Jim Stone: Social credit system already in place int’ly + DNA in vax tracks you?

Source: Jim Stone’s blog


WE KNOW IT. Here is how we know:

It all started when I tried to order an oscilloscope. I needed it for the possible internet shutdown in the near future, so I could start transmitting via radio. You HAVE TO have an oscilloscope to do anything like that if you are going to build your own amplifiers (and obviously I’d never afford them any other way). I ordered it from a five star vendor that ships completely on time and communicates well. It suddenly yellowed out my order two weeks after I paid for it. It never shipped. None of my questions about what was going on ever got answered.

The next thing ordered was a microscope because of the mask fibers, crap in the shots, and everything else that’s going to need honest secondary review. I ordered a fantastic one (both items were “alt media purchases for the site) because there really needs to be honest secondary review of everything like this now so it can be reported here. Anyway, This microscope was an oil immersion scope powerful enough to see small pox and ebola. Not by fake ratings, it actually could do that. This microscope can resolve to 197 nanometers with the stock stuff and could go all the way down to 85 with flourescence (that would be an upgrade it could accept)Mycoplasma incognitus is another super small one that this microscope could easily do because it’s so much larger than ebola. Anyway, after I paid for it, 10 days later it yellowed out and obviously will not ship, just like the oscilloscope. Again, none of my questions ever got answered

For Claudia’s condition we ordered cesium chloride also. I guess a secret is out for some people now that I posted that we ordered that. Now, 12 days after ordering this and paying for it in full, it yellowed out and will not ship. From a FIVE STAR VENDOR that answers all questions and ships on time. No question answered, nothing shipped, FULLY PAID.

Claudia is going to quit her job teaching because of the vax mandate so she needs a car so she can be a private teacher.

So what happened? Rather than get linked through to someone real with an appropriate car, we got linked through to a scammer that tried to sell us a re-painted old taxi that had a failing transmission, coolant in the oil, totally failed suspension and god knows what else. None of the under panels were on the car and things did not line up right, so it was obviously previously smashed to boot. At least we got to refund what we put down on that.

Claudia needed a facebook page for her new “future” and she has never posted to facebook, but they knew who she was, and they suspended her account the instant she went to post it. The family, which is VERY familiar with facebook was completely baffled by what happened, THEY helped her set it up and were totally confused and surprised when she was instabanned. They were there, helped her set it up, and SAW THAT. Nothing Claudia clicks will work, it’s all dead on all devices so she can’t ask Facebook why TF they did that.

Clearly the social credit system is in place, because ALL of the above is exactly what it is supposed to do. You get told nothing about what is going on, what happens is that somehow, mysteriously, things don’t work and you are handed over to the worst con artists on the planet.


[DNA in vax can track you?]

GMO bacteria barcoding???

I guess the vax did not hit sufficient numbers for whatever plan they have, so now there is a company working on GMO bacteria that have DNA that acts as a barcode, which will be sprayed on fresh food products that are not cooked. They claim these bacteria will allow the food to be tracked through distribution, AFTER YOU EAT IT, and WHILE it is in your gut – They claim they can track it WHILE you are digesting it, and then they can track it through the sewers after you have pooped it and flushed.

Why would they need to do that? So they can figure out if someone from sector 7 pooped in sector 5? Oh, but they are “pro biotic” so you have nothing to worry about! And you know – the election was not stolen either.

a lot of trolls said 5G was totally benign, and that there is no way it could interface with your body, and now we have a company making gmo bacteria that interface with a 5G type signal via their DNA acting as an antenna. How else could it work?

The only molecule long enough to act as a 5G antenna is the DNA itself. The only way bacteria could be used as a scannable barcode would be to have a device that can read the DNA like a supermarket scanner.  And IF a device can read the DNA, who’s to say it can’t activate it if it is designed to activate when it receives a signal?

A STEP FURTHER: What if these new DNA modifying “corona” shots are installing DNA into your body that can be scanned? What if every vaccine issued is implanting a unique ID in people that uses the same kind of scanner used for these “barcode bacteria”? This is seriously messed up.

So after all this crap with the vaxxes is starting to roll, they expect us to trust them with whatever GMO organisms they put in the food – trust them so completely we’ll actually eat it. Judging from what is happening to people who got the corona vax, how could anyone know if whatever they intend to put in the food would or would not put Guinan’s DAX worm in you? Then they’d really own you.

I’m moving into a mode of saying no to EVERYTHING. Who would have ever thought they’d think of putting GMO tracking bacteria in food, that could carry the DNA for whatever they want? ALL your DNA can be found in a single cell, what would stop them from using a salad to create a whole new “you”?

By piotrbein