Canadian doctor shares concern with covid vax + Bonnie Henry does him in + Defence of Dr. Charles Hoffe + Local health authority covers up

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Done in by Brirish Columbia public health officer, quack doctor pseudo-scientist prof. Bonnie Henry

Feedback From Dr. Hoffe Re: His Meeting With The “Vaccine Specialist” From Vancouver, BC


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Thank you all very much for your prayers, and for your wonderful messages of encouragement.

I thought that I should give you all some feedback, with regard to my meeting yesterday, with which you have been indirectly involved, through your prayers.

I did not expect a response from our provincial health officer, Dr Bonnie Henry, which is why I made my letter open.  However, as you know, to my great surprise, she did responded, by referring me to a vaccine specialist in Vancouver.  

Sadly, my meeting with her, was entirely unproductive.  The doctor remained emphatic that the side-effects that I have attributed to the vaccine, are either from poor injection technique, (i.e. giving the shot too high in the shoulder), or were mere coincidences.  

This makes absolutely no sense at all, as the neurological changes began within the first 24 hours after the shot in every case.

I stressed to the specialist, that this is an urgent patient safety issue, and should be a high priority, because the vaccine is doing much harm.  But my concerns were simply shrugged off.  The authorities are simply determined to believe that the vaccines are completely safe.  

So I left the meeting, feeling rather numb, like I had been doing spiritual warfare.  It made me question myself, and my own observations, and wonder whether it was perhaps me that was crazy, not her.  I went and sat by the river for a long time.  And I thought about the suffering of my patients, since they had the vaccines in January, and I was reassured that simple truth is on my side.  The evidence is clear to see.

Furthermore, I have been unable to find a neurologist either in Kamloops or at Vancouver General Hospital who is willing to see my three most seriously vaccine injured patients on an urgent basis, to even establish a diagnosis of what disease process this vaccine has started in these unfortunate people. 

I am quite astounded.  As soon as one mentions the “Vac……” word, a wall goes up, and the lights turn off.  It is absolutely amazing.  The topic of vaccines, is holy ground, where only angels, the foolhardy dare to tread.  It seems utterly unacceptable to even question them, or even to suggest that vaccines, (like every other medical treatment), might sometimes cause harm.  

Just like the management of this whole pandemic worldwide, this makes no medical or scientific sense what-so-ever.  It is as though a blindness comes over some people, a veil over their eyes, so that they cannot see what is perfectly clear to others.  The fact that almost every nation on earth, has followed the same utterly illogical and unscientific path of destruction in this pandemic, clearly indicates to me that the same deceiving power guides them all.  And it is very dark.

The bible speaks of “the great dragon, the serpent of old, who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world.” (Revelation 12:9). 

The bible also reminds us that; “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.” (Ephesians 6:12)

So the vaccine specialist, remained emphatic, that all of the neurological symptoms that have appeared in my patients within a day of their vaccines, and have continued to evolve since that time, are pure coincidences.  She remains convinced that most vaccine side-effects in general, are either from poor injection technique, or were simply coincidences.  

And of course, they have the safety data from the manufacturer of the vaccine, to prove it.  Furthermore, they have all of the “post marketing research”, or reported vaccine injuries, to show that these side effects are vanishingly rare.  The simple truth is that almost every major pharmaceutical company has an appalling record of scientific fraud and dishonesty in marketing their products, and that only somewhere between 1 and 10 percent of vaccine side-effects are ever actually reported.  Obviously, any delayed vaccine side-effects, makes causality very hard to prove.  So the “side-effect” is often considered to be a simple coincidence.  “Sometimes bad things just happen to good people.”  

Nevertheless, there are some safe and effective vaccines, that have saved no doubt saved many lives, even though some may have been injured by them too.  There is a risk-benefit ratio, to every medical treatment. 

What people need to understand most, to break free of the fear, is that the mortality rate from Covid is the same as the flu, in every age category.  And the average age of those who have died with Covid in North America is 81 years old.  The median age is 85.  New strains will continuously appear, just as they do with the flu.  And simply taking vitamin D3 3000 iu daily, reduces your chance of dying from Covid, or the flu, by 60%.  And the only side effect, is better health!

But ultimately, if we learn the fear of the Lord, and understand that He is truly in control, we will fear nothing else.

