[updated, concise] Genocidal “covid” plandemic exposed point by point

Last updated March 12, 2022. Since then, key articles and breakthroughs appear as current blog posts.

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mRNA bio-weapon “vax”

Infanticide, killing, injuring the young with “covid” bio-weapon

Remedies for mRNA “vax”

Independent experts

Genocidal “vaccines”

Self-spreading vax

Cover-ups and deception

Graphene and subtle fields

Nasal inoculation, fibres in masks and swabs

Non-existent SARS Cov-2 and “covid” diagnosis


Globalist plandemic goals

Canadiana (incl. legal resources)

My own

mRNA bio-weapon “vax

Cov-vax do interfere with DNA + Real-world data proves confidential Pfizer docs: cov-vax associated enhanced disease + Pfizer’s cov-vax goes into liver cells and converts to DNA

Bayer’s boss: Covid mRNA vax is gene therapy, misleading the public was useful to create widespread adoption

Deaths and illness fall among unvaxed, rise among fully vaxed

Cov-vax victims must be compensated + NHS needs to close

Top secret Pfizer data

AIDS and cancer after cov-vax

Cov-vax harm much greater than from flu vax

UK: NHS fills multiple jobs in vax damage payment system

Canada, Israel, Australia, USA, UK: Pandemic of the fully vaxed

US military sabotage with bio-weapon “vax”: 10x increase in nervous system disease + Injury and disease data fraud and cover up

Pfizer report, Canada & UK data: Vax-associated enhanced disease & AIDS from cov-vax

Doctor detects ​MAC addresses in cov-vaxed + Human augmentation will be the death of humanity + UK gov’t to reform human rights ‘for the greater good’ against the unvaxed

Pfizer’s confidential doc: Cov-vax may cause enhanced disease; real-world data proves it + New study: Cov-vax cause a new form of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome + Scotland: Covid death rate highest among fully vaxed, suggesting ADE + Official data: Cov-vax cause serious immune system degradation, every shot makes things worse

Fully vaxed Americans, Australians, Brits, Canadians, Germans are developing acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

England: Over the past 4 weeks, 89% of all covid cases in over 18 yr olds vaxed 3x/2x

UK HSA: The vaxed are 74% of covid hospitalisations, 3x vaxed put the most pressure on the NHS over the past 4 weeks

Gov’t data: 3ple vaxed develop acquired immunodeficiency at an alarming rate

UKHSA: Cov-vax effectiveness as low as MINUS 105% among the 3ple vaxed

UK: 5x more deaths of covid vax in 12 mo. than deaths of every other vax in 21 yrs

Official UK gov’t data: Covid boosters destroy the innate immune system

European Medicines Agency: Endless booster shots could cause ‘immune response’ problems + Top immunologist slams global response to the pandemic

Vaccinators must check for ‘hot lots’ before administering shots + US Supreme Court blocks vax-or-test rule for 84 million workers

Pfizer CEO: Current vax offers no covid protection

Chief AstraZeneca scientist: Annual booster jabs “unsustainable”

UK gov’t: 3 vaxed in every 4 omicron hospitalisations + Science: Covid vaxes damage immune system, maybe forever

UK official data: Fully vaxed will develop acquired immunodeficiency by the end of Feb + USA life insurer: Covid-vaxed 18 to 64-yr-olds 50% more likely to die than unvaxed + Chief AstraZeneca scientist: Annual booster jabs “unsustainable”

USA 2021 covid: 200 million vaxed, 450k dead

Dr. Bhakdi: Covid vax kill by autoimmune attack of lymphocytes + WHO: Covid vax boosters only prolong pandemic + CDC hides myocarditis cases in covid-vaxed teens

UK: Triple vaxed 40-49 yr olds are 10x more likely to catch “omicron” than the unvaxed

360x hike in swollen glands post “covid vax” + Staggering rise in heart problems and strokes in fully vaxed

Nature magazine: Existing vax ineffective against omicron

WHO: Covid vax boosters only prolong pandemic

Official German data: Fully vaxed to acquire immunodeficiency soon

Eye strokes and thromboses in the vaxed

“Covid vax” prevent reaching herd immunity + England: 4 in every 5 covid deaths are triple & double vaxed despite booster for most vulnerable + England: 23.5 million people not covid-vaxed + How many murdered with the covid vax

Major heart problems from Post Pandemic Stress Disorder (PPSD) + Doctor raided for exempting from vax

Random list of recent athlete victims of “covid” bio-weapon

Twice as many cardiac arrests in athletes this year vs. all history

Gov’t has booster jab every 3 months for you to get AIDS bis

DoD data: Covid vax worsen infections and hospitalizations

Globalists will turn your food into mRNA vax

Truth on covid hospitalisations

Science and ethics: risk posed by non-vaxed + Gene-based “vax” kill

[collection] Pharmafia’s FDA (Fraud Disease Agents) “approve” Pfizer “vax” bio-weapon!

