Anti-plandemic update from Canada

Friday, May 7, 2021 –
Justice Update: A win for protestors; Pastor Coates released from prison; Covid tickets dropped
In This Update…
Editorial: One long year of fighting government infringements on freedom
VIDEO: Cult of Covid vs. Grace Life Church
The Kenney government is terrified of a trial with medical and scientific evidence
PODCAST: JUSTICE WITH JOHN Season 2 Episode 17: More “Cases” but no evidence presented in Court
Two day trial of Pastor James Coates
PODCAST: JUSTICE WITH JOHN Season 2 Episode 15: Evidence delayed is evidence denied
Justice Centre: We need lawyers
Canadians deserve to see the science behind COVID lockdowns
Alberta Government’s own data shows hospital bed and ICU utilization at five-year low
Government Censorship of the Internet Is Tyranny, Not Protection
Federal Court rules isolation hotels may violate Charter; trial ahead 
PODCAST: JUSTICE WITH JOHN Season 2 Episode 16: Overcoming Covid Fear
Now hiring a senior paralegal
The Issue of Mandatory Vaccines
Kenney government misleads Albertans about Covid and lockdowns
Kenney-Notley covidism follows in the footsteps of other collectivist ideologies
Recherche d’un avocat constitutionnel
Ten reasons to be more afraid of a car crash than Covid
Cree woman to sue Whitefish Lake First Nation #128 after being rejected as election candidate based on marital status
Justice Centre successfully defends Ontario church against government attempt to lock its doors
Bill 66: Repeal of unconstitutional Bill 10 but expansion of Chief Medical Officer powers
Bill 66 will entrench dangerous new government powers in Alberta
You Can’t Police a Virus AwayGovernment data shows COVID fears are unfounded—why is Canada so afraid?
Justice Centre T-shirts
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