PsyOp and applied behavioural psychology in “covid” plandemic — Totalitarian communist psychopolitics

We are all Pavlov’s dogs

Psychopathologisation of dissidents and the nefarious use of science, psychiatry and psychology for unethical ends

by Dr. Bruce Scott, a psychoanalyst and author


I have lifted notable items from the article to sharpen up reader’s interest in Dr. Scott’s seminal article. I note that the psycho-manipulative methods described are not germane to Soviet totalitarianism only and underlie German Nazi or Chinese Mao psychopolitics. –– Piotr Bein

Key quote

Russian communism is generally considered to be fighting capitalism— whose defeat is its prime goal. Actually, of course the Soviet regime, being an extreme form of state capitalism, is fighting not capitalism as such but private industry and commerce. But much more important is the fact that neocommunism is a movement directed against individualization and toward the standardizing of all Man’s activities. It is the farthest-reaching attempt ever made in this direction. Steadily and persistently, the Soviet regime is driving toward its ultimate goal: control of human behaviour. It states officially that man can transcend his heredity and transform his environment and so achieve full uniformity of behaviour. In this gigantic social and biological experiment, carried out largely through the [mis-]education of children and youth, the Soviets are using the (Pavlovian) conditioned-reflex mechanism on a large scale. They openly declare that this is essential to their purpose, that through such standardization a complete hold over their subjugated peoples can be attained. — Dr. Boris Sokoloff: “White Nights”, p. 293

Notable excerpts

On the psycho-method

This kind of propaganda, in essence, is the same as used in the Soviet Union; the psychopathologisation of dissidents and the nefarious use of science, psychiatry and psychology for unethical ends.

Note the widespread use of terms such as “conspiracy theorist” and “covidiot” about protesters and the recent anti-lockdown protest in London, used by the mainstream media and social media users.

As I have written about elsewhere, the mainstream media, the political left and mental health activists/organisations, predominately on the left, have blindingly adopted the cultural hegemony of mental health; the psychopathologising of everyday life and a reverence for therapeutic culture.

Many have previously warned about this “virus” coming from totalitarian communist regimes to infect the West previously (e.g., Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Vladimir Bukovsky). Indeed, in the introduction of Brain-washing, A.K. Chesterton writes about the psychopolitics of mental healing that will infect the West:

The western half of the projected World Police State seems to be preparing the way for silencing its political opponents. Its method will be somewhat more subtle than that employed by the murderers and enslavers of the Kremlin. I quote from the letter of one of my most reliable Canadian correspondents: The Health Department is still at it, trying to make everybody mental-health conscious, so that they will think nothing of being sent to a psychiatrist, thence to an asylum.

[…] the communist psychopolitical tactics in manufacturing mental healthism in the West also attempts to destroy the value of words, in how one perceives and understands words versus the actual reality (e.g., think of the mainstream COVID-19 narrative and the inflation of risk from COVID-19). Indeed, Pavlov placed a high importance on words as a medium of reality.

[…] The desired outcome of such a process is to get a large number of people via propaganda and the medium of public health initiatives of the state to adopt and repeat carefully crafted phrases, notions, and ideas without realising their true implications.

On “covid” plandemic

[…] one can think of the restrictions regarding COVID19, the slogans used by the UK government: “Stay at home, Protect the NHS, Save lives”, “Stay alert, Control the virus, Save lives”, “Hands, Face, Space”, and the horrific UK government fear mongering adverts […]

The psychologists of SPI-B and the UK Government also use the promotion of social approval for desired behaviours (reward), to consider enacting legislation to compel required behaviours (punishment), and to consider the use of social disapproval (punishment) for failure to comply.

They have used the mainstream media and social media, along with false “fact-checking” and censorship, to instil and reinforce their message of fear, punishment, reward, confusion to induce neurosis/mental ill-health in the UK population; straight out the Pavlovian play book of behavioural psychology.

