[Pharmafia article, good comments] Until we stop the misinformation epidemic, we can’t control covid

Until We Stop the Misinformation Epidemic, We Can’t Control Covid

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Fredric Longabard2 days agoMisinformation is the new rallying cry for dems to control us. Too often we have found that their labels of misinformation were incorrect. Pushing the social media to take down information they don’t agree with is control, nothing else.Reply36131 reply

James Riley23 July, 2021Maybe it would have helped if these ‘experts’ were honest about where it came from, who funded it, whether masks helped or not, how dangerous it is/not to children, death rates and comorbidity, the harm and futility of lockdowns, etc. Maybe all the above and more has damaged trust, created uncertainty, or (I know this part is crazy) led people to make their own decision coercion aside.Reply6320

Robert Johnson1 day agoReplying to James RileyWhere it came from and who funded it have nothing to do with the vaccine and its effective. They are mutual exclusive. We know the vaccine works. Are masks helpful? Absolutely, if worn correctly. Many have remarked that they have not had a single cold or respiratory infection since the start of the pandemic. Initially, you could theorize it was from less contact with others, but it’s no longer the case. How dangerous the shot is to children is still out for jury deliberation until there is more data. And the questions about death rates and comorbidity have been overstated because of the media and conspiracy stories that are not true. Sure, some that died were not healthy, but thousands and thousands would have lived many additional years if not for Covid-19. Anyone that doesn’t believe an extraordinary number of people all over the world have died because of the virus is simply incapable of reading with any comprehension and unable to parsing simple data. It’s not rocket science.Reply11111 replyShow 1 more reply

Richard Little2 days agoPretty funny. Who decides what is and is not “misinformation”? The Wuhan lab leak theory was called misinformation for months and is now accepted as at the very least something that should be investigated. Fauci said there was no need to wear masks early on in the pandemic. Was that misinformation? Using the word misinformation to control free speech is used by the left to advance their goal of complete control over our behavior.Reply2971 reply

steven porcaro1 day agoThat we use Facebook as such an important part of life and information it so sadReply16

Average Joe23 July, 2021Whatever happened to free speech and people hearing all sides of an issue and then using their own intelligence and common sense to make up their mind?Reply55133 replies

Arthur Tate23 July, 2021The only misinformation these days comes from CNN and the other “news” outlets. The problem also stems from the current administration dividing the country with their 24/7 attacks on folks who sit on the other side of the aisle. It’s not an issue of misinformation, but an absolute lack of trust.Reply38153 replies

Joseph Marrazzo2 days agoEverything thing get politized in this country….including the COVID epidemic….this include Fauci, the CDC and others. The mainstream news is political….why should I believe them? Why should I believe any of the data they are communicating? If there was bad information, would they share it? I don’t think the government or the news is transparent. Why don’t we talk about how this epidemic started? Well this is political and economical. So my friend….when people started making this political to get Trump out of office…. The half of the country that voted for him…plus others for their own reasons…don’t believe what the government is telling them. I have to say it is very reasonable for the people to be skeptical. I for one is not letting my 12 year old son get vaccinated until more info comes out. Even if he gets sick, the statistics say that his illness would be minor.Reply1661 reply

Nick Gustafson1 day ago“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.Reply9

Peter Griffin1 day agoIdeas are like virus. They are everywhere. Trust is the only thing that keeps us together. Unfortunately, many institutions including the government have broken that trust in a large percentage of population in this country. It will take years to rebuild. In the mean time, the best thing the government can do is educate and back off from telling people what to do. Just let people make up their own mind and bear their own consequences.Reply51

Alfred Keyser2 days agoA government should never be fully trusted. The media is meant to hold the government to account. Today, the media acts as the propaganda arm of the current Administration. The list of lies and half-truths is too long to list but, let’s get real… In Tuskegee, Alabama, The United States Public Health Service (PHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted research on black males, infected with syphilis. C.D.C. told the men told that they were receiving free health care from the federal government of the United States. The subjects were observed (as they suffered from a treatable and devastating disease) but not given any treatment. The government sold us on going to war in Iraq, because they claimed to find “weapons of mass destruction”. That turned out to be a lie. Told us that the Wuhan “lab leak theory” was debunked. They are still sticking to that lie. Told us that Bill Clinton didn’t have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky….See moreReply2461 reply

