My 17 reasons for not wearing a mask — Disputing RCMP ticket for mask exemption


Ticket Dispute Processing

Bag #3510

Victoria, British Columbia, V8W 3P7

Re. Violation ticket AJ14542337

I, Piotr Bein, am submitting this dispute by snail-mail, giving a link to my blog where I have elaborated it:

By doing so, I am pleading not guilty. I am enclosing in this letter a paper copy of the ticket as required, and also provide an e-copy of the original ticket in the Attachments section of the elaboration.

I am a retired civil engineer and planner with a master’s in applied science from Danish Technical University and a multidisciplinary doctorate degree in decision and risk analysis from UBC. Since 2001, I have switched to research, analysis and publishing on the political-social theme, with emphasis on the covert governance system, and high technology impacts on society and the biosphere. My CV and publications can be viewed here.

In this ticket dispute, I bring up a larger picture of world problems that I think would illuminate why I don’t wear a mask. I believe the mask symbolizes the evil forces that occur and make me feel threatened and scared about Humanity’s future and the fate of persons close to me.

Therefore, to the reasons for mask exemptions as per British Columbia government orders, I add points on other emotional and physical reactions to situations from past and present when: a) I wear a mask, b) am requested/directed to wear a mask, and c) when I see others wearing masks. As a consequence of my personal as well as historical events I experience anxiety, fear and angst when thinking about having to put on a mask and go out among others who are wearing masks.

Pleading not guilty

I believe I have complied with the ministerial and PHO orders, when the physical (1 — series below) and psychological (2 — series) reasons are considered for mask exemption under provincial health order stipulations, as follows.

A. Emergency Program Act, Ministerial Order M012 by the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General:

[…] Exemption from use of face covering
Section 3 [Face coverings required in indoor public spaces] does not apply as follows: […] (b)  to a person who is unable to wear a face covering because of (i) a psychological, behavioural or health condition, or (ii) a physical, cognitive or mental impairment;

B. The BC CDC guidance for retail stores interprets the PHO order (Appendix 1):

Employers have a duty to accommodate customers and workers who may not be able to wear masks for disability or other medical reasons.  If a worker or customer shares these as reasons why they cannot wear a mask you should accommodate per the information provided by the BC Human Rights Tribunal. Poster: Exemptions to mandatory mask orders  

C. RCMP (Operational Readiness and Response E Division) internal guidance:

Note: Some mandatory face covering exemptions are broadly defined. Compliance and Enforcement officers are recommended to approach these situations with caution and compassion.

Rationale for disputing the ticket

On Saturday afternoon, March 27, 2021, I shopped as usually at Thrifty Foods. As on multiple occasions before, I did not wear a mask for the following exemptions, as per British Columbia ministerial and Provincial Health Officer orders, see Appendix 1 and

1 — Physical reasons

1.1 — Repeated dizzy spells while wearing masks in the beginning of the 2020 lockdowns. Following one such spell, I nearly fainted with a mask on in local Superstore. I got such spells after about 15 to 20 minutes of test-wearing a mask at home.

1.2 — Difficulty breathing through mask and tendency to faint from shortage of air. In at-home tests, I felt shortage of air after few minutes’ sitting in a comfortable chair. In November 2020 I fainted while riding a bus on an hour’s trip to downtown Vancouver.

1.3 — Moisture exhaled through the mask condensates and fogs up my glasses, thereby obstructing my already impaired vision. Together with the dizziness and chance of fainting, wearing a mask while shopping is too risky for me. When I absolutely must wear a mask in order to buy a necessity or attend to an essential service, I slide the mask down onto my beard or at least free my nose of it.

2 — Psychological/mental reasons

2.1 — Anxiety stemming from traumatic events during bicycle trips in Egypt, when masked thugs assaulted me physically, forcing me to repeat Arabic words.

2.2 — Face mask triggers WW II-related angst. I live and have grandchildren because Poland’s occupiers did not manage to capture and kill my Father, but they did it to ca. 80% of Polish intelligentsia and millions of Polish citizens, incl. our assimilated and Orthodox Jews resisting Zionist emigration to Palestine.

Nazis evicted my parents from Warsaw for a few days’ march (my Mother was pregnant then). I am an indirect survivor of the Holocaust (atrocity on more than 20 groups) during joint pro-Zionist Nazi and Judeosoviet WW II occupation, followed by life-time persecution of my Father, a member of elitist Polish defence formation in September 1939.