Former Pfizer employee destroys Pharmafia

Dr. Hoffe: mRNA vax will kill most people, 62% of vaxed show microscopic blood clots



Dr. David Martin: Covid etc. bio-weapons patented for over 30 yrs. “Wuhan leak” covers up SARS CoV-2 code upload to vax makers. US DoJ in bed with Pharmafia. Doctors commit genocide by mRNA “vaxing” of unknown effects, transmission to unvaxed and no remedies. Media, elected officials collude

Dr. David Martin: There is no “Delta” Variant – “Novel” Coronavirus Known as COVID-19 Was Patented 2 Decades Ago

Most physicians decline covid shots + Physicians and scientists: Do not vaccinate our children + Indian doctors: Halt roll-out of covid-19 vax

Mandatory covid-19 vax for care home staff: Unnecessary, disproportionate, and misguided

Nearly half of all NIAID and FDA employees refusing covid vax

Official EU data: 19k dead, 1.8M injured (50% serious) after covid shots

Infanticide, killing, injuring the young with “covid” bio-weapon

Double vax 2M kids to prevent 1 covid ICU admission

Cov-vax, kids, miscarriages

UK data: Fully vaxed kids 3.3x more likely to die of covid than unvaxed + UK: Pfizer cov-vax increases kid’s death risk by 5100% + Teen died hours after receiving cov-vax

Judge: Parents don’t need to know number of kids dead of cov-vax + Cov-jabs can irreparably damage kids’ brains, heart & other organs + Pfizer cov-vax trial data suggests all pregnant vaxed miscarried + Whistleblower: US kids jabbed with poorly mixed cov-vax + Hospitals in UK, Germany & Israel refuse to treat 3-yr-old with heart disease because parents unvaxed + UK: Cov-vaxed teens 3x more likely to die than unvaxed; male teen deaths up by 53% in 2021

Stop using our children as pawns

Belgium drops Moderna vax for the young for heart inflammation risk

Fetal expert: Cov-vax have caused huge increase in miscarriages and stillbirths

Official data: Covid vax have killed more kids than covid

Kids en masse refuse to wear face masks in school

CDC hides myocarditis cases in covid-vaxed teens

Jabs kill 117 kids to save one from”covid” + Israel: Youth rebel against the booster

[de] Kids vaxed “by mistake” have severe side effects + Fauci finally admits: Kids don’t end up in hospitals

13 reasons why 5 to 11-year-olds should not be given the “covid vax”

ALARM Infanticide with “covid vax” bio-weapon: Stillbirths, newborns’ death,adverse effects on kids, ovarian cancer

US: Miscarriages, other reproductive abnormalities surged with “covid vax” rollout

ALARM Pfizer/BioNTech covid jabs reprogram both adaptive and innate immune responses + Australian whistleblower: Fully vaxed young dying due to “covid-vax” complications

All parents and g-parents beware: Potential danger of mixing nasal flu vax with the covid-19 jab

Pfizer covid bio-weapon for kids includes heart attack stabiliser

Huge jump in ovarian cancer cases, and deaths of babies

NYC rabbinical court forbids covid shots to kids, young men and women

Women’s fertility and baby’s life and health at risk in vax countries

4 legs, 3 arms, tail, animal hair — mutated babies of vaxed parents



Remedies for mRNA “vax”

How to remove graphene oxide from the body

Canadian Covid Care Alliance: Declaration + Prevention protocols + Physicians/facilities offering early treatment + Patient guides + Long covid protocols + Studies

US military: Ivermectin works

Zinc inhibits flu, “covid” and helps detox graphene

Drs. Bhakdi & Mercola: COVID jab effects & prevention/treatment protocols

Ivermectin: a multifaceted drug of Nobel prize-honoured distinction with indicated efficacy against a new global scourge, COVID-19


Covid‐19 therapy with essential oils



https://piotrbein.net/2021/06/15/70034/Neutralize potential damage from mRNA vax

Independent experts

Dr. Yeadon: Covid jabs toxic by design, “The evidence that things are amiss is so stark that you literally have to avert your eyes not to realise that things are really bad”

