedience against a corrupt power-hungry cabal bound to impose totalitarian enslavement on Canadians.. 

By piotrbein