British Columbia “covid” benefit screw-up

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Re. required copies of documents in support of British Columbia Recovery Benefit application

I expect a prompt payment of the benefit. Beside price hikes, “covid” disfunction at all gov’t levels hit me with financial losses and I have no recourse to even seek justice because of the NewAbnormal. My eyesight, stress level, ailing health and infirmity are not improving, either.

The $500 (to be re-paid to usury banksters) is a carrot as rotten as the genocidal regime bound to roll out “covid pass” pre-requisite of universal basic income. The “relief” is obedience training to psychopathic gov’t. $500 would not even cover legal counsel if my family got adverse effects from a “vaccine” bio-weapon.

BC income supplements already go to bank accounts. Stressing, time-consuming, and requiring tasks too difficult for seniors — or in my case, impossible to do — the “relief” application hurts the plandemic’s major victim. Unlawfully imposed plandemic behind the “relief” is devoid of science. Gov’t lapdogs for the GreatReset know it, and you collude in this crime against humanity. I can’t comply with your request for the following reasons:

  1. I would have to visit CopyShop. Mask exempt for disabilities stipulated in the PHO orders, I don’t go out anymore. I’ve had traumatic encounters with store-goers, staff and managers, followed by RCMP warnings and a ticket for refusing unhealthy, ineffective cover on my face. Details here.
  2. CRA assessed my tax return, but I could not get into my e-account for a flaw on the website. I requested the Notice of Assessment be snail or e-mailed, but no reply came to date. In programs like LIGS, BC gov’t accepts applicant’s data and verifies with CRA.
  3. I would not go to CopyShop. The genocidal facts about the covid pseudo-vaccines are out: (i) they are self-spreading, (ii) unvaccinated people could get adverse effects from exposure to vaccinated people (also here), (iii) some of the “covid” test swab sticks contain the “vaccine“. I will not risk a forceful test, a provision in BC emergency act.

You push me, a Holocaust survivor, and another immuno-compromised at home into “Auschwitz”. I certainly will not venture out. You can check my identity: (i) in my bank, (ii) with Cst. Dennis Bell or others at the Surrey detachment, or (iii) through the ticket number.

BC gov’t knew how to effectuate suspension of my blog, so it can verify my ID. When I was shopping mask-free as a legit exempt person, corrupted RCMP intervened based on video surveillance mandated by the BC gov’t plandemic psychopaths. I will not share bills etc. with criminal gov’t overdue for “Nuremberg” trials, and for redress of the material, health and life losses suffered by millions in the plandemic fraud.

Piotr Bein, 13.6.2021, Confirmation: 1-319-159-360, Case ID: 0-009-156-639

Copies: BC premier, BC finance, BC health, BC public safety, BC PHO, Kerry-Lynn Findlay (MP), Stephanie Cadieux (MLA)


Government of British Columbia

B.C. Recovery Benefit Information – Case ID: 0-009-156-639 <>

To: Piotr Bein Thu, Jun 10 at 8:07 PM Hello, 

We have received your B.C. Recovery Benefit application. However, we need additional information before we can complete your application. We want to get eligible British Columbians their benefit as soon as possible and are here to work with you to complete and process your application.

Confirmation Number: 1-319-159-360 
Case ID: 0-009-156-639

Please provide us with the following documentation:

To verify your net income, a readable copy of ALL pages of your most recent 2019 Notice of Assessment or Reassessment from the Canada Revenue Agency. The Canada Revenue Agency will issue your Notice of Assessment after they finish processing your tax return.

A readable copy of at least one piece of valid identification, such as: 

  • Canadian passport
  • B.C. driver’s licence or enhanced driver’s licence
  • BC Services Card
  • B.C. identification card (BCID)
  • NEXUS card
  • Permanent resident card
  • Canadian citizenship card
  • Certificate of Indian Status

To confirm you are a current B.C. resident we require a readable copy of at least two documents that show your name and B.C. address. The documents must include December 18, 2020 in the document date range. Examples of acceptable documents include:

  • Bank statements
  • Utility bill
  • Phone bill
  • Credit card statements
  • House insurance or renewal

If you uploaded any of the requested information at the time of your application, you do not need to resend that information.

We strongly recommend that you do not send personal information by email as it is not secure; sending information by email is at your own risk. 

You can provide the documents to us:

Securely through by clicking the Submit Documents Online button. Be sure to enter your CASE ID in the eTax webpage. Your CASE ID is at the top of this email. This will result in faster processing and payment. 

By mail to the following address. Be sure to include your confirmation number or CASE ID. Please note that we are not able to return the documents you provide. 

B.C. Recovery Benefit
Ministry of Finance
PO Box 9439 Stn Prov Gov
Victoria BC V8W 9V3

In order to keep your application active and avoid any further unnecessary delays, we ask that you please provide this documentation within 30 days from the date of this email. 

Our staff are working hard to deliver the benefit to up to 3.7 million British Columbians. Due to these high volumes, we ask for your patience and look forward to receiving your additional information. 

Thank you, 

B.C. Recovery Benefit Team

Please do not reply to this email as it was sent from an unmonitored account. Please be aware that regular, unencrypted email is not secure. Never include personal or confidential information in a regular email. Instead, please use the secure link at if you are filing from a computer. If you have any questions, please contact us at 


A “Notification of determination” dated 12.7.2021 arrived 15.7.2021 that I will receive the $500 benefit. An email from them confirmed 14.7.2021 that the benefit would be paid to my bank account within 5 business days: <> Wed, Jul 14 at 9:15 PM

Your B.C. Recovery Benefit application has been approved and payment should be deposited into your bank account within 5 business days. 
Thank you, 
B.C. Recovery Benefit Team

By piotrbein