Dr. Bhakdi: Covid vax kill by autoimmune attack of lymphocytes

Dr. John Bergman: How Pandemics END

Dr. Zelenko: This is WW3 , death rate up to 2 billion

Dr. Stefan Lanka interviews Joan Shenton

UK Colum-hosted symposium “Sounding the Call”

Prof. Bhakdi: Vax don’t work and may cause massive self2self attack + Prof. Burkhardt: Post-vax ‘lymphocytes amok’

Dr. Yeadon: “Unprecedented” findings — 100% of deaths from 5% of the batches

Dr. Yeadon: Permanent, totalitarian scientific tyranny + Dr. Coleman: “Pfizer is the most thoroughly evil company ever created” + Whistle-blower nurse: Plandemic truth

Dr. McCullough: “Mild” vax-induced myocarditis and deaths

[encapsulated in court decision] NYC rabbinical court forbids covid shots to kids, young men and women

Pulmonary nurse for 31 yrs unknowingly killed patients per covid protocols

Molecular biologist speaks to city council

Funeral director: Delta is the vax harm

British Columbia silenced health professionals question gov’t plandemists

Dr. Zelenko: Spiritual and medical treatment of planned genocide

Canada: No covid-19 pandemic

Dr. Ryan Cole: 20x increase in cancer, vax damage to immune cells

Dr. Mike Yeadon: Covid world coup, PCR, gene vax, death cult

Dr. Anne McCloskey: The shots are killing! In 2020 covid wards empty, in 2021 hospitals full of 2x-vaxed + USA Dr. Lee Merritt: Military members just say no to the covid death jab

Dr. Roger Hodkinson: “Unprecedented horror show, the worst in medical history… pack of lies, pure propaganda… Pandemic of fear… intentionally driven”

Pfizer whistleblower: Bioweapon for global extermination


Dr. Malthouse’s interview blasts the entire genocidal plandemic fraud










Genocidal “vaccines”

Whilst you’ve been distracted by Russia-Ukraine conflict… death and AIDS from cov-vax

Experimental jab, no liability + India: Discrimination, social divide, medical apartheid, hatred + Austria: Cov-vax compulsory + US: Cov-cases for profit

Pfizer/FDA corruption, lethal batches, and autopsies reveal covid-19 jab genocide

NSW Australia: Covid hospitalisations double in 7 days, 96% fully vaxed + Australia: Covid deaths rise sharply, fully vaxed 4 in every 5 of them + South Africa: Covid narrative falls apart + Thailand: Vaccinators get adverse reactions to spilt cov-vax vial contents

Billion lives covid fraud: Vaxed & boosted have 3 yrs to live + Cov-vax death rates much higher than reported + USA 2021: 40% rise in excess deaths of 18 to 49-yr-olds + Countries w. high cov-vax rates 2021: Sharp rise in excess deaths blamed on jabs + Offcicial data: Cov-vax effectiveness against death MINUS 112%

Pfizer fraud, uncovered Moderna crashes, WallStreet furious + 108 professional soccer players & 400 athletes dead in 6 months from shot + To insurers vax death is suicide

US attorney: Miscarriages up 300%, cancers 300%, neurological problems 1000% + UK gov’t say 150k people died of covid in the past 2 years but ONS say 6k + Over 1000 studies: Experimental covid jabs are dangerous

UK gov’t data: Covid vax DOUBLE chances of catching covid + Australia official: Covid deaths at record levels,fully vaxed 4 in every 5 of deaths since November

UK gov’t authorised ‘mass murder’ of the elderly and vulnerable by Midazolam injection and blamed covid + Dr. Seneff: Covid injections and neurodegenerative disease

WHO: 95% vaxed go to heaven

Pfizer: Jab not up to safety profile, illegal EUA , LNP ‘not for human use’, omicron origins

Dr. Yeadon: Covid jabs toxic by design, “The evidence that things are amiss is so stark that you literally have to avert your eyes not to realise that things are really bad”

USA life insurer: Covid-vaxed 18 to 64-yr-olds 50% more likely to die than unvaxed

UK official data: 150k not 17k people died of covid

Teen deaths up 53% following 2021 covid vax

New study: More deaths in 145 countries after covid vax introduced​ ‘beyond unethical’

BREAKING Official data: Triple vaxed develop acquired immunodeficiency syndrome at an alarming rate

Vax are not waning, vaxed’s immune systems are! Look at the footballer deaths…

Covid response biggest crime in history: Call on the UK 1922 Committee for Justice + UK gov’t faces police investigation re. covid vax safety violations

Official UK data: 4 triple/double vaxed in every 5 covid cases, hospitalisations & deaths since booster jabbing started

