DISTRACTION FoxNews/InfoWars: Fauci Project Manager Confesses to Creating Covid-19

PB: Alex Jones and FoxNews are controlled alternative media. Gain of function research by US in int’l bio-labs is a known fact. The other details have been public for a year and a half. Why this “revelation” right now? The story shifts attention from the globalist banksters to their minions — Fauci, Gates etc.

The story has it that several coronavirususes have been spliced into a virulent “covid-19” virus. So where is the virus identified? Alex Jones mows down the genocidal “covid” vax (and Carlson Tucker of FoxNews believes in the vax principle), but the public who got scared into believing a fake virus may keep believing in the “diagnostic” tests and the need to vaccinate against the “variants”. 

If the super-virus existed, it would’ve been identified and sequenced genetically, and there would be a sharp rise in the number of seasonal deaths.

Compare with UK Column comment on same issue 42:38 – The Wuhan Flu Narrative Distracts From the Two Pillars of the Fake COVID Narrative. The pillars are:asymptomatic spreading and false PCR tests.



By piotrbein