D E1 day agoI wish the media would provide more detail – like when they say “cases up 30%!” 30% of what? 100, 1000, 10000?! What about when they say “those that are unvaccinated are getting covid!” Well, how many exactly? 30, 300, 3000?! Lastly, since the vaccinated also get covid, they fail to mention how many exactly, ya know!Reply91

William Duncan1 day agoReplying to D EThey should also mention the number that really matters, deaths. Which are subsequently down and near lowest since beginning of pandemic. Even still they are likely inflated. How much does the government pay per COVID death again? Reply63

Brian Hopkins1 day agoWhy haven’t the Democrats vaccinated the Million of know refugees that have come across the TX border since Biden took office? Why hasn’t the media asked about this? What are the rest of us to think about the real Covid interests of the current administration.. Reply154

louis Ringel2 days agoThis entire article is a lie. For example 610,000 died from COVID we know is a lie. Only 6% of those died from Covid with the average age of 80. Why not use therapeutics early to reduce viral load? Why create the fear knowing below 30 or even below 60 and healthy are at near zero risk. Why not explain to people the known and unknown long term risks of the vaccine. This article disgusts me and yes I am an expert physician that always weigh benefits versus risk.Reply23131 reply

Average Joe23 July, 2021Who decides what’s “misinformation”?Reply306

SD Jasti2 days agoReplying to Average JoeFacts. There’s objective truth out there. Separate from opinions. The objective truth is that the vaccines save lives.Reply95

Average Joe2 days agoReplying to SD JastiProbably better to cite the objective evidence and let people make up their own mind after reading it. (Don’t forget to be even-handed and cite evidence from both points of view.)Reply82

SD Jasti2 days agoReplying to Average JoeI gave you several links – Barron’s want to ‘approve’ I know they will sit on it till we grow old.Reply41Show 4 more replies

Brian Hopkins1 day agoBiden is not fit to be president for one. He is living in some sort of mental fog banks and cannot continue to lead. Where is the FDA in all this? We need their assessment of the vaccine and an answer on the claim of 45,000 deaths from the vaccine. When will we get out of this EUA status and Pfizer and others accept responsibility for their product, vs forcing it on our 12 year olds with no legal responsibility. Once the FDA comes out of hiding and says, “Take It” or “Stop!”, the country will continue to be divided on safety for long term effects. The Head of the FDA was threatened with the loss of his job, if the EUA status wasn’t granted. In the past, this hasn’t gone well, so no wonder folks are concerned.Reply106

Thomas Smith1 day agoanything that isn’t what the paid experts say is considered misinfo. fact is, most ppl that aren’t taking the vaccine has nothing to do with misinfo on social media. most of us have common sense, that this is a new vaccine, which takes 3 years of testing, and also remember what the new VP, and President Said before they won the election. These writers forget what they said, about the vaccine not being safe, if it came out last year, and that Kamala said herself, she would not take it. where is the article referencing what they said? Reply75

J Valentine1 day agoGovernment bureaus dedicated to policing “misinformation” is absolutely dystopian. It’s like these people never read Orwell’s “1984” in high school. Distrust of public health authorities is a self-inflicted wound. If Fauci & Co. hadn’t engaged in “noble lies” to scare people into compliance, and instead been honest about masks, herd immunity, natural immunity, etc., there wouldn’t be so much skepticism. The vaccines are a miracle of science. It’s too bad the government has abused our trust so badly that people would rather take their chances with the virus.Reply55

mark sears23 July, 2021Funny how so much “misinformation” came from Fauci, CDC, Local health departments… This article is more worried about facebook post’s from Billy Bob in Iowa. Geez…Reply246

Michele Kojundzija23 July, 2021Replying to mark searslike trump on cnbc calling covid a ” hoax fake news all deep state, yikesReply69

Thomas Smith1 day agoReplying to Michele Kojundzijajust like Pelosi and them? plus he said it will be used as political propaganda, which it was. and obviously you fell for, that’s why you saying he called it a hoax. which he never did. Reply42Show 1 more reply

