“Covid” caused by introducing graphene oxide by several ways into the body + Team confirms evidence of graphene oxide in ‘vax’ + If vaxed, careful with MRIs!

Urgent Announcement: COVID-19 is caused by Graphene Oxide introduced by several ways into the body

JUNE 25, 2021

Today, La Quinta Columna has made an urgent announcement that they hope will reach as many people as possible, especially those involved in health and legal services, as biostatistician Ricardo Delgado, Dr. José Luis Sevillano and the team of researchers and professors with whom they have been conducting their research have confirmed the presence of graphene oxide nanoparticles in vaccination vials.

Orwell City, as always, has translated the message from La Quinta Columna and subtitled the video they shared a few hours ago on their official Telegram channel.https://rumble.com/embed/vgfzu7/?pub=lveqvLink: Rumble

Hereafter La Quinta Columna shall provide you with information vital to your health, physical integrity and that of your environment. 

The masks being used and currently marketed contain graphene oxide. Not only the ones that were withdrawn at the time, as indicated by the media, the swabs used in both PCR and antigen tests also contain graphene oxide nanoparticles. 

The anti-flu vaccine contained nanoparticles of graphene oxide and the new anti-flu vaccines and the new and supposedly intranasal anti-COVID vaccines they are preparing also contain enormous doses of graphene oxide nanoparticles. Graphene oxide is a toxic that generates thrombi in the organism, graphene oxide is a toxic that generates blood coagulation. Graphene oxide causes alteration of the immune system. By decompensating the oxidative balance in relation to the gulation reserves. If the dose of graphene oxide is increased by any route of administration, it causes the collapse of the immune system and subsequent cytokine storm. 

Graphene oxide acquires powerful magnetic properties inside the organism. This is the explanation for the magnetic phenomenon that billions of people around the world have already experienced after various routes of administration of graphene oxide. Among them the vaccine. 

In short, graphene oxide is the supposed SARS-CoV-2, the supposed new coronvirus provoked before the disease called COVID-19. Therefore, we never had real isolation and purification of a new coronvirus, as recognized by most health institutions at the highest level and in different countries when they were questioned about it. COVID-19 disease is the result of introducing graphene oxide by various routes of administration

In fact, they were among the few services that were maintained, apart from a special surveillance by the State Security Forces and Corps to these antennas. We suspect in that the 2019 anti-flu campaign graphene oxide was introduced in these vials, since it was already used as an adjuvant. 

With subsequent 5G technology trials in different parts of the world, COVID-19 disease developed in interaction of external electromagnetic fields and graphene oxide now in their bodies. Remember that it all started in Wuhan, and this was the first pilot sample city in the world to do the 5G technology trial in late November 2019. It’s a coincidence in space and time. 

A few details will help you to understand perfectly everything that has been reported in the media. Glutathione is extremely high in children. Therefore, the disease has hardly any impact on the child population. Glutathione drops very considerably after 65 years of age. Therefore, COVID-19 is especially prevalent in the senile population. Glutathione is at very high levels in the intensive sports population. This is why only 0.22% of athletes had the disease. 

You will now understand why countless studies in practice have shown that treatment with N-acetylcysteine (which is a precursor of glutathione in the body), or glutathione administered directly, cured COVID-19 disease very quickly in patients. Plain and simple because the glutathione levels were raised to cope with the administered toxicant called graphene oxide. 

The discovery made here by La Quinta Columna is a full-fledged attack of State bioterrorism, or at least with the complicity of governments to the entire world population, now constituting crimes against humanity. 

Bearing in mind that now it is not only the elderly in nursing homes who are vaccinated in that flu vaccine with graphene oxide, but, as you know, a large part of the population has been vaccinated, or graphenated, with gradual doses of graphene oxide. 

The body has a natural capacity to eliminate this toxicant, which is why they suggest that you take up to one third of a dose per year during the next years, to keep the graphene in your bodies. 

We have each and every one of the proofs of what has been manifested here. Meanwhile justice is trying to act, people will continue to be pushed off a bottomless cliff. If you are watching this audiovisual material, you will understand that for more than a year you have been totally and naively deceived from the highest institutions. Only now will you understand all the incongruities that you observed on your television news. 


Andreas Kalcker’s team confirms evidence of graphene oxide in ‘vaccines’

JULY 23, 2021

In an exclusive interview that Andreas Kalcker’s team gave for Rafa Talbo’s channel last Thursday 21, they confirmed the evidence of graphene oxide in the vaccination vials. And this nanomaterial is not only present in those that have already been analyzed. 

Dr. Kalcker agrees with La Quinta Columna‘s theories and states that all vaccines contain graphene oxide. A nanomaterial that shouldn’t be in the vials since it generates very serious problems in people’s health due to its ability to interfere with the body’s electromagnetic fields.

Below, Orwell City offers the excerpt in which Dr. Andreas Kalcker himself confirms the presence of this toxic substance in the vaccination vials. At the same time, this excerpt is commented on by La Quinta Columna to complement the information provided.https://rumble.com/embed/vhlf5f/?pub=lveqv

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Let’s see what Andreas Kalcker’s team says after the analysis of the vials. Let’s watch the video. 

Dr. Isignares: For example, there is an issue that concerns us a lot because we had already detected certain things in the vaccines. And that’s that these vaccines contain graphene oxide. It’s been verified by electronic microscopy by someone from our team. The question is: why is there graphene?  