So I thank you very, very much for your prayers. Thank you for the flood of wonderful emails of encouragement that I have received.  I cannot explain how much they have lifted me up.  We are the family of God.  Upon the rock of Christ we stand, all other ground is sinking sand.

In Christ,

Charles Hoffe


Must Be the Season of Satan: A Defence of Dr. Charles Hoffe

By Arthur Topham, Quesnel Cariboo Sentinel Reporter

April 16, 2021

As inevitable as the morning sunrise the reaction by mainstream media and its band of brainwashed minions to Dr. Charles Hoffe’s revelations concerning negative effects upon his patients by the experimental mRNA vaccine Moderna, is to commence a campaign of slur and slander against the courageous, Truth-telling Doctor from Lytton, B.C. 

Having published an Interview that the good doctor did with the Vancouver-based online News show Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson TV it wasn’t long before the mud started hitting the comments section on QuesnelCaribooSentinel. ca

In response to what I perceived to be a direct attack by the forces of Darkness against Dr. Hoffe I did some background research on the web to see the type of reviews he received from his patients and those who have had personal contact with him. 95% of what I found was positive and in keeping with the type of integrity that Dr. Hoffe has displayed publicly since he first opened the recent can of government manufactured covid worms better known as the fake Moderna vaccine.  

What I found was that Dr. Hoffe is looked upon as virtually a godsend for the small community of Lytton where he’s resided for many years. The following screenshots taken from BCDOCTORDIRECTORY.CA provide a good example of the type of reviews that the doctor has been receiving going back to 2006.

A comment on my site by a Mr. Richard Ferguson warrants a bit of rebuttal given his persistent condemnation based, by all appearances, on nothing more than vacuous assumptions. Readers wishing to review the lengthy diatribe can find it on the site.

Riddled with “dids” and “assumes” and “appears” and “may haves” and “mays” and “potentials”, all of which, based upon little more than the writer’s endless guessing that lacked any concrete evidence, finally fizzles to an end with his assertion “All of this brings into question his [Dr. Hoffe’s Ed.] ability to function properly as a medical doctor because of the potential harm he may cause his patients and other persons who will be exposed to unnecessary COVID infection as a result of not being vaccinated.”

Having given some thought to what the critic had to say I decided to share it with Dr. Hoffe himself and see what he thought about the upbraiding he was being subjected to as a result of going public with his concerns. The following response from Dr. Hoffe sets the record straight:

Dr. Charles Hoffe Responds to False 

Accusations Made Against His Professional Conduct 

As a Result of His Interview With Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

Dear Arthur,

Thank you for your interest in my open letter, and in my interview with Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to offer some additional insight.

In the pursuit of health, freedom and truth.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Charles Hoffe 

The mRNA in the Moderna vaccine is a non-human genetic code that is injected into your body, and enters your cells.  Once inside your cells, your body reads this genetic code and produces a Covid spike protein.  This covid spike protein is foreign to our bodies, so it triggers an antibody reaction, whereby our cells then make antibodies against it.  This is the basis of the protection against coronavirus, that is inferred by the vaccine. 

We do not know how long this protection will last.  This is a completely new therapy, that was never subjected to the normal animal trials, and has never been tried on humans before.  The long-term trials on this vaccine will end in 2023.  After that, we will know what the long-term risks and consequences are.  This is the first time that any vaccine has ever been released without animal trials, or any sort of long-term safety data.  We are all part of a global experiment.

Justin Trudeau has ordered enough Covid vaccine, for more than six doses each.  So we assume that the covid vaccine will be a regular event.  The problem is, from what we have seen so far, that the side-effects get worse with each shot.  From what I have seen in my patients, the side-effects can be quite serious for some people.  So this does not bode well for the future.

The most important thing to realise, is that the recovery rate from Covid, is similar to the seasonal flu, in every age category.   And the average age of those who have died with Covid in North America, is 81 years old.  The median age is 85.  Three quarters of all who have died with covid, live in long-term-care facilities.  So this pandemic is really in the long-term-care facilities, not in the community.

If you are under the age of 40, you are five times more likely to die from a car accident, than from Covid.  And the risk of children dying from Covid, is almost zero.

When this pandemic, first erupted, there was no known treatment or cure for COVID-19.  People were simply told to isolate themselves at home until they could barely breathe, and then go to the emergency room when it was probably too late.  A vaccine seemed to be the only solution.  