D E1 day agoThis article itself is misinformation. It states low vaccination rates are cause of covid cases rising, but vaccinated people are also getting covid, so they TOO are contributing to the total number of new cases. 🤔Reply75

Marc Kerner1 day agoMaybe if Biden and Kamala didn’t disparage the “Trump”vaccines the masses wouldn’t have distrusted the experts. It’s best to speak to your own doctor and not listen to politicians and beaurocrats like Fauci.Reply1181 reply

Chris Turner1 day agoI’ll take my liberties w no vaccine and a risk of getting Covid over lost liberties, a vaccine and still at risk of getting covid.Reply72

Chris Turner1 day agoThis article is full of presumptive statements. Also known as misinformation.Reply164

linda clark23 July, 2021Stop with the propaganda already. How about just letting individuals make up their own mind?Reply2010

Steve White1 day agoReplying to linda clarkExactly. We’re adults, we have heard both sides of the argument, 95% of it “pro-jab”. We know the risks, and can make our own decision based on our circumstances.Reply42

Michele Kojundzija23 July, 2021Replying to linda clarklike how to build a power grid, TX sure did well. but of course they demanded federal moneyReply581 reply

Shirley Lake2 days agoReplying to linda clarkHow about let women decide what they want to do with their own bodies?Reply76

linda clark2 days agoReplying to Shirley LakeYou’re trying to change the subject.Reply47

Cass Riese1 day agoAlways believe whatever the government tells you no matter what.Reply61

BILL ONEILL1 day agoThe vast input to US throughout the whole past 16 months was basic common sense, the virus kills ,if you get the vaccine their a 90% change you will not get it or die.If people chose not to get it then that’s they have a common sense problem a need to wear mask every were they roam to protect the ones that have common sense.Reply43

DOUGLAS HOTT12 hours agoYour entire argument seems to be that the solution is different forms of censorship or semi-censorship to prevent the spread of ideas you don’t like and that I think don’t hold water; this is always the lament of some group that wants to control us in the emergency of the day and in advancing various forms of information suppression you exacerbate the distrust of everyone whom you are trying to reach and you make the problem far worse.Reply1

EDWARD OLEJNICZAK1 day agoPeople are bad at evaluating risk especially when data is given as percentages. Reading the book “Thinking Fast and Slow” makes you think that policy makers should all consult experts on behavior before making policies.Reply

Terry Presta23 July, 2021YOU are the misinformation.Reply2071 reply

THOMAS SMICKLAS1 day agoIf Big Media and our federal bureaucracy was trusted there would be no market for misinformation. Their lies and distortions passing for news has made them less credible than a drugged vagrant.Reply93

louis Ringel4 hours agoFRED,   Long term risks in lab animals on a MRNA ( genetic modification have shown a high incidence of autoimmune disorders. Obviously we do not have data on long term consequences in humans however it has shown a high incidence of dangerous side effects and even death given to young adults that have little to no risk from COVID. When looking at death certificates of over 100,000 we found the listed causes of death as Covid then, secondary causes were dementia, heart failure , cancer, and even accidents. Only 6% actually died of Covid. What really gets me upset is the available therapeutics that if given early can prevent hospitalizations and death yet this information is censored and incredibly doctors associated with hospitals (most) refuse to give treatment early since it is the “protocol”. They all risk their jobs if going against protocol. I thought we had more morals. The entire response to this virus has been more of fear mongering which is by definition , terrorism aided by disinformation. I understand the reasons for the censorship. Please explain , why do you defend this since it seems either evil or due to misinformation .Reply1

Michele Kojundzija23 July, 2021everyone should be told, YOU, NOT the federal govt. will pay your medical billsReply51

james miller1 day agoWhy not let the un-vaxed remain un-vaxed if they wish? After all, it is supposedly a free country. In the long run it would probably improve the gene pool.Reply23

Arthur Tate12 hours agoReplying to james millerWishing for millions to die, stay classy comrade James.Reply

William Carrick1 day agoLOL! A commentary in Barron’s, owned by the same group that owns FoxNews, cites misinformation as an epidemic and does not cite Fox News as a major contributor? Get real. Stop the Faux news at Fox News.Reply47

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