Canada: Mobility Rights are Guaranteed Under the Charter of Rights = Police with We the People!

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Mobility Rights are Guaranteed Under the Charter of Rights 

 Dear Piotr, In light of the Nationwide implementation of unconstitutional travel restrictions we have put together some useful tips on how to respond should you be stopped by the police. Remember to always be polite but do not be afraid to stand up for your rights. 
Click here to get the printable pdf to carry with you.  GREAT NEWS: The National Police Federation, along with the Vancouver Police Dept, said they reject the pending B.C. travel ban enforcement order. Police depts throughout Ontario have also done the same.
Call to Action:  Please be sure to thank the police in your community and encourage them to stand their ground against all levels of government corruption. 
Click here for more details.

  Thank you and God bless Canada!
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