Canada: No parental permission req’d! Police guard free-vax-for-ice-cream

Mike The Mad [email protected]A pop up vaccine clinic in Canada that is offering kids free ice cream in exchange for a vaccine, no parental permission required. Police are guarding the front to stop parents from intervening. Canadians should be outraged.The following media includes potentially sensitive content. Change settingsViewFrom THOR the Deplorable 7:04 AM · May 24, 2021·Twitter for iPhone2,146 Retweets1,071 Quote Tweets3,392 LikesMike The Mad [email protected]·Replying to @MadMikeOfficialThis is what happens when a governments power goes unchecked, they treat their citizens like livestock.282211.3KKaren [email protected]·Replying to @MadMikeOfficialThis is so evil what Governments all over the world are doing to their citizens.

Replying to @MadMikeOfficialHere’s the original footage and full context from @weynagrom. These aren’t “parents intervening.” They victims of online conspiracies propagated by bad actors like Mike here. Judge for yourself who needs help.

Morgan [email protected] · May 23First thread from todays anti-lockdown protest of a vaccine clinic at Nathan Phillips Square this morning. “This is where the peace stops… This is where the war starts. You can be with us or against us.” “Come for our kids, that’s war, that’s it.” 1/25Show this thread0:20 / 0:547

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