Dr. Andreas Kalcker: To make it crystal clear. What varies is the biological composition of the vaccines. What doesn’t change in any of them, and that’s in all of them, are the crystals that are present in different amounts. They’re present in all the vials. There is both the magnetite, which has a Chinese patent, by the way. It’s patented. You can see… It’s not magnetite. It’s graphene

Ricardo Delgado: I think that when Dr. Andreas Kalcker first said ‘magnetite’, he was probably referring to graphene. But he got lost in translation and may have had some difficulty when expressing himself because here he clarifies. I’m going to backtrack.\

Dr. Andreas Kalcker: Magnetite, which has a Chinese patent, by the way. It’s patented. You can see… It’s not magnetite. It’s graphene. 

Dr. Insignares: It’s been patented since August 2020 in Shanghai. 

Dr. Andreas Kalcker: Yes, that’s the graphene oxide patent. 

Exactly. And then, the other part is that all the vaccines use this. I mean, it’s just as if everybody knew about this technology. However, what we’re concerned about is the side effect it has. And then this isn’t described in medicine, from your field, but it’s described in my field, biophysics. 

What happens then? The body needs its electromolecular capabilities to work. The heart beats because there’s a magnetic field that creates, subsequently, the electricity for pumping and everything else. And, therefore, what graphene is doing is that it’s completely altering our electromagnetic field. Something that has never happened before. And, let’s say, what we’re seeing is something ‘in vivo’ with some dramatic effects

To understand more, we have also been watching a lot of videos of people who are dying after being vaccinatedThere’re others where you see people spasming. These spasms have, for example, very specific frequencies, and they are, basically the same in all kinds of spasms. These spasms, clearly indicate that there is a disruption of the human electromagnetic fields.

Ricardo Delgado: Well, it’s now clear that Andreas Kalcker’s team has also discovered graphene oxide in vaccines. Then he talks more about the famous CDS (chlorine dioxide). 

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: It’s not magnetite, it’s graphene oxide. Because he first brought up magnetite in the past. 

Ricardo Delgado: About that video. We have the video and we’ll share it soon.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Anyway, we know that there are other heavy metals found that shouldn’t be in that vaccine either.

Ricardo Delgado: What’s more. In Mallorca, they have also found the same.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Exactly. But we don’t know if it forms magnetite crystals or not, but there are heavy metals. 

But with this, Kalcker corrects himself in the sense that we no longer speak of magnetite in the content of all vaccines, but graphene oxide. And we must give much more importance to his statement because in principle he wasn’t for sorting out graphene oxide as a component of vaccines, but for sorting a component called magnetite, which quickly fed the famous false dissidence. In our opinion, a suspicious dissidence that quickly said that there was magnetite. But now, Kalcker is the one who’s telling everyone that there is no magnetite, but rather graphene oxide.


Be careful with MRIs if you’re vaccinated!

JULY 29, 2021

Doctors around the world are warning vaccinated individuals to avoid MRI scans, as some people have been severely affected by the electromagnetism it produces. 

In this regard, La Quinta Columna has briefly explained what this phenomenon is due to in an excerpt that Orwell City has prepared for its followers.https://rumble.com/embed/vhus5r/?pub=lveqvLink: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Today we have been informed of something. Several doctors have written to La Quinta Columna, some from abroad (United Kingdom and Spanish-speaking countries), telling us that vaccinated individuals are having a myriad of problems. And when I say ‘problems’ I mean death. Or the closest thing to it. An experience very close to death, if I’m allowed to use a somewhat facetious tone, when they are being exposed… —either due to any type of check-up or previous pathology they may have— When the vaccinated (now ‘graphenated’) are exposed to magnetic resonance or CT scans with contrast. 


Well, MRI, apart from having an incredible strength in terms of the electromagnetic field measured in Gauss it generates, Now you’re going to watch it. I’m going to show you a video so you can have an idea. The MRI touches a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Therefore, it’s very likely that it excites that material called graphene oxide, which has been introduced into their bodies by various means, the most invasive being inoculation. The so-called ‘vaccine’

Then, when these people do not die —from what we have been told, there have been several deaths—, they become very ill. It’s even very difficult to recover them and bring them forward. 

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: What the MRI does is align all the protons in your body. It aligns them in a magnetic field —electromagnetic, in this case—, and at a certain moment, it releases them. It aligns them and releases them. And when it releases them, of course, depending on the type of material the proton is attached to, it will send back a signal to return to its natural state. And that signal is what the device picks up. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is MRI.jpg

So it sends a signal that aligns protons, changes the energetic state of all the protons in your body, and then relaxes the signal. And when it relaxes the signal, the protons return to their natural state. But when they come back to their natural state, they have released the energy that they had received to align themselves. And, of course, that gives a fairly accurate signal because each tissue has a particular signal when it returns that. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is MRI%2B2.png

And, you can also do contrast resonance. And it’s the same principle. Only that, to improve the signal back, certain contrasts are added to better see the arteries, the bile ducts, and the hollow tubular organs. Contrast is allowed to be used to obtain a better view. But it’s based on the return signal that the apparatus receives when it has aligned the protons and then relaxes. 

Of course, it sends a very powerful signal. That’s why it often causes dizziness, nausea, and smell problems. In other words, resonance is very similar to irradiation. And it’s non-ionizing radiation.

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