Patent: physiological saline with graphene + Graphene oxide can be identified through blood tests?

PB: The first article below offers no proof that “covid vax” was discovered containing only graphene in saline solution. A patent does not prove application in the current plandemic. Neither does talking about it in a radio programme.

Magneto-genetic techniques for precise drug delivery to pre-determined cells/organs are a known subject of gov’t-sanctioned R&D. The topic got a re-fresh as videos of small magnets stuck to “covid vaxed” arms popped up on the Internet. Obeservers attempted to explain the disturbing phenomenon — from Jim Stone’s imaginative speculations (also here), thru magneto-nano techs in the “US govt’s” (Rockefeller, CIA, DARPA, NIH, GSK etc. alphabet soup of global genocide psychopaths) BRAIN Initiative, to compilations on magnetogenetics, all laced with irrefutable evidence in form of older science papers on the subject, like this one.

Certainly graphene would not be the sole suspect.

Reference to ethnicity of the patent’s author reeks of hasbara akin to covering up globalist Judeobanksters’ “covid” conspiracy blamed on the Wuhan lab.

Graphene intake by inhalation? Where is the evidence for graphene presence in the air, e.g. analysis of chemtrail fallout?

As to the alleged link of various vaccination campaigns to wireless technology upgrades, see my comment elsewhere.

“D-dimer” blood test mentioned in the second article below may suggest the presence of clots but is no proof that graphene has caused them. Spike protein generated by the mRNA bio-weapon may as well be the culprit.

Adding to another junk&bunk from LaQuitntaCoumna, both articles below undermine the group’s credibility.


Physiological saline containing graphene

JULY 24, 2021

Why do some people who haven’t been vaccinated nor worn masks nor taken PCR tests are magnetic? Well, there is already an answer to that.

Just when we thought that the confirmation of graphene oxide in vaccines was already alarming, new information appears that blows our minds.

For two weeks now, the Telegram channel Info Vacunas has been investigating in parallel to that of La Quinta Columna and has discovered that since 2012 there has been a patent for including graphene oxide in physiological saline solutions. 

This is disturbing because it means that humanity has been the victim of poisoning unknowingly for almost 10 years. 

Graphene oxide could potentially be responsible for the influenza outbreaks of the last few years, as 4G and 4G Plus electromagnetic frequencies would have stimulated it, just as Dr. José Luis Sevillano explained a couple of days ago in the Argentine program Palabras y Verdades.

To understand better what this graphene agenda is all about, Orwell City offers below a fragment of the interview La Quinta Columna gave today for the Chilean radio program Dirección Correcta.

Link: Rumble

“The patent code is KR20210028062A

As I said, this information has been provided by the Info Vacunas channel through its administrator, Dani Díaz, who has done a more in-depth study. And, indeed. He has told us that this patent appears on the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Tourism’s website from the Spanish government

Source: European Patent Register

And what’s this patent? Well, it’s a physiological saline solution containing graphene. Therefore, they can no longer deny this in any way, regardless of what fact-checkers say or what the television says. We’ll see what the judges say. 

This information is going to be presented to the judges. Together with a screenshot of the website in question as well.

It says: ‘The present invention relates to an injection solution placed in blood vessels and subcutaneous tissues of the human body, physiological saline solution, glucose solution, Ringer’s solution, and the like for the purpose of curing diseases.’ 

In other words, we’re not talking about a technology applied only in vaccines —nanotechnology in this case—, but it has likely been introduced in any type of physiological saline solution containing graphene. 

In addition, when we have seen the study in more depth —concerning what this person from the Info Vacunas channel has sent us—, we see that at the end appears the name of a person of Chinese nationality, the one who patented this with the date of application April 12, 2012. Well, it seems that this person is practically a terrorist. It is something that we still have to investigate much more thoroughly.

Kim Han Sik, CEO of Sewol Ferry Operator Sentenced to 10 Years

The point is that this has been in use for some time now on an ad hoc basis in certain medical treatments, and most likely invasively, as I say, in the 2019 anti-flu campaign. And now, why do we say it was in the anti-flu campaign? 

Well, here it says: ‘The problem to be solved in the present invention is to disperse 0.2 nm —very tiny, and that coincides precisely with the size of graphene. That is, it would be 200μm, as explained in Dr. Campra’s preliminary analysis— of graphene in physiological saline or Ringer’s solution supplied as an injection to the human body and use as a therapeutic agent for diseases.’ 

This opens the door to the possibility that we’re not only talking about anti-COVID and anti-flu vaccines but, probably, tetanus, diphtheria