UK/Scotland: 80% covid deaths in vaxed, yet mandatory jabs roll out globally

Official UK gov’t data: Covid boosters destroy the innate immune system

Danish newspaper apologizes for following gov’t covid narrative + European Medicines Agency: Endless booster shots could cause ‘immune response’ problems

USA: Pilots “dropping like flies” post-covid vax + Pfizer whistleblower questions vax data

Autopsy analysis: 93% post-covid vax deaths are jab-caused + US insurance company: 40% more death claims since covid vax rollout

BREAKING Scotland data: 3ple vaxed hospitalised and dying of covid

England’s chief medical officer: Natural immunity to SARS-CoV-2 beats vax-induced one + Gov’ts abuse the obese in the plandemic as always

ALARMS Leg amputated after covid vax + South Korea: covid vax fatalities + European data: Nearly 30k deaths, 3M injuries post-vax

Pharmafia GENOCIDE: Post-vax injuries near 1 million, Pfizer and Moderna boosters cleared for adults mRna vax ‘gene therapy’ marketed to gain public trust

VAERS: 5% of covid vax batches caused 100% of deaths

Germany: Out of 10 deaths, 7 may be vax-linked

Mt. Athos monks genocided with “covid” bio-weapon


Sci-fi vax efficacy and safety = assumptions based on estimates, no completed trials, no vax risks, PCR test determines covid-19 “cases”









Self-spreading vax

The vaxed transmit graphene to the unvaxed, destroying red blood cells & causing blood clots + Confidential Pfizer doc: Cov-vax shedding leads to menstrual cycle disruption & miscarriage via skin-to-skin contact & breathing the same air

Sterilizing people with shedding cov-vax

The vaxed transmit graphene to the unvaxed

Vaxed pilot dies in flight. Crews get sick from vaxed colleagues & passengers

20:33 vax shedding onto unvaxed persons









Graphene and subtle fields

The vaxed transmit graphene to the unvaxed, destroying red blood cells & causing blood clots

The vaxed transmit graphene to the unvaxed

Whence magnetism in vaxed persons? — WIMPs and biological nuclear reaction in the human body

LaQuintaColumna strikes again

Zinc Inhibits flu, “covid” and helps detox graphene

Pharmafia murdered Dr. Noack for revealing graphene in bio-weapon “covid vax”?

Graphene applications plan for psychopathic world control

Graphene oxide particles in covid mRNA “vax”

La Quinta Columna on more antioxidants that help detoxify the body from graphene oxide

Non-existent SARS Cov-2 and “covid” diagnosis

Fauci: PCR test can’t detect infection

Drs. Sam & Mark Bailey: Why nobody can find a virus

4:30 The fallacy of testing for covid

[2020] External peer review of the RTPCR test to detect SARS-CoV-2 reveals 10 major scientific flaws at the molecular and methodological level: consequences for false positive results

PCR tests have served their “covid crisis” purpose and are being cancelled everywhere

Abbott “covid” tests faulty

UK test provider after customers’ complaints: Tests can’t be used to diagnose covid

SARS CoV-2 unproven despite FOI queries in more than 150 institutions globally

CDC withdraws emergency use of PCR test

Dr. Sam: Covid-19 fraud & war on Humanity

[July 2020] Leading Corona researchers: no scientific proof for the existence of a virus

Canada: No covid-19 pandemic + Health, science institutions world-wide: No record of SARS CoV-2

Scam confirmed: PCR does not detect SARS CoV-2


CDC, FDA faked “covid” testing protocol



[en, pl] Prof. Roman Zieliński: Pfizer’s genetic “vaccine” and PCR tests + [pl] Response to 34 scientists

Current performance of COVID-19 test methods and devices and proposed performance criteria, April 16 2020, p19.

External peer review of the RTPCR test to detect SARS-CoV-2 reveals 10 major scientific flaws at the molecular and methodological level: consequences for false positive results



Cover-ups and deception

Bayer’s boss: Covid mRNA vax is gene therapy, misleading the public was useful to create widespread adoption

Pharmafia demonised ivermectin to profit from new patents

UK: Military grade PsyOps instilled fear

Manufacturers’ claims and actual performance of cov-tests two different things + Altering definitions to alter covid perceptions

Anthrax attacks and covid + British psycho- manipulation sold worldwide + Debunking the “corona conspiracy” debunkers +

BMJ: ‘We want raw data, now!’