My Father died in 1983 unable to tell the truth to his sons, for the taboo imposed by post-war Judeocommunists. In the documents my late Mother left behind, I discovered the truth last year, at an age similar to my Father’s at his death. The timing contributed to my extreme anger at the concealment that has deprived me of a knowledge of my family history. It also reinforced my perception of draconian pandemic restrictions and their masked promoters and enforcers as akin to WW II totalitarian measures and mass persecution and annihilation by persons both foreign (as through masking),sadistic and ruthless (becoming so by covering the face of enforces of draconian pandemic measures, among other factors).

2.3 — A researcher of the covert global governance system, I am reminded by the masks that they are emblematic of enslavement. Historically, masks belong to instruments of torture, dehumanisation, and control by the ruling classes. Mask is also instrumental in sacrifice, persona transformation and social engineering. Rites of occult initiation transform a person by blocking off a mask wearer’s truthful, Godly character and forcing a new persona by symbolic annihilation of the initiate and bringing him/her to life again, but God-less.

Face coverings could facilitate cruel dehumanisation of thy neighbour, as the Stanford Prison experiment demonstrates. I experience the effect in public places filled with mask-wearers. The group fright-hype due to pandemic scare combined with superiority over the “anti-masker” “enemy” (reinforced by media and political propaganda) create the monitor and watchdog types — cheeky to very agrresive impertinent individuals who forget that some people are mask-exempt. It makes me depressed every time I am the object of their attack, bringing back angst and appreehension from my past.and from similar incidents during this pandemic

My depression and resistance to masks grow stronger after experiencing roughness and no compassion for a mask-exempt disabled infirm elderly from masked-up police and store managers, both reminiscent of thugs hiding anonymously behind masks. I believe that instead they should stand morally and intelectually above the masked crowd on site of the incidents, but they seldom do and seem encouraged and more agitated by the mob’s irrational reactions, from my experience.

2.4 — A grandfather of four, I feel great love and affection for all children, while understanding their innocence and importance for Humanity’s future, not just the continuation of my own family. Hence it is so much more painful for me to realise that masking people in the pandemic deprives kids from clues on expression of emotions and muffles their interlocutor’s speech, both factors impairing proper development of children and the young.

When speaking to kids and teens, I re-assure them (and their parents) that SARS CoV-2 virus is bogus, “covid” is a fabrication, old people die as they always do of seasonal illness combined with pre-existing health issues and not due to fraudulent pandemic, and that kids, being naturally immune much stronger than others, do not need masks. Instead, I add, they do need air and mask-less interaction to develop and function properly and healthily.

2.5 — I experience fear, anxiety and apprehension from negative assessments of masks as medical, enslavement and intimidation tools. Government’s draconian marking with mask in the pandemic reminds us, Poles, of the armband with letter ‘P” we had to wear under Nazi occupation as Untermensch. Meaning sub-humans, this Nazi designation was also applied to Jews who had to wear their armbands. Like Jews, the Poles were to the Nazis a game to be hunted and exterminated in a joint Nazi Gestapo – Judeosoviet NKVD program set up before WW II broke out.

2.6 — Forced wearing of masks triggers in me a fear of people scared to wear them out of deep abhorrence induced by the scamdemic PsyOp. Their hysterical, panicky, dreadful reactions often accompanied by excessive aggression and verbal and body language of terror, make mask-wearing a devillish imposition by evil global forces, in my perception. I blame also the government enablers of the policies that make masked people behave this way. In effect I see both groups as an existential threat to human freedom and happiness, enabling the globalists’ attempt to control Humanity and introduce the New World Order.

3 — Systemic reasons

Even without the physical and psychological reasons, I would refuse a medical procedure/device called a mask, out of my own analyses of the “covid-19 pandemic” and opinions on both the pro and against sides. I am firmly convinced that the scientific reasons listed below need consideration, before imposing mask-wearing en masse.

Another group of “systemic” reasons, labelled by the PHO orders “preference not to wear a mask” and excluded from the exemption, contravene the Nuremberg Code and a person’s religious convictions. Who are the unelected psychopaths to dictate that?

Besides the general issue of a science fraud behind the declaration of the pandemic and the deceitful maintenance of the asscociated mass scare, also religious faith and pandemic-related consequences from application of non-mask medical procedures/devices should be considered when judging people for mask refusal. A lavine of challenges before tribunals in Canada’s provinces show that at least the human rights aspect of other reasons for not wearing a mask might be legitimate.

