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The Woke New World Order Is Doomed

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The Covid Deception Exposed

Covid Cases are Surging in the Most-Vaxxed Countries, Not in the Least-Vaxxed

The lying scum presstitutes, medical bureaucrats, and shills who are paid to lie for Big Pharma are trying to claim that the case surge in vaccinated countries is the new “Delta variant” while simultaneously claiming that the vaccines protect against the “Delta variant.” […]

Independent scientists are suggesting that the surge in cases among vaccinated countries is caused by the vaccine itself which releases the Spike Protein into the body as does the virus.  The presstitutes continue to hide the facts, and independent experts sounding alarm continue to be censored, ridiculed, and threatened with firings.

An unfolding health catastrophe is being covered up as it happens before our eyes.

[…] The grave problem that we face is that almost the entirety of the medical profession, governments, and media are invested 100% in the hype that the vaccines are the answer. They continue to call the high and rising number of deaths and adverse effects of the vaccines “rare.” They are now blaming the astonishing number of new cases among heavily-vaccinated populations on a mutation or new variant. It is beyond their capability to consider if the vaccine itself is the cause of the new outbreak.  People this culpable in mass deceit, murder, and injuries are incapable of recognizing their mistake.  […] As the corrupt medical establishment will not recognize the dangers of the vaccines, no research is being done about how to cure or ameliorate the health problems caused by the vaccines. […]

We are everywhere witnessing the complete and total failure of government and public health bureaucracies.

By piotrbein