Covid vax changes family members’ psyche

Family members are speaking up about the vax totally changing others in the family that got it

The following are comments about this from un-censored social media

” Weird. My parents swore to me they wouldn’t get it, and then did (didn’t tell me until after second shot). I normally speak to them every other day, as I’ve been helping them through cancer the last year. Now all of the sudden my mom is being super distant and not answering when I call. It’s fucking weird and scary. A couple days ago she made an excuse to get off the call saying she’d call me back, and didn’t. 180 degree different behavior than normal. Stressing me out.”

” I had the same type of experience. Forty year old daughter posted her document showing she got it, like she was so proud. I almost fainted when I saw it. She was weirdly snotty and hateful to me. Before, she was always very sweet to me, but now she won’t answer my calls/messages to her. Besides having really bad affects on the body, I think it does things to their minds.”

“After getting the shot the complications and their body feeling as they are changing, is giving them an anger towards others. Their friends and family have told them AFTER they got the shot the side effects, and because they didn’t do any research (trust the Science), now they are experiencing those side effects and are angry they were not told before. In other words, they’re pissed.”

“I’m seeing this too but the ones close to me that took it, I told them over and over to not. Their choice.”

“My brother got the shots several weeks ago. He rarely calls me because he’s not a phone guy. He’s been calling me more as of late. Just normal BSing about random stuff. Well, today he got snarky with me – a passive/aggressive snarky comment out of the blue. I let it slide but I don’t have time for that crap and don’t think I’m interested in future snarky conversations. It was so weird and out of nowhere too.””My mother had it about 6 weeks ago, she told me yesterday that after she had it, she just felt strange, odd. She told me my father also felt strange after. Immediatly after and they put it down to psychological reasons. (I didn’t say a word, but in my head I’m thinking ohh sh*t, could it be true about the god gene being removed).””my brother’s been posting snide comments on his social media (out of character). AND my mom got snide today. Does this ‘vaccine’ flip on the passive/aggressive bitch gene? They seem more irritable than usual.

“My brother in law, who is a left wing asshole anyway, got his first shot today. We tried repeatedly to show him this was ineffective at best and dangerous at worst, but he’s a lemming and followed the herd. My husband is very upset about it but I told him to stay away from him for at least a month after he gets his final shot.

I cannot imagine the sheer overwhelming stupidity of these people but as I say, in any time of disaster only a remnant survive…..because the majority are simply too stupid to survive. People like my friend whose husband was HOSPITALIZED after getting it and she STILL went out and got it. If personal experience can’t teach these idiots nothing can.

Only a remnant survives.

By piotrbein