3.1 — Crowning the reasons for not exempting in order to coerce mass obedience to mask-wearing are indications that it’s a prelude to yet more sinister applicarions of medical terror, such as untested, unproven, unsafe, ineffective and unapproved vaccines as a toll to introduce s.c. NewNormal and GreatReset as a prelude to tyrannical, dehumanising NWO. A commentator fittingly observes the connection between the globalists’ plandemic and their nefarious agenda, both deployed militarily and disguised in buzzword deceit of a better world. Another author also busts the shallow virtue-signaling with feelgood rhetoric of sustainability, climate change, inclusiveness, equity etc. for which too many people are falling.

A long-time observer and accomplished researcher, author and publicist on the subject, I concur that the globalists cloak their NWO conspiracy in deceitful promise terminology. A propaganda analyst with a track record of decoding and predicting the many facets of NWO implementation, I also concur that the PsyOps of alleged anthropogenic climate change and the “covid” scamdemic hoax share multiple elements, as the NWO is a mega, long-term conspiracy with multiple aspects, subject to the same propaganda principles and designers such as Rockefeller and Gates foundations.

3.2 — After the Nuremberg Trials of German Nazis, the medical experiments on Poles and others in death camps like Auschwitz and Birkenau have been condemned and forbidden by the Nuremberg Code. The code became the cornerstone of bioethics, clinical practice and research.

I am terrified that in Canada, the authoritarian regime has forced similar practices in form of lockdowns, masks, and totally unsuitable and significantly erroneous “covid diagnostic” tests. All of the foregoing constitute science fraud, and is largely unjustified and uncalled for, even if an epidemic or pandemic existed.

3.3 — Scientific peer-reviewed studies have proven masks are ineffective in reducing social spread of infections by the family of corona and other viruses. They are risky and dangerous to the wearer and the public, beside exerting adverse psychological effects (reasons 2.3 to 2.6 above).

Reportedly, most of these masks contain toxic chemicals, e.g. carcinogens formaldehyde and aniline, and genotoxin acetaldehyde. Scientists have discovered hazardous chemicals and harmful microplastics in face masks. Health Canada has finally issued a recall and safety alert about graphene in face masks, months after independents have been alarming about the problem.

Science-based evidence amply proves that masks are ineffective in reducing the spread of virus infections and are medically harmful to the wearer. Some of the scientific publications on mask ineffectiveness and harm refer to the same institutions that have justified the “pandemic” with allegedly predictive models and other pseudo-scientific arguments. Some of the institutions are tied to the Gates foundation and eugenist global elites who advocate and implement scandalous vaccination programs leading to severe long-term health effects and infertility.

3.4 — Adding to the poor record of face masks, also extremely unsettling to me are indications that artificial objects capable of medical effect are embedded in disposable masks and covid testing kits. The kits are also being forced onto the public since the beginning of the scamdemic.

I have not located a scientific paper directly on the subject, but numerous videos show synthetic, self-aware microscopic fibres move on their own or under moisture or metal stimuli. The first video listed below shows that a medical procedure/device (called covid-19 test swab) contains a kind of artificial fibres and shards that are attracted to and penetrate sample flesh and brain tissue.

The first videos refer to science literature on synthetic organisms called micelles that deliver medication internally. I am also familiar with scientific sources that confirm R&D on injectable and inhalable nano-neurostructures and intelligent nano-dust.

These results grew out of long-term R&D projects like DARPA’s:

3.5 — I am sane and no slave, subject only to God’s laws. My faith forbids to tolerate fraud and to remain silent in face of lies. My God also commands to stay away from satanic practices and devices such as those implemented under the guise of “covid pandemic”, a face covering being one such device.

Even if I had no disability preventing me from doing so, nobody will force me to put on a mask of this sort involving multiple unhealth and evil consequences for the wearer and society. For mask intimidation/psychological effect on fellow humans and children, and for the enslavement symbolism, I would not wear one, either. This is my God-given right and no power-tripping government psychopath nor pathologically frightened member of the public will change it.

3.6 — Medical procedures have been expanded “at warp speed” to unapproved, untested, unproven, unsafe and ineffective “covid vaccines”. Like the other forms of unlawful, deceitful, unethical and ineffective medical procedures and devices, vaccines are disguised in the smokescreen of pandemoniacal public health emergency, carefully pre-planned by the globalist powers, and instituted unconstitutionally by corrupt unelected officials.

