[comments] Merdia deceive Canadians in race war, neo-marxist satanists attack God

SAVE OUR CHURCHES: Help us stop the acts of hate against churches in Canada

In less than one month, nearly 50 Christian places of worship have been burned or vandalized in a hateful spree of attacks directed against Christian Canadians.

Equally disturbing is the pitiful response from our leaders, including the provincial and federal governments and the RCMP. When I tried to ask our very own Prime Minister Justin Trudeau why he wasn’t condemning these attacks as acts of hate, he brushed me off to pose for a selfie instead. A selfie!

This has to stop! The persecution of Christians in Canada is happening so frequently, and with so little concern about it, that I question if it’s on the cusp of becoming normalized in Canada.

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Coptic Orthodox Church Destroyed in Latest Canadian Church Fire

Selected comments:

Illtempered • a day ago My father went to a Residential school. He despised the ‘victim industry’ that has arisen from that experience these last few decades. He said it was tough back then. Sure, but so were the regular schools he went to. They were hard times.

These are not ‘mass-murdered children’ graveyards , they are graveyards. Some dating back a hundred years. When a flu epidemic hit, or for any of a multitude of tragedies, many people died … and they were buried. With Christian crosses.

Then, when finally the Residential schools were shut down nearly half a century ago, the graves were left untended. The crosses turned to dust. I know these things … because I was there at the very end of it. I remember the graves. And I remember them returning to the Earth. I even remember, one day, as I stood among the last of those silent whispers, knowing that this tide of time, just as surely, will touch … everything.

So now, my father, and his strength and dignity, and the memories of many other good people, are made ‘product’, so that vile takers can place a Teddy Bear, collect their check, stage a photo-op, or burn burn burn their way to socialist glory. It is getting personal. And my father taught me to be strong.

Jennifer poetcomic1 • a day ago When there were deaths from illness, the Department of Indian Affairs refused to pay for shipment of bodies back to their home villages so they were buried close to where they were. Now the government and media is once again trying to divide people instead of bring them together.

SparkleSalt • a day ago • edited The media has been irresponsible and has whipped up this frenzy. Original reporting listed these graves as “hidden mass graves” and used language that evokes the Holocaust and ethnic cleansing. But these graves were nothing of the sort. They are forgotten cemeteries, not mass graves. And it turns out they weren’t hidden — they were just forgotten by most. The truth behind these things isn’t pleasant, and issues exist, but this was never a Holocaust nor any type of ethnic cleansing. But hey, that’s never going to stop people who are out looking to be offended and outraged, and for a chance to preen around in self-righteousness.

poetcomic1 • a day ago The aboriginal peoples of Canada at that period were swept with disease, starvation, cultural dissolution, alcoholism, broken homes and many lives were saved by the church, many children died in and out of the orphanages and there is clear evidence that they were buried with wooden crosses that have long since disintegrated. The Left’s narrative is that ‘these are mass graves of murdered native children’. It is patently false but when did that ever stop them.

Ordinary American 2014 obumer basher • a day ago It’s too late for Liberals to put anyone on trial for things that happened hundreds of years ago. Everyone is [email protected] There are no witnesses left. There are no victims left. There is no evidence left. There are no suspects left. The suspects are not around to defend themselves.

And today, in the year 2021, Liberals are able to just make up stuff and fill in the blanks. The most obvious error in modern liberal writing, is their belief that the only place in the world in all of human history that slavery existed was inside the United States. There are all kinds of other errors by ignoring context. Modern movie-makers create TV shows and movies, inventing stories and drama that are fiction, yet the audience assumes incorrectly that they are accurate documentaries.

When it comes to Indian schools, WHERE WERE THE PARENTS AND WHAT WERE THE PARENTS DOING AT THE TIME? Why did someone need Indian Schools? I have heard that Indian children were forced to attend schools SORT OF LIKE WHITE CHILDREN were forced to attend schools.

What kind of life did those Indian children have without school? Were they going to continue hunting buffalo and gathering food from native plants? Were they going to learn how to read? How were these native children going to survive in the new world of western civilization without an education?

To answer these questions, we can merely observe today what happens to Native children with no formal education. We can also observe how well the Native families are doing in raising and taking care of their children and preparing them for life. Anyone living near a reservation knows EXACTLY what I am talking about.

deplorable_radtraveller • a day ago Unmarked graves or graves of those whose markers succumbed to time and no family to keep them repaired?

BugsBunny • 19 hours ago The CBC is reporting on the native graves but are leaving out important facts reported in the Sun and National Post that would defuse the situation
– they are not mass graves they are individual graves
– the graves had markers often wood that deteriorated over time
– many of the children died of TB and the Spanish flu which spread quickly in this environment
Question: were are the graves of the parents of these children? I would guess they are also unmarked even though they did not die at school.
The Catholic church could have explained all of this early but they did not for fear of lawsuits.

Stephen Triesch • a day ago • edited Coptic churches, like Eastern Orthodox churches, are very liturgical, and their churches are usually full of beautiful art. The architecture itself has a distinctive design and can’t be replaced easily or cheaply. Needless to say, the Coptic church had nothing whatsoever to do with the controversy surrounding the old Indian boarding schools.

Gary Ritzman • 21 hours ago Coptic Orthodox Christians have been persecuted for hundreds of years in Eqypt, the Middle East, Libya, Sudan and South Sudan. Between 2011 and 2017 hundreds of Eqytian copts were killed. Even today Coptic girls and women are abducted never to be seen again. St. Mark established the Coptic Church.

