Dear Premier Kenny, Pastor Pawlowski’s arrest is a disgraceful, communist-like violation of law

Update and Further Call to Action! 
 Pastor Artur has been released: Rebel News raised funds for a top legal team and as a result a Calgary court has granted Pastor Artur bail and he will be released today, May 10, but will still have to face trial. Thank you to everyone across this great nation for taking action in support of Pastor Artur. The RCMP Commissioner and the Premier have been flooded with emails and phone calls against the unlawful actions of Calgary Mayor Nenshi and his Nazi armed forces.Millions of people around the world have viewed the video of Artur’s arrest and are in shock that a democratic ally is falling swiftly at the hands of tyrannical forces. Continued backlash and opposition is imperative… now more than ever. Your voice is critical.Calgary has become the Wild West where lawlessness prevails under the watchful eye of the Premier and the RCMP!Alberta’s RCMP Commissioner Zablocki responded to our united appeal for justice by claiming, “This is a matter that does not involve the Alberta RCMP, nor did it take place in RCMP jurisdiction.“So whose jurisdiction does it fall under when a federal crime is being committed in a Province that involves a Mayor and local police? Premier Kenney’s silence makes him complicit to these crimes.We will not relent in seeking justice. Our call to action today is to email the Alberta Minister of Justice and Solicitor General, Kaycee Madu to demand the Rule of Law be upheld and the guilty parties indicted.  C l i c k  on following email address for an auto-filled message, just add your signature: [email protected]  780 427-2339
Suggested letter to Alberta Solicitor General

Continue to write Premier Jason Kenney and the RCMP Commissioner, Curtis Zablocki, and demand action. [email protected]   403.238.1212 

[email protected]  780-412-5261.

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Dear Premier Kenny

Pastor Pawlowski’s arrest is a disgraceful, communist-like violation of our law,  a criminal indictable offence. Canadian Criminal Code 176 (1-3) OBSTRUCTING OR VIOLENCE TO OR ARREST OF OFFICIATING CLERGYMAN 176.

Canada is not communist China, nor Stalinist USSR.
I request Pastor Pawlowski, and his brother be the immediately released, and the the guilty parties involved be arrested.

I look forward to your immediate attention to this scandal.


Piotr Bein

independent genocide researcher

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Protecting faith, family and freedom

 Dear Piotr,
Pastor Artur Pawlowsk, and his brother, were arrested by the Calgary Police. “They hunted him down like he’s a terrorist. Police cars swarmed him as he drove home from his church. They ordered him out of his car and made him kneel down on a busy highway.”  Watch Here
This is a criminal indictable offence in Canada. Canadian Criminal Code 176 (1-3) OBSTRUCTING OR VIOLENCE TO OR ARREST OF OFFICIATING CLERGYMAN 176.

Call to Action

1) Call the Calgary Police (403 266-1234) – report this crime and demand the immediate arrest of the officers involved. Demand the immediate release of Pastor Artur and his brother. 

2) Contact the Commanding Officer of the Alberta RCMP, Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablocki ([email protected] – 780-412-5261). Report this federal offence and request immediate action in the arrests of the officers involved as well as Mayor Nenshi for aiding and abetting. The Calgary police have consistently intimidated, harassed, and interfered with Pastor Pawlowski’s federally protected right to religious worship. 
Suggested Letter to RCMP and Premier 

3) Contact Premier Jason Kenney and demand the Canadian Rule of Law be upheld and that the arresting officers and Mayor Nenshi be charged criminally ([email protected] – 403.238.1212). 

God bless Canada! 
The [email protected]


By piotrbein