Recently, calling the covid vaccination program a “genocide” and an experiment on uninformed humans, a whistleblower in the British health service (NHS) exposes (minute 0:27) collusion by the government, physicians and other health service staff and administration in the mass crime.

A Lytton family physician asked BC PHO Bonnie Henry:

Is it medically ethical to continue this vaccine rollout, in view of the severity of these life altering side-effects, after just the first shot?

Pfizer’s former VP states it bluntly: They’re going to kill you and your family

3.7 — As long as I live I will stand on guard for Thee, Canada; a civilian supporter I have recently joined Police on Guard for Thee,

a group of active duty and retired police officers who have assembled to create a haven of truth and justice for all members of law enforcement and the public.

It is my citizen duty to resist the scamdemic attack on Canadians, our Constitution, Rule of Law and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Defending my right to mask exemption is but a very small contribution to the urgent calling.

3.8 — I am a naturally healthy elderly in what the plandemists call a “risk group”. Thanks to my consistent disobedience to cruel self-isolation and masking, fake and fraudulent diagnostic testing, maniacal sanitising, genocidal vaccination, and similar “orders” by government psychopaths for my “group”, I could be donating my serum to help genuinely sick people — if “covid-19 pandemic” existed.

The only risks I know affect my group are deliberate policies by the government: isolation from friends and loved ones leading to depression and drop in health immunity, forced covid testing leading to wrong treatment and death if misdiagnosed and treated in error, death due to shortage or lack of medical services beyond “covid cases”, forced or uninformed vaccination against Nuremberg Code provisions resulting in large portion of deaths, stigmatisation of grandchildren to avoid their grandparents for fear of infecting them, and harassment for shopping mask-free. The latter one is a (nowadays) rare opportunity for the elderly to meet people while getting a bit of much needed exercise.

Instead of coercing sane citizens to wear a devillish mask, the law enforcers should do what We the People pay them for: protect us from mentally very sick to the core, satanic psychopaths in the government acting to carry out the schemes by the globalists towards a total control of Humanity. Courts and judges also have the duty to stand by truth and righteousness.

Events prior to RCMP intervention

Before I arrived at ca. 16 o’clock at Thrifty’s, I visited six stores and businesses (hour stamps on bills available upon request). At none of the places any mask issues arose. I satisfied occasional questions by management and staff: “I am exempt, thank you.” No harassment, no questioning nor doubting my exemption, no calling security nor RCMP. And most important — no entrappment via fake acceptance of a mask-exempt customer, no rude callous threatening and intimidating police behaviour bordering on torture, reminiscent of the Zionist Nazi, Judeosoviet and Judeocommunist bandits in my Poland during and after WW II!

At the start of my Easter shopping at Thrifty’s, I talked amiably with the store manager. I answered him on face covering — I am exempt from mask-wearing. He wished to know why. Even though it’s none of his business, I answered politely: for physical and mental reasons. He neither told me to leave nor warned of any aftermath. He consented tacitly to my shopping by not objecting to it, nor asking me to leave on whatever grounds. It was an entrappment and the Court may want to examine RCMP 911 call records, as I will not deal with unprofessional RCMP anymore, having lost last threads of trust and confidence in the federal and provincial governments.

At that moment, we were at the packaged nuts stand. For my poor sight, the manager helpfully explained the store’s special offer on nuts. His attitude and demeanor were good. I continued shopping at the store, keeping social distance from customers and staff, with whom I interacted as follows:

  • Vegetables: I talked to one or two staff about (1) price I could not see in small print on tomatoe box, (2) sprouting potatoes (for seedlings in my garden).
  • Dairy: butter on special (I asked staff to replenish the shelf).
  • Butcher: scrap fat for birds (as usually, I got a free package, courtesy of the helpful butcher’s staff). At this point I had to go to a washroom located near the store exit.
  • Deli: price reduction on bulk cheese (deli staff advised me to return on Monday, since cheese cutter staff was off duty).
  • Flowers: information and tips on potted Easter lilly; staff packed the pot as a courtesy.

Flowers are located near the store exit. I saw the manager passing by the area, asked him casually, don’t recall what. I returned with the flower pot to my shopping cart parked at the butcher’s.

