Vax designer, Pharmafia’s scientist insider Dr. Geert Bossche: Lockdowns and covid vax ruin immunity, lead to global health disaster

PB: Dr. Bossche espouses plandemist view that SARS CoV-2 virus and covid-19 exist, the former causing the latter. Which is nonsense. 

However, his views are useful on:

  • lockdowns leading to lower individual and collective (ugly term “herd”) immunity
  • “covid” vax disastrous unsuitability in a pandemic (epidemic) situation
  • generating “covid variants” by vaxed people.

Del Bigtree interprets Bossche’s dire warning (min. 37:00):

  1. Covid vax create a dominant, long-term type of antibody, good only against the SARS Cov-2, but blind to all other pathogens.
  2. The vax also destroy all-round antibodies that are normally very effective against infections by the totality of pathogens in human environment. Come a fall-winter season, the vaxed will be totally defenseless against the weakest viruses normally occuring each year.

It’s hard to imagine that the lockdownsand the massively forced gene mRNA therapy called “vaccine” were all professional mistakes one after onother rather than a carefully planned, prepared and executed deliberate global bio-weapon application against billions of vaxed people (and those possibly “vaccinated” due to self-spreading of the “vaccine” from vaxed to unvaxed persons).


By piotrbein