Dr. Chris Martenson supports Pharmafia narrative

How else would one explain that he does not condemn unapproved, untested, unsafe, ineffective “covid vax” that is de facto a bio-weapon. Since first months of the plandemic when I monitored his talks, Chris knows that ivermectin,hydoxychloroquine are very effective therapeutics against spike protein havoc in the human body, Here, he keeps saying “I do not know”.

In his talks he also maintains the basic fraud of the plandemic: the “covid” cases established from grossly erroneous PCR test that is unfit for diagnostics.

To date, the virus allegedly causing “covid” has not been isolated nor sequenced genomically. Then how can anyone identify its “variants”!

Chris is as big a fraud as the whole pandemic scam is. Was he not, he would not be on JewTube anymore.

Take a hike, Chris.

By piotrbein