Dr. Yeadon’s key testimony — Part I: The Eight Covid Lies

UK stats office: just 6k people died of covid in England and Wales Feb 2020 to Dec 2021 + Israeli clinical trial cause vax companies shares to plummet

Dr. McCullough misleads SARS CoV-2 exists

MSM “change” plandemic narrative + Anything goes to demonise “the unvaxed” + Afraid of political crash, democrats lessen lockdown restrictions + US poll with 73.9% covid-vaxed: 10% trust media, 30% trust Fauci

China is hiding the nature and spread of an Ebola/Marburg-like Virus that has struck the country

CDC: Over 75% covid deaths were those with at least four comorbidities

Good Morning America stripped CDC director’s comments on comorbidities

UK gov’t used “propagandistic” fear tactics for mass compliance + China: People SEALED inside homes + Danish newspaper apologizes for following gov’t covid narrative + Financial Times: ‘Anti-vax sentiment’ in the West fueled by Russia & China

Fauci: US gov’t will re-define ‘fully vaccinated’ to include booster shots + US military contradicts Fauci’s sworn testimony on gain-of-function, Project Veritas

Jab pandemic: Covid narrative implodes, White House doubles down on lies

How to spot covid misinfo tactics

Omicron could be less deadly than seasonal flu

17:36 Psycho “British” nazi scares sensible people + 20:14 In all country, Guardian finds 2 supposed vax refuseniks and spins from it

9:18 Gov’t rapidly approve Pfizer oral covid antiviral without proper testing, Astra Zeneca covid vax still under trials but approved + 25:47 Fauci knows vax risk of his deception + 33:17 Full Fact fact-free response admits MSM disinfo + 35:30 Gov’t propaganda in hyperdrive w. normalising assistance by NGOs and Royal Institution

25:56 Most of UK seems to have stopped providing stats to EuroMOMO excess death database

Federal lawsuit against CDC: FDA wants to hide pre-licensure data and now CDC wants to hide the post-licensure safety data

Under hero’s guise: Dr. Malone sells WHO “test & treat” next phase covid plan

Fraudulent “covid” and “variant” testing produces “cases” that drive the plandemic scare. Simple action can stop the madness

Oxford study: Up to 86% PCR-tested positive for covid didn’t have ANY core symptoms of covid-19

Experts: Omicron a “natural vaccine”, no need for boosters + Death by covid vax premeditated and co-ordinated + UK chief science adviser: Vaxing every 3 or 6 months ‘untenable’

Court orders FDA to produce Pfizer covid data at 55k pages/mo. 

Hype up “cases” in Canada’s remote fully vaxed native community: send troops, no reporters

0:24 Older than scamdemic: govt stalinist censorship & control of narrative to silence critique + 22:41 BBC again cuts off people who question vax harms + 24:21 Vax mandates by corporate fiat + 28:44 Non compliance based on no evidence

Covid narrative officially collapses, but the agenda is alive

Australia w. 1 covid death in 22 months: Unvaxed not allowed to go to work + Australia Northern Territory bans unvaxed from exercise or work + UK gov’t misleads the public, despite evidence face masks harm kids

PLANDEMIC FRAUD: At least 400k in US may have died of “covid-vax” + BBC won’t tell: 4 in 5 “covid” deaths among the triple/double vaxed + Evidence: “Covid vax” risk covered-up + Daily “covid cases” increase LOWER than in daily “covid tests”

[de] 2.4 million tests in a day to find 2.4k covid-positive!

Lies, damn lies, and covid hospitalisation stats

Omicron BS…

In September UK cancelled contract for only vax candidate that targets the entire SARS CoV-2 + London: 70% of covid-hospitalised diagnosed for other ailments after admission + Evidence: Midazolam used to kill thousands who “died of covid-19”

CDC facts ‘no more than hypotheses later revised or rejected altogether’

“African variant” scam

NHS use old data to claim 75% of covid patients in ICU are unvaxed

UK: NHS gave Midazolam to the elderly and told you they were covid deaths


Nurse Exposes Hospital Lies and Cover Up of Adverse Events

Canada’s military used the plandemic to launch war theater propaganda against citizens

40:25 Rabbis lie to Jews about the covid vax

Canada: No covid-19 pandemic + Science and ethics: risk posed by non-vaxed + Gene-based “vax” kill + Health, science institutions world-wide: No record of SARS CoV-2

BUSTED Dec 2020 mulitilingual info sheets for Pfizer and Moderna vax removed from the net

Dr. Malthouse’s interview blasts the entire genocidal plandemic fraud

VIRAL Globalists burned down town of Lytton with DEW to muzzle Dr. Hoffe and punish British Columbia for lifting covid restrictions? Hundreds died in the regional heat wave

Former Pfizer VP: ‘Your gov’t is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death’











