In defense of PHO Bonnie Henry copter travel during Easter lockdown

Piotr Bein, 3.4.2021

Happy Easter, PHO Bonnie Henry!

A populist post on social media bombasts our very dear Bonnie Henry for taking a helicopter flight while we can’t even take a ferry to/from Victoria during Easter under lockdown that obviously targets Christians. Does anybody know of other minority or majority groups so discriminated — supremacist and damned or over-priviledged in reverse “racism” by our Judeo-masonic lackey governments?

A Christian and proudly White “supremacist”, I will not stoop to our “race’s” persecutors since Christ’s times. On the contrary, by Polish tradition of Easter Monday Śmigus-dyngus I offer a dousing with cold water of the populist rubbish.

Anyone with 6-figure salary can fly by copter on “essential travel” as stipulated in Henry’s orders. On the lerft-hand photo on FB, she wears a mask (let’s hope not one with graphene fibres!). In the middle picture, she may be eating or drinking — an activity releasing from mask-wearing requirement. In the right-hand image I can’t see anything that would refer to Henry’s mask or no mask.

It’s so much easier to amuse the masses with a populist comment to a set of unverifiable photos, than to mount an effective lawsuit for lockdowns and related tyrrany, based on science fraud — exactly what quack doctor cum fraudster pseudo-scientist prof. Henry has been inflicting on 5 million British Columbians for over a year now.

By piotrbein