Jim Stone’s advice on female depression

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DEPRESSION: A well known reader and supporter asked me for help with his daughter’s depression, here it is:

First of all, I did not look this up on the internet and did not even bother with that because all you’ll get is dart board random B.S. and pop psychology platitudes. Here’s the deal, as I see it:

First of all, NEVER put her on antidepressants because they will only set her back. Here is what is more likely to work, and some of it may be hard to get away with:

Modern society is at war with communists who invoke thoughts, lifestyles, and attitudes that lead straight into depression.  The happiest women are comfortable with NOT going to college for the brainwashing and have families by the time they are 18, IF they find a decent man. You don’t get to see decent women do that in the U.S. a whole lot anymore, but Mexico, where this is common, proves it. The depressed girls are all in college while there are enormous numbers of happy young home makers. Women are not psychologically equipped to be without children and family, it is what they are made for and anyone who says otherwise is a fool, and I don’t care how they got that way.

You’ll always hear “I am SO GLAD I went to college and SO HAPPY WITH MY LIFE, please pass the zoloft!  The women that go into the colleges end up so depressed that’s a completely normal outcome. They are “so happy with their independence” they need antidepressants to get through it. That’s a cold hard reality, a majority of college girls do not have a “chemical imbalance,” instead, they are depressed because the professors shredded their existence while feigning good and making them “independent”. Biology is a lot more assertive than a brainwash, the women will NOT be happy and the rampant antidepressant apocalypse is the result.

The above is the #1 cause of depression. Childless homes after a college brainwash, and visits to the college recommended “toy store” as a substitute. Women are not made for that, it will destroy their happiness EVERY TIME unless they are some sort of mechanical fruit cake and that does happen.

If there is a biological reason for the depression, here is what I have discovered

In my own life, I have discovered that fluoridated water, fluoridated tooth paste, and a lack of salt will cause me to become “naturally” depressed. I solved that with fluoride free water, non-fluoride toothpaste and salting the hell out of everything. It took years.  High sodium being unhealthy is as much a fraud as the Corona vax. Salt is the primary electrolyte that ties everything together. If you are constantly deficient, you are going to be depressed and that’s the end of it, getting enough salt will work a lot better than an antidepressant that will destroy you in short order.  VERY IMPORTANT: DURING MY EXPERIENCE WITH THEM, THE JEWS MADE IT PERFECTLY CLEAR THAT YOU SALT EVERYTHING. SALT IS THE SPICE OF LIFE, AND THEY ARE THE ONES WHO RAN THE “SALT CAUSES HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE” BULLSHIT, SALT DOES NOT CAUSE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. You can drop high blood pressure by going into a depression caused by lack of salt, but once you reach homeostasis sans salt your blood pressure will go right back up. They ran the “no salt” con to weaken us.

I don’t know if you will be able to convince your daughter to eat more salt if she’s not getting enough, the brainwash in that regard is very thorough.

You mentioned she’s been depressed since long before college (in your social class, college is assumed.)

Now, without further info I have to grasp at a few straws, but you also mentioned her mom was not the greatest and that can have a MAJOR impact. Here is my guess:

Let me guess her mom was not the nicest, but on top of that failed to discipline your daughter. I’d bet that’s the case. Let me guess that when YOU went to discipline your daughter, her mom got in the way. And now, let me tell you hard fact:

Kids that never got discipline are always unhappy and depressed. ALWAYS. Kids need an anchor and it has to be carefully balanced between discipline and kindness. Too much discipline is far better than no discipline however. The kid who is too disciplined won’t be as happy as possible, but will be a LOT happier than one that was not.  You can spoil the hell out of a kid, and if you keep solid discipline in place as a reference, you’ll never end up with a “spoiled brat”. And even without spoiling, the kid might not expect much but won’t be happy if there’s never a reference to tell them where “center” is.

That’s my comment on your situation, and I’ll guarantee you’ll never find that on the web, that would probably trigger bans.

My final advice to sum it up, without enough information to fully assess your situation:

1. No antidepressants.
2. No fluoride from any source.
3. EAT SALT, AND I MEAN IT. Salt everything to “yummy”, your body will tell you if you got too much because it won’t be yummy anymore.
4. If you are in a position to, apply the “thundering velvet hand”. This probably won’t work at her age or if a college professor destroyed her but if you can manage that, it will probably do wonders.

There used to be boot camps people could go to for situations like this, but they are probably all “woke” now and if so, they’ll do more harm than good. Such places can hit “reset” if they are any good, even if your daughter’s behavior is not bad and she’s just depressed, hitting reset can work wonders. If you can find one that has not been turned to garbage she might come out happy and stay happy. That’s thunder without a lot of velvet.

One more thing: Demonic posession can take the form of depression. You don’t always turn into something rabid. What happens is whatever the entity can influence someone towards that gives the demon pleasure, and they thrive on suffering. A scapular might work, if it will work it will feel to her like she put on poison (for a while). This is a stretch but it’s worth a shot, the other reasons I mentioned are probably more likely but we had a kid in this extended family freak out over a proper scapular. After enforced wearing, the kid TOTALLY changed, and I mean TOTALLY. This kid went from being nothing but stark raving screaming trouble to a total model angel from that alone. Absolutely nothing else was done, the scapular alone did it.

By piotrbein