Nasal inoculation, fibres in masks and swabs

Ethylene oxide on covid test swabs

UK regulator “can’t see” ethylene oxide in test swabs

Potential danger of mixing nasal flu vax with the covid-19 jab





Grand Jury for covid crimes against humanity + N. Ireland solicitor wins; Covid school vax programme terminated

F. Blackrock exec: Pharma liability shields at risk if fraud is found + Grand jury trial + Czech Republic’s Supreme Court: Covid restrictions can’t be used to force vax + Withholding early covid treatments is criminal + Austria: Constitutional Court requests real covid data

Victory in US court: Informed consent, liberty not to be coerced

FDA Asks the Court to delay first 55k page submission til May, Pfizer intervenes in the lawsuit

Texas: Fauci, Gates, Rockefeller… execs of IMF, WEF, vax firms… charged for murder and crimes against Humanity

US Supreme Court blocks vax-or-test rule for 84 million workers

Australia: Federal court case to halt jabs for kids + Former investigator against jabs for kids

US Supreme Court blocks vax-or-test rule for 84 million workers

Join the plandemic resistance: Everyone in the UK start using this

London’s mayor notified of ICC criminal complaint filed on behalf of UK people

[en, pl, de] German riot police officer to “protest walk” participants: If people stop fearing, this will be over tomorrow

[de] Austria: Vax law bombasted

[de] Swiss jurist committee: 2G vax mandate unconstitutional + Austria: Jab appointment by post illegal

UK gov’t officials face police investigation over “covid vax”

Criminal complaint of Dr. Yeadon and team to ICC of crimes against humanity

Overview of covid legal situation in US, Italy, Switzerland

Prosecute and penalize those who remove fundamental rights and liberties

Remember the Nuremberg Code; legal system strikes back + Federal judge rejects DOD claim that Pfizer EUA and Comirnaty vax are ‘interchangeable’ + Courts block Biden’s vax mandates

Canada: ‘Our free society is at risk’ — over 80 lawyers call for an end to covid vax mandates

Australia: Premier Andrews summoned to court + India: World’s first covid jab murder case against Bill Gates

Oklahoma: Pentagon to “decertify” National Guard commander who banned vax mandate

NYC rabbinical court forbids covid shots to kids, young men and women

US federal court orders covid-19 safety data disclosed

USA: Whistleblower declaration in support of legal actions to revoke and to block the EUA for covid vax

Globalist plandemic goals

The WEF’s Young Global Leaders, extensive list by categories

Virtue signalling is the new plague + Societal impact of group thinking + People don’t want to work, UBI would make it worse

What They’re Not Telling You

Rockefeller medicine


Sonic weapon against protesters + Covid criminal network + Gates admits natural immunity

Social credit system, critical race theory, hackable human, 5G

Scenarios, bio-labs and vax

NZ will seize property if fines not paid for cov-testing non-compliance

Covid and Putin are not a threat to your freedom; people like Schwab, Gates & Trudeau are

Illinois: Bill to involuntarily list the unvaxed

The plan to tag us for NWO

Canadian gov’t to be investigated for tracking 33 million cell phones

US Army guerrilla warfare exercise to target ‘freedom fighters’

China: Commie “covid” horror & torture for Olympics sake

Washington state: Strike teams to ‘involuntarily detain’ and ship unvaxed to quarantine camps + China: Lockdowns cause residents to STARVE

Scotland: Should ‘covid internment camps’ be introduced?

WEF Young global leaders and global shapers + End your abusive relationship with the gov’t+ Break free of fear addiction

3:00 Nazi like policy: Young people w. learning difficulties offered Do Not Resuscitate notices

30:49 Pfizer partnered w. China to develop vax pass linked to payment systems

34:08 NZ ‘legalise’ euthanasia

Dr. Zelenko: This is WW3 , death rate up to 2 billion 

WAKE UP! Commie NewNormal knocks on Canada’s door: Native land back to natives (others expropriated?), end of currency and savings?

BREAKING Secret ingredients in “vax” make innocent people infertile

Will WEF metaverse end human freedom?

Gates’ NewNormal: Gov’ts should censor social media + Covid speak around masks, myocarditis & natural immunity implode as mass psychosis revealed

🙂 Merdia say you are the extremist, so be one

Scotland: Should ‘covid internment camps’ be introduced? 

Developer of covid vax microchips: They are coming “whether we like it or not”

Dr. Coleman: “We are winning the war” + Every “covid” jab vote for NWO + UK gov’t in bed with WEF on AI for GreatReset

US: “Covid” patients treated worse than prisoners + Austria: Hitmen to track down “covid” vax refusers

Pharmafia murdered Dr. Noack for revealing graphene in bio-weapon “covid vax”?