RCMP intervention

When I arrived at the checkout, three RCMP officers were waiting for me: an Asian male (plainclothes?) with a cheap surgical mask on, and two females in black uniforms — a White wearing a black lose mask or short bandana, and an Asian (black cloth mask). They neither identified themselves nor displayed police badges. 

They asked me why I was mask-less and requested me to show papers to the exemption. I explained I don’t need to, as per provincial orders and an internal RCMP guidance I received from Cst. Dennis Bell after a previous incident (Appendix 2). Through the barrage of three officers talking at me, I also attempted to convey that I tried anyway to obtain dopctor’s letter further to Cst. Bell’s recommendation and was rejected by the walk-in clinic, and that Cst. Bell did not answer my email for help with that. 

I had the impression that the present RCMP trio didn’t want to hear about the past incident. I found it offensive and aggressive, over and above their demand of a paper that by law I don’t need to show, neither to a store manager nor to police.

The White officer interjected presumptuous and triumphant, saying more or less: “The doctor rejected you so you are not exempt!” I clarified it was the clinic’s automated registration system in vicious circle between the website and phone message that rejected me, not any human being. The White officer answered my request for her ID by writing something on one of my grocery packages. Unexpectedly, it was confiscated in the end with the rest of my groceries.

After I refused to show an exemption paper and a face covering which the police offered at the checkout with a suggestion I put on “just to get through”, I was issued the ticket (“Fail to wear face covering, EPA 3(1)“).

The male officer said I must wear a mask like he does, for safety. His unpleasant ethnic face and expression, together with insistence on putting a mask I don’t want on my face, triggered a flight-or-fight response in me. I became more assertive, saying that masks are ineffective according to science and that he breeds pneumonia etc. bacteria in his mask and blows them onto the public and inhales into his lungs. The White female officer pointed to her “bandana” (also a reminder of the thugs in Egypt) as an approved example of face cover. Both of them proved ignorant, but I continued the conversation.

The male officer avenged this at the end when he abruptly yanked the cart out of my hand, as I was preparing to pay and load my groceries, unaware that the officers concealed their plan to expel me from the store empty-handed. To them, an old achy ailing man supporting himself on a shopping cart at the end of long shopping day is a piece of garbage so much that one of them can bluntly yank it out without regard for the possibility of me falling down!

The officers also probed why I did not shop on line or by phone. My answer: I have the right and prefer to shop personally, don’t wish to be exposed to computer EMF and its screen blunting my sight. I don’t have a smartphone by informed choice. My landline phone often malfunctions while the service provider is reluctant to fix it unless I consent to installation of fibreoptic cable to the house which I and my spouse don’t want on health effect grounds.

Following the RCMP ticket, Thrifty’s manager handed me a ban from the store, based on “Tresspass Act” because of “Refusal to follow public health orders (facial covering)“. He claimed my lack of mask put his customers and staff at risk. So why didn’t he request I leave immediately at the beginning of my shopping in his store? It’s an evidence of premeditated entrapment, without regard for the safety of staff and customers. Asked to show store license obligating to serve customers, he refused.

The three RCMP officers escorted me to the store entry, a direction contrary to covid safety measures. They deprived me of the groceries I selected for Easter in the course of over one hour. My separated spouse is disabled, she can’t go shopping and I do it for her. The officers rudely and hastily pressed me out of the store, while violating socialist distance and breathing out their bacteria on my neck. I stopped and asked them not to do it, because for pain in hips I can’t walk briskly.

The officers didn’t care. Like the German nazis who evicted my parents out of their home in Warsaw with minutes given to pack up for a few day’s march (my Mother was pregnant with my elder brother), the trio reminded this Holocaust survivor in the general sense (atrocity on more than 20 groups), of WW II, joint pro-Zionist Nazi Germany’s and Judeosoviet occupation of Poland.

RCMP officers procuring “face covering” in front of me also brought out memories of medical experiments on Poles and Jews in death camps like Auschwitz and Birkenau.

An ethnic Pole with collective historical memory, and an independent genocide researcher, I am well aware and affected by the WW II history. The RCMP officers’ behaviour, in addtition to triggering traumatic memories from Egypt, brought back the angst. I reminded the manager and the RCMP officers that in Nuremberg2.0 they will have no recourse “I followed orders from my superiors”. The reminder made them uneasy and impatient, if not abrupt, angry and overly harsh with me.

