UK National Health Service whistleblower: “A horrid act of human annihilation”


A high level UK nurse who advanced to top management has come out against the “corona vaxxes” saying that they are not vaccines at all, and that everyone is administering them under threat of having their lives destroyed if they refuse to. She says there is likely to be “nuremburg trials” when the genocide these shots will cause happens.

UPDATE: I have made a 12 minute mp3 of this, which delivers only the core message. This is far more likely to be listened to than the original 16 minute video that has 4 minutes of fluff at the beginning. Here is the mp3
The full length video version is HERE.

This is the most damning testimony ever delivered. This nurse has the job of analyzing the shots and approving them, and she was forced to approve them. She states that they are not vaccines, that they will cause a genocide, and that everyone administering them is under threat to do it. She says all of the upper manangement is either aware of what the shots really are or is completely ignorant, and that ALL of the management has basically said “We know it’s not pretty, but we “just have to do it and get it over with”.

This is well worth a 100 percent solid content with zero fluff 12 minute listen. It actually takes 12 minutes to get that much info and perspective out, it cannot be made shorter.

By piotrbein