SANITARY TYRRANY: NZ gov’t to pay doctors to euthanise “covid” patients + NY to forcibly quarantine the “covid-positive”, force jabs on unvaxed + Nazi Germany laws “for the protection of the people”

[de] Prof. Bhakdi unbeatable, so comes the “anti-Semitism”

Minnesota: Whites put at the back of the queue for life-saving covid treatment

[de] Germany: Muslims exempt from lockdown

The real outbreak is Nazis in gov’t

Excerpt: Prof. Bhakdi’s final address Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium 2

Draconian biopolitical control measures unlikely to ease off. Plandemic “culture war” reveals spiritual void

Blackrock, Vanguard and pharmafia execs get rich from crisis they co-created

Archbishop Viganò’s startling warning to the American people

WEF colludes with Dutch gov’t + 90% of Brits oppose lockdown, resist mandatory vax + Cut through the propaganda

Merry Christmas gov’t psychos! IT’S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE GENOCIDE + Booster shot #17 + Stick your NWO up your arse (we’re the 99%)

Compliance: We should speak out against corrupt agenda + Keep coomplying, covidiots! + CNN medical analyst: Biden must further restrain the unvaxed + Australia’s chief pharmacist: Accept boosters & masks for many years…

The GreatReset still a conspiracy? Nano-tech in “covid jabs is for comm + Moderna worked on covid vax weeks before official outbreak

Robert Kennedy: Dangerous vax and passports, the real Fauci

WEF colludes with Dutch gov’t + 90% of Brits oppose lockdown, resist mandatory vax + Cut through the propaganda

The global governance dictatorship

Famous covid doctor reveals what’s really going on | Dr. Zelenko 2021

Australia: Decentralized authoritarianism & camps

Gates’ depop theories: Fact-checkers fact-checked + IBM created Microsoft to avoid anti-trust laws, Gates a frontman + The 2011 article on Gates and depop

Australia: Army relocates covid-positive cases to quarantine camps

Plandemists invade Australia

Australia: Millions protest, police attack women and kids, revolt in Solomon Islands

Wall Street will put natural world ‘up for sale’

Canadiana (incl. legal resources)

Canada: Cov-vax neg effectiveness 425% as fully vaxed make 89% of cases since Dec + Ontario health minister: ‘Immediate censorship of doctors’

Canadian Heroine, Christine Massey keeps strong despite being arrested, criminally charged and facing criminal investigation: ‘Federal judge’ Sébastien Grammond needs no science; responses to Mercola, Kirsch, Hammond

Canadian gov’t to be investigated for tracking 33 million cell phones

Canada RCMP: ‘Anti-government,’ ‘anti-LGBTQ2’ views a threat to public safety + Alberta premier condemns Quebec’s proposed tax on unvaxed + Can your child be removed from your home if you choose not to vaccinate them?

Ontario citizens sue province over covid pass mandate + Top Canadian lawyer: covid vax mandates bring unprecedented coercion into workplace

“Security” thugs obstructing justice at Peterborough Public Health 5.1.2022

BC Provincial Court hearing — Exhibits

Alberta, Canada gov’t data confirms world-wide trend: Covid infections, deaths soar after vax

BC top group calls to join two extremely important Freedom Rallies in Kelowna

Former Premier of Newfoundland Brian Peckford on Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms + Ontario courts refuse to intervene on employee cases against vax mandates

Canada: Lawyers launch campaign to protect civil liberties + RCMP officer tapes letter to superintendent’s door when forced onto unpaid leave due to “vax” edicts

WAKE UP! Commie NewNormal knocks on Canada’s door: Native land back to natives (others expropriated?), end of currency and savings?

Okanagan, Canada: Incredible unconstitutional procedures for bylaw tickets + Defiant gym operating without business licence after city pulls renewal

VictoryCanada flash action: Trudeau’s divisive hate rhetoric against unvaxed

Joseph Bourgault, president Canadians for Truth: Urgent response to Trudeau

Neo-commie Stalinist Canada: Trudeau’s thought police RCMP helps lock up 81 yr old doctor in psych ward for exposing stillbirths in vaxed moms

Police on Guard for Thee, Canada: Top constitutional lawyer on violation of unvaxed’s rights by corrupt provincial human rights tribunals + Press video re. police court case + DEBATE Police against plandemic

Canada: Doctors go on tour “Educate before vaccinate”