My family noticed I returned home depressed, shocked and extremely angered after the incident. I still can’t sleep well after that, am anxious, fall asleep with difficulty and sense a-rythmic beat of my heart also when I wake up at night. I became interchangeably apathetic, depressed, anxious, feeling helpless and very irritable. I recollect previous personal incidents involving mask exemption that have occured accompanied by very unpleasant, irrational, hostile and weird panic reactions of masked people in public places after the “pandemic” PsyOp started in March 2020.

RCMP officers behaviour and pseudo-science of the “covid-19 pandemic”

I found the callous behaviour of the officers very reprehensible and disproportional and inapproriate for a mask-exempt disabled infirm elderly. At which point, enraged by a few words of thruth, will RCMP officers pull out a gun or taser? The RCMP is unfit to carry out their mission under globalist pressure and influence. They are part of the globalist, totalitarian NewNormal before it officially arrives.

Regardless of the Court’s decision on the ticket matter, I wish to seek justice for the wrongs done by the store manager and the RCMP officers to an infirm old man, an indirect Holocaust survivor with disabilities exempting him from mask-wearing. I intend to file formal complaint with the BC Human Rights Cimmission and with the the RCMP Commission. I am also considering lawsuits personally against the Thrifty Foods store manager and the intervening RCMP officers, as well as the key parties in previous incidents.

How can the officers be so sure that the medical device thet are trying to force on me is legal, approved and safe? It is not. Since late December 2019 (as evidenced on my two blogs) I have been following and analysing scientific and expert positions on both sides of the alleged pandemic. Starting with an assumption that all official information on the subject is true, I gradually developed sceptical opinion. Based on it, I do not deem valid the manager’s concern for safety in his store, and even less so the RCMP officers’s arguments . SARS C0V-2 virus has not been isolated, purified nor unambiguously sequenced genetically to virology’s golden standard. Hence, associating any symptoms with this virus is not valid. “Covid-19” is a fabrication propped up with at-will selection of diagnostic testing rate, producing a significant proportion of false positive results beside being unsuitable for medical diagnosis. The test results include confirmations of alleged SARS CoV-2 elements in people who have been infected by a virus from the coronavirus family and who developed natural immunity as a result. Even the light, inconsequential cases abundant in every winter season are blown out of proportion and are counted to drive the “casedemic” scare in absence of a real pandemic.

Declared by WHO in 2020 using a fraudulent, freshly changed definition, the pandemic exists only in propaganda serving the massive PsyOp designed, planned and executed for evil global power goals. Infection of people’s minds with the fake narrative to the point of pathological fear of death from non-existent virus is the real spread and toll of the concoted “virus” story.

I have expressed my point of view comprehensively in the following articles, analyses and open letters on the subject:

The list includes my open letter to BC PHO Bonnie Henry upon her public invitation to submit science points of view differing from hers. Significantly, none of my letters and articles addressing her orders was answered, but my blog on was suspended shortly after, without citation of a due cause. I have had two blogs on that platform since the 2009, H1N1 “pandemic”. When infraction of terms of service happened sporadically, the paltform admin always pointed to the problem and gave a chance to remove its cause on my blogs, but not this time. The GreatReset and NewNormal, a prelude to “conspiracy theoretical” NWO, are already here.


  • Copy of both sides of ticket AJ14542337 (available on request, protection of personal data) — “Fail to wear face covering, EPA 3{1}”
  • Store manager’s Notice of Prohibition of Entry (available on request, protection of personal data) — “Refusal to folloow publoc health orders (facial covering)”
  • Copy of handout by Cst. Dennis Bell after previous incident

Appendix 1. Excerpt: British Columbia CDC document re. retail stores

Accessed at 20:09 on 27.3.2021. See the last bullet.


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  • Provide masks at the entrance for those customers who have forgotten their mask.
  • Employers have a duty to accommodate customers and workers who may not be able to wear masks for disability or other medical reasons.  If a worker or customer shares these as reasons why they cannot wear a mask you should accommodate per the information provided by the BC Human Rights Tribunal
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Appendix 2. Previous incident over mask exemption

In a previous incident, Constable Dennis Bell of Surrey RCMP recommended I obtain doctor’s statement on mask exemption. I called a walk-in clinic, but after filling out on-line registration I was sent back to a phone message that in turn told me to fill out on-line form — a vicious circle rejecting registration for a visit at the clinic. Cst. Bell did not reply to my email to help get into the clinic. Copies of my emails to the clinic and to Cst. Bell, and further details are contained in material archived on my blog at the time:


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