PETITION Protect Our Kids, Remove the Masks!

Petition to: Teri Mooring – BC Teachers’ Federation

Notice of Liability

Attn: Teri Mooring, BCTF

CC: Bonnie Henry

Masks are proven ineffective in protecting against influenza and other aerosol-sized respiratory illnesses and are causing significant harm to students. Therefore, we demand the mask mandates for children and youth be immediately revoked.

On April 8, 2021 a German Court ruled against masks, social distancing and testing for students. Stating, “the measures now prohibited represent a present danger to the mental, physical or psychological well-being of the child to such an extent that, if they continue to develop without intervention, considerable harm can be foreseen with a high degree of certainty.” The judge further states: “The children are physically, psychologically and pedagogically damaged and their rights are violated without any benefit for the children themselves or third parties.”

Further, according to the German court’s conviction, “school administrators, teachers and others cannot invoke the state-law regulations on which the measures are based, because they are unconstitutional and thus void.” This would/will also be ruled as unconstitutional in Canada.

All around the world, doctors and scientists are warning about the serious physical and psychological harms induced by masks.

In November 2020, the CDC reported a dramatic increase in mental health hospitalization in all age groups that included a staggering 31% increase for children age 12-17, along with an alarming increase in suicidal idealization.

Common side-effects of mask wearing include headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, reduced ability to concentrate and reductions in cognitive function. How can anyone expect children to properly develop and learn under these conditions? 

Also, given that the development of neurodegenerative diseases can take years to manifest, we cannot ignore the potential long-term harms of continual mask usage. And, on top of all of that, the stressful impacts of masking also have a damaging and permanent impact on our children’s immunesystem. Additional medical harms caused by masks and hand sanitizers include rash and burning skin irritations. View Images

Forcing children to wear masks is tantamount to child abuse.

Children are at nearly zero percent risk of contracting or transmitting the respiratory virus referred to as Covid-19 and have a 99.997% survival rate. Page 8 and 9 of this report details the infection fatality rate. Further, schools are reportedly at very low risk for transmission of this virus. The B.C. Ministry of Health admitted that the fear and emphasis placed on this virus is grossly disproportionate to any alleged threat of transmission from the educational system.

Dr. Bonnie Henry is on record repeatedly confirming that masks do not work. Yet despite this, and in response to heavy lobbying by the BCTF and other NGO groups, Henry has decided to mask children and youth.

Jack MacDermot of the BCTF Communications and Campaigns Division, based his insistence of a “Mask Culture” on two surveys which he neither cited nor supplied. Surveys are not based on science, nor do they prioritize child safety. They are a tactic used by marketing firms and lobby groups who wish to guide public opinion by specifically framing questions to influence the answers received. We will not be swayed by such manipulation. The onus remains on the BCTF and the Ministry of Health to provide scientific evidence to back up their decision. It has now been 13 months and we are still waiting for that evidence.

Children need to focus on learning, being kids again, and enjoying unimpeded interactions with their friends, all of which are critical to their social development. Masking children is tragic, unscientific and damaging and is even more despicable when it is clearly fueled by politics. It is time to stop the abuse and protect our children.

The BCTF has a duty and responsibility to act in the best interest of students. Therefore, we demand your immediate action to cease and desist with this “Mask Culture” campaign and instead remove masks from students at all levels of education.

Should the BCTF not comply forthwith, legal action will commence.[Your Name]

By piotrbein