JCCF: New reports on lockdown harms and covid spread despite vax + Medical colleges harm patients and practice + Court denies interim order halting vax mandate for naturally immune doctors + Doctors temporarily lift vax requirement for transplant patient

British Columbia: Merry Christmas from the Common Law Education and Rights: Christmas overcomes communism! + Warrant for David Lindsay now executed + 45 bylaw tickets against Lindsay

Canadians must become fierce & deadly + Back soon! A lot of turmoil

Canadians must be vaxed or tested to enter the hospital + Constitutional Rights Centre: Mission statement, action against BC and federal gov’ts + Calgary police officer & “Police on Guard” call to action + Mama Bears vax in schools + Emergency communication to all Ontario police

Sudbury: Scores of people deliver Emergency Communication to Ontario Police

Susan Mutch of Aylmer, Canada: Unplug the merdia from your head. Reset must start with putting God first

Public Health will start gathering Canadians’ cellphone location data

British Columbia: Persecuted Dr. Charles Hoffe delivers a dose of reality

New Brunswick targets religious services and invites grocery stores to refuse service to the vaxed + Colleges force out unvaxed students + Healthcare universal no more

JCCF: Tyrants always violate our rights under a pretext — how to fight the good fight + BC drops 5 more covid tickets + Quack science travel regulations challenged in Federal Court + Vax policy reversed after pressure, but testing costs on students

Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati: With all the evidence available, why can’t we arrest and charge public officials?

Serve Notices of Liability

Mayor, city council served Notice of Liability for bio-weapon harm + Police receives Emergency Letter that the existence of SARS CoV-2 has NEVER been proven

Psycho plandemic gov’ts let down British Columbians in record floods

Your Body, Your Choice – The legal right to refuse vaccines and other medical treatments

As a Federal Employee, what options are available to me if I choose not to get vaccinated, in order to keep my job?

Action4Canada: Empower yourself — legal hints and resources

Canada’s Freedom Fighters: Canadians Resisting Unconstitutional Lockdowns

Toronto police illegally wants the public to stop reporting mandatory vax as extortion

Ontario doctor resigns over forced vax, 80% of ER patients with mysterious issues had both shots + Upon returning to Canada, does one have to disclose vax status?

Quebec gov’t instructions re covid death certificates & autopsies + Canadian nurse: People restrained & vaxed

Dr. Charles Hoffe, against College of Physicians

Pension plan to be scraped, isolation camps await refusniks

Canada’s military used the plandemic to launch war theater propaganda against citizens

Canada: No covid-19 pandemic

Canada: Rocco Galati along with Police on Guard launch federal lawsuit against mandatory vax & vax passports + Galati answers legal Qs

Action4Canada: Exemption Letter & Notices of Liability — business, mask, jab, PCR testing, etc.

Canada, British Columbia: Top constitutional lawyer files covid case against provincial and federal officials

Canada: Why vax passes are illegal + Challenge vax mandates by employers, colleges and gov’t

Dr. Malthouse’s interview blasts the entire genocidal plandemic fraud

VIRAL Globalists burned down town of Lytton with DEW to muzzle Dr. Hoffe and punish British Columbia for lifting covid restrictions? Hundreds died in the regional heat wave







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Accident on Sep 12, 2022

BC Provincial Court hearing — Exhibits

Pain in the ass of neo-commie psychos, on Orthodox Christmas Eve: BC premier’s BS on New Year’s

LaQuintaColumna strikes again

Scamdemic governments let down British Columbians in record floods

Ignorant anti-plandemists peddle history falsehood

Notice of Liability: HSBC bank refuses service to mask-exempt customer

Ebus “covid” policy: coerce customers to jab slaughterhouses

Blunder check: Makia Freeman added ingredients to covid vax

5G and graphene in the bio-weapon: Fraudsters, useful helpers and pseudo-scientists

Notice of Liability — BC Liquor Store discriminates against a mask exempt

Notice of Liability – Everything Wine refusal to serve mask-exempt person

Notice of Liability (and Addendum)– BC premier Horgan and gov’t , C. of Vancover mayor Stewart and councillors

Notice of Liability – business refusing service to mask-exempt person

Notice of Liability to RCMP Main Office Surrey, BC — Mrs. Receptionist and Mr. RCMP Officer

Honourable Member of Parliament Kerry-Lynne Findlay, will you contribute to freeing Canadians from the plandemic





Prof. Payeras i Cifre’s junk science leads 5G opponents astray

Info-junk and bunk hurt anti-5G in the scam-demic — How are we going to react?

Another pseudo-science claptrap on 5G relation to covid

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