However there are now excellent therapies for both prevention and treatment of COVID-19, that improve your survival rate to substantially better than the seasonal flu.  Most people choose the vaccine, simply because they are fearful from all the media hype, and do not know of any other way to protect themselves from the dreaded COVID-19.

I now have six patients in my medical practice, who are suffering long-term neurological damage from their first shot of the Moderna vaccine. They are all First Nations.  I wonder how many First Nations Canadians, were in Moderna’s short-term safety trials.  I fully expect that there were none at all.

Dr Charles Hoffe                

15 April, 2021

Undoubtedly we will be seeing more of this type of behaviour by those who manufactured and control the Covid Narrative, as well as all the eager sycophants out to stake a claim to fame by hopping aboard the Covid Express while it rampages full throttle, hell-bound down Hwy. 666.

Be ye Christian, Buddhist, Moslem, Sikh, Atheist or otherwise, the time to stand up TOGETHERand oppose this catastrophic attack by the Satanic forces on the planet is NOW! 


IH says COVID-19 vaccines safe despite claims of Lytton physician

Doctor makes unsubstantiated claims about serious side effects of Moderna vaccine

Interior Health (IH) is reassuring Lytton and area residents about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, after a physician in that community shared a letter in which he claimed that the death of a Lytton resident was linked to the Moderna vaccine.

In a letter to Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry dated April 5, Dr. Charles Hoffe claimed that there had been “numerous” allergic reactions — including two cases of anaphylaxis — among people in Lytton and area who had received the Moderna vaccine. He also claimed that three people were exhibiting “ongoing and disabling” neurological deficits.

Hoffe also claimed that the death of a 72-year-old patient with COPD, 24 days after the man was vaccinated, was “presumed” to be vaccine-induced. The physician did not produce any evidence to prove that any of the events resulted from the vaccine.

“It has been a challenge for us to investigate this thoroughly and take reports seriously,” says Dr. Carol Fenton, Medical Health Officer with IH. In a written statement issued on April 14, Fenton says that “There have been no deaths or lasting adverse reactions connected to the Moderna/Pfizer vaccines, or any COVID-19 vaccine, in Lytton, Interior Health, or B.C. at this time.”

The statement adds that IH knows unequivocally that the vaccines are safer than COVID-19 itself, and that the vaccines have been demonstrated to be safe and effective through all levels of clinical trials.

“There is a detailed process to review all adverse effects following immunizations, and all serious events are recorded and reported to the provincial and national level to monitor for safety signals that may be missed at the local level. With the information we have from the vaccine roll-out so far, the COVID-19 vaccines are very safe.”

Fenton tells the Journal that while there will always be some variations between medical practitioners, when it comes to the safety of vaccines it is important to look at consensus-based reports from those who are trained in the field.

“These people are the experts of the experts,” she says. “I can answer most vaccine questions, but I don’t consider myself to be an expert in vaccines. The decisions and analyses are defined by people with the skills and expertise to parse through the information we have.”

The immunization clinics being run by IH have trained vaccinators on site to monitor for and respond to allergic and anaphylactic reactions, which are rare, but can occur with any vaccine or medication.

“The safety of people in Lytton, Nlaka’pamux, and Northern St’at’imc Nations and all communities is the top priority, and our recommendation is that all individuals should get immunized when they are eligible,” says the statement.

“Please refer to information from trusted sources, such as ImmunizeBC [], if you have questions or concerns about vaccines.”

On Wednesday, April 21, IH will be holding an online presentation about vaccine safety, the importance of being immunized against COVID-19, and a general update on COVID-19 in the Lytton/South Cariboo/Lillooet regions. Anyone interested can Dr. Carol Fenton, First Nations Health Authority Acting Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Shannon McDonald, and IH Executive Director for the Thompson Cariboo region Lisa Zetes-Zanatta for the presentation, which starts at 6:30 p.m.

Participants can join the online Zoom meeting by going to You can also join by phone by calling 1-833-955-1088 or 1-833-958-1164 (toll free) and enter meeting number 68595110891. The passcode is 637421. 

If you have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine and/or the immunization campaign, please submit them by 4 p.m. on Tuesday, April 20 to [email protected].

By piotrbein