[…] the perceived threat of Covid19 (see HART re mental and physical health) […] e.g., people body swerving in a supermarket to maintain distance from another; hugging each other trough plastic; washing one’s shopping and leaving for three days before touching again; shop owners washing physical cash in a fish tank; living in constant fear despite having a 99.999% survival rate if one gets COVID-19; jumping at the chance to take an experimental mRNA vaccine developed in a matter of months (when it usually take years); and where the long term side effects of the experimental drug are unknown (e.g., on fertility/pregnancy).

[…] Setting [a neurotic] cycle up in the population is quite clear in the applied psychology tactics of SPI-B of SAGE. To deliberately make people more fearful than they need to be, to make people feel they are in danger from themselves and other people, e.g., “Act like you have the virus”, and the encouragement of social disapproval and even snitching on others if they are breaking the rules (e.g., self-justification, striving for power, hostility, feelings of superiority etc). This can be seen clearly in mask rage, vaccine rage, social distancing rage when violations/non-compliance/refusal of these occurs. It can also be seen in the angry complaints by people about those gathering to protest lockdown (e.g., London 24th April anti-lockdown march).

[…] the victim of propaganda or the Pavlovian psy-op can no longer judge for himself because his thoughts, values and prejudices are shaped by the propaganda. He has been given ready-made value judgements about himself, others, and the threat of the world. […] Once personal judgement and critical faculties have disappeared or atrophied, they will not reappear when the propaganda ends. Indeed, the victim of propaganda will actually crave another narrative to give him a foundation to orient himself to himself, others and the world; hence, that is why they are gearing up the climate “crisis” narrative to become more prominent when/if the COVID-19 narrative diminishes.

[…] the blind faith and robotic like obedience to social distancing cues/signs in shops where people line up and don’t speak to or even look at each other. […] the lack of critical questioning among people and the mainstream media when supermarkets are open and people can browse the shelfs in a packed supermarket, but university libraries are closed and/or one cannot browse shelfs because of the “risk” from COVID19.

As I discussed in the “Cult of the brave New Normal”, the cult like nature of the diktats of COVID-19 rules and the adherence by the masses has all the hallmarks of brainwashing.

Through social isolation via stay-at-home orders and stopping ordinary human interaction (e.g., face masks, social distancing, family/social gatherings stopped, school, university, & work online & at home) and the sanctioning of mainstream news and labelling of alternative news as disinformation (and an active censorship of it), people are deprived of their customary supports.

People living like this live in a situation of inferiority, humiliation with the aim (by the State) of reconstructing them in a new guise; “the New Normal”, “Build Back Better”; just as a cult operates in breaking down people and reconstructing them into a new way of being.

On targeting children and schools

This has been happening for quite some time via the inculcation of mental healthism and the creation of the school as a mental health clinic, with “Wellbeing” or “Resilience” lessons, teaching children how to pathologise their mind, thoughts, emotions all within a high peer pressure to conform group setting/group confessional in the classroom. I discussed this in the Scottish Review.

There is also the confusing and highly age-inappropriate introduction of adult sexuality and queer theory (e.g., interrogating heteronormativity) into schools, which again induces children to be confused about their “gender” and sexuality.

This is an attempt at “freeing the sexual motility” of children, which will have damaging knock-on effects: a questioning and confusion regarding gender, sexuality and sexual behaviour, and an inappropriate exposure to sexual ideas before the relevant developmental milestones have been reached.

Regarding COVID-19, children are currently being inculcated into the cult of fear. Social distancing, face masks, hand sanitiser, playground segregation, temperature checks etc are de rigueur in many schools.

Children are given lessons to think about the risks of COVID-19 on themselves and families and even subjected to BBC children’s programs like Newsround to get their daily dose of COVID19 scaremongering.

[…] children see that their parents are not allowed to come into the school premises, their parents have to wear masks outside, parents are asked not to chat to other parents at the school pick-up and only one parent at a time can only come to the school to pick up their children.

[…] the function of public schooling is to “reduce children’s capacity to think” whereby the mind and behaviour of the child is reconstituted to fit the designs of governmental or state interests. To accomplish these goals, schooling does indeed use Pavlovian ideology and applied psychology for social engineering purposes.


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