General Custer • a day ago Copts.one of the earliest Christian sects consisting of people from the Horm of AFRICA. Persecuted since the advance of Islam on Egypt and East Africa. Its doubtful they ever participated in the Native Schools. The Left has unleashed Hell on earth.

Ordinary American 2014 • a day ago What single political goal unifies the Leftists? The Muslims want Christians to disappear. The homosexuals want Christians to disappear. The Communists want the Christians to disappear. The criminals want the beliefs that are most important to Christians to disappear. The Atheists want the Christians to disappear.

Politically Accurate • a day ago Canada’s retarded, know-nothing, Blackface. serial groper, totalitarian, Xi Jinping-fellating, Castro-worshipping, Islamonazi terrorist-adoring, America and Canada-hating, room temperature IQ national imbecile impersonating a prime minister, Justine True-Dolt approves of church burnings. If this had been an Islamonazi terrorist recruitment and indoctrination centre, which he ridiculously calls “mosque”, no effort would be spared to atone for and rebuild the centre at taxpayer expense while virtue signalling to no end about “systemic racism” (sic).

DieselBoatMan • a day ago It’s no longer coming …… it’s here. Welcome to the NWO in Canada, and soon in America. Just like with all other Communist takeovers, one of the first actions is to eradicate all religious institutions. Your government will be your access to God, and pretty much everything else. Remember the old USSR? Sure you do, and the food stores with little to no food. No toilet paper/pretty much no everything. Government is now only focused on serving itself, and absolutely not you and I. Braces yourselves out there; they are only getting started, and sadly, no one is standing in their way.

RESIST FAKE RESIDENT BIDEN • a day ago ANTIFA/BLM strikes again!

Mike Johnson RESIST FAKE RESIDENT BIDEN • a day ago Satanists strike again

DocDrew RESIST FAKE RESIDENT BIDEN • a day ago In Canada, they ARE the government.

DocDrew RESIST FAKE RESIDENT BIDEN • a day ago Another invented crisis to foment hate amongst the clueless citizens

Don L • a day ago And the real battle is not about politics, but about the enemies of goodness and truth loathing the God that created us out of love and gave us all of our rights and dignity. That reality always was and will continue to be true, regardless of Satan’s leftist pawns on earth.

nhlcaps rollingcoal • a day ago Trudeau is a communist. He supports this. His inaction and lack of any condemnation is evidence of that.

LD A • a day ago No religion. It’s all part of the Marxist revolution.

BL Ranch • a day ago If you don’t know what the entirety of the current social political climate is across the world might I recommend you read the book of revelations.

sly_fox • a day ago Deliberate destruction of the church by communist activists under the guise of faux social justice.

Huzzar • a day ago More of that lefty peace, love and tolerance on full display.

Majority Trump LoveTruth • a day ago Canada is the test case practice run for new world order

Freespace5000 • a day ago Eliminating religion is exactly what the globalist want. Division and turmoil is exactly what the globalist want. 
Reduction in the quality of life is exactly what the globalist want.
Instigating one race against the other [RACE WAR] is exactly what the globalist want. Eliminating Race long term is exactly what the globalist want. Reducing the over-all IQ of the general population is exactly what the globalist want. Mutts with low IQ In the general population is exactly what the globalist want.

BBrianL • a day ago When will the war to regain your freedoms from the fascist Trudeau government going to start?

GoneFishin • a day ago • edited The Left’s plan to destroy history and western culture is proceding nicely without any pushback whatsoever.

Martin Chemnitz • a day ago These hate-filled progressives are supposedly getting revenge for crimes alleged to have been committed by ‘all Christians’ in centuries past. The media / ‘intellects’ egg on “Indigenous Peoples,” and their own deluded lily white base, to burn churches, punishing innocent modern people for what is not their responsibility. This is a brutal Marxist / Socialist / Fascist tactic to beat any opposition down violently. Government officials are either unable or unwilling to stop the violence, and at times even approve and assist the thugs. All this violence is committed under the lie of “No Hate.”

Guido Sarducci Ordinary American 2014 • a day ago And the silent majority remain silent as their family, society, culture, country and world perish right in front of their sightless eyes and silent voices. Shame on all those who are afraid to speak up and fight to save our culture and traditions from the Marxist Globalists who exist only to increase their power and wealth at the expense of 99% of the worlds population.

Teabone Bones • a day ago When the authorities do not crack down hard on the begining arson cases they set the stage for increasing arson cases.

Former Canuck • a day ago Little boy Trudeau says he understands the anger towards the Catholic Church. If the anger is directed towards the Catholic Church why are ALL churches under arson attacks? As usual, no logic from the boy Prime Minister.

No More Toilet Paper • a day ago • edited The evil plan to bring the 1st world to the level of the 3rd world continues to be executed with frightening speed.

Stephen Triesch Jeff Corner • a day ago If [mosque burning] were happening, it would probably be the leading news story worldwide. Liberal churches would be holding vigils and editorials condemning the attacks would be flying off the presses.

Nordulf • a day ago What church in the world right now does not have cameras installed. Which begs the question of just how hard the RCMP are trying to arrest the dirtbags responsible for these arsons. And they ARE arsons, not ‘protests’, and better be sentenced as such, IF the RCMP ever get off their pathetic butts and arrest a few people. Too busy chasing down mask and vax ‘deniers’ and ‘hate thought’.

By piotrbein