Jim Stone: Disaster imminent? Saint’s blood failed to liquefy

The blood of saint San Gennaro failed to liquefy 2 times in a row now


The Reuters article I linked was for the last time it did not liquefy, and again, yesterday, it did not liquefy.

This blood has been around for 700 years. It never spoiled and it always liquefies 3 times a year, and when it fails to liquefy there’s always a subsequent disaster.  And I would bet the corona vax is the disaster this time around.

Stuff like this makes it idiotic to not believe scripture, after all, how on earth would blood that’s 700 years old behave like this absent miracles? Lots of leftists say the bible is fairy tale but I’d like to see them try to explain how things like this blood (there are lots of other similar things, like Our Lady of Guadalupe that cries blood yearly) that can’t be explained – let’s see a leftist explain how in the 1300’s they found a way to perfecly preserve blood and have it liquefy on the same 3 days of the year for 700 years straight, only to NOT liquefy when it’s signaling a disaster that happens EVERY TIME.

Leftists can’t explain this, which means they are B.S. AND HEADS UP:  There have only been a few times in history where this blood did not liquefy and it ALWAYS preceeds a massive disaster when it does not. As I said, I think the corona vax is the reason this time but it could be anything, anything BAD.

The last time this blood failed to liquefy, the luciferian MSM took notice and published it, and if they did that, it would have to be a truly rare occurrence along a steady timeline of liquifications that could only be called miracles. Twice in a row signals disaster, this really is a big deal.

By piotrbein