MUST KNOW Dr. Peter McColough: The pandemic was about the vaccine from the start, now 12 year-olds are targeted, people worldwide should be extraordinarily alarmed of the bio-weapon

Some highlights (by PB), for more see the article at the bottom)

31:30 No official guidance for physicians how to treat covid infections. Dr. McColough breakthrugh publication, while none of the academic medical centre could help patients.

37:00 Doctors were seemingly discouraged from treating patients.

38:20 Authorities blocked the use of hydtoxychloroquin in treatment.

55:40 600k patients died because they were not treated properly.


Dr. Peter McColough Interview – May 19, 2021 (Banned on YouTube)

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Length:  1 hour and 45 minutes

(youtube removed original May 19, 2021 video of interview.  Posted on May 25, 2021on bitchute)

Dr. Peter McCullough, MD  (based in Texas, USA)

Doctor of internal medicine and board-certified cardiologist



Dr. McCullough is advocating for early treatment of c0vid outpatients with Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin etc, which have demonstrated efficacy for preventing & treating c0vid.  However, vaccine stakeholders have gone to great lengths to have those treatments suppressed, worldwide.  C0vid mRNA vaccines are unsafe and have caused thousands of deaths, and questions the drive by vaccine stakeholders to have everyone vaccinated, even pregnant women and 12 year old children.  “People worldwide should be extraordinarily alarmed.”

Paraphrasing some sections:

57:00 The covid curve started going way down in the USA with before anybody was fully vaccinated because doctors were treating patients early with Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.  By CDC standards, we’re at herd immunity by March 10, 2021.

1:00:00 Doctors were getting warning letters and official messages from medical boards and big medical organizations stating don’t use Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, don’t treat covid patients.  That’s wrongdoing by those in position of authority, it’s called malfeasance.  From the NIH, CDC, FDA, major medical groups, global suppression of early c0vid treatment with generic or approved drugs. 

1:06:54   It was all about there’s no treatment, wait for a vaccine.  All we hear about is vaccines, although only emergency use authorized.  It seems like there was a playbook, which was to suppress any hope of c0vid treatment, and at the same time prepare the population for mass vaccination.  These two are very tightly linked.

1:14:00  Vaccines ought to be tested for years before given to pregnant women.  Something is very wrong worldwide about unleashing a new technology, a vaccine producing the dangerous spike protein that cause blood clotting, all of these c0vid vaccines do.  Wrongdoing at high level. 

1:20:00 Had videos removed by youtube, which is playing a role in suppressing the information about treatment.

1:23:30  Americans understand now that medical agencies and the media are not levelling with them about c0vid treatment.

1:29:00  There is a global suppression of early c0vid treatment.  In Canada doctors are threatened that their license will be taken away if they attempt to treat an outpatient with c0vid-19.  As well as in northern Europe, Australia, South Africa.  Powerful agencies have made doctors fearful of treating their c0vid patients, even with threats of jail.

1:32:00  Investigations found that the suppression of early treatment, making case count & mortality rates higher than what they are, mechanisms to create reactions out of proportion to reality such as lockdowns, making the pandemic way worse than what it is, all of this IN ORDER TO PROMOTE MASS VACCINATION AT ALL COSTS.  Including pregnant women and low risk people.  Vaccine stakeholders, Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, AstraZeneca, NIH, CDC, FDA, WHO, Bill Gates Foundation, all of them wanted everybody vaccinated, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, NO ONE TO ESCAPE THE NEEDLE.  We’ve never had this before.  Vaccine consent form, where vaccine vial barcode is recorded.  We knew from clinical trials that vaccinated people could still get covid-19.  Now vaccine has been weaponized, people without vaccine can’t go to school, attend events or travel.  Now over 4,000 deaths from c0vid vaccines, normally the limit to shut down vaccine programs is 25 deaths. 

1:38:00 Vaccine is a way to mark people, for data, behavior modification.  Vaccine stakeholders insist on universal c0vid vaccination, even those with natural c0vid immunity, although natural immunity is far superior to vaccine immunity.  The vaccine is just a starter, will be followed with booster shots etc.

1:39:50 Unvaccinated will be punished by being excluded from participation in society.  The pandemic was about the vaccine from the start.  Some countries in Asia already preparing compulsory vaccination programs.  Vaccine stakeholders really do want a needle in every arm, WHY?  Americans now know they can die of the vaccine, and they’re under extreme pressure to have it.  Based on the safety data, I can no longer recommend it to my patients.  None of these c0vid vaccines are safe products.   Americans know the vaccine is unsafe, vaccine clinics are empty.  Now vaccine stakeholders are going after 12 year old children, people worldwide should be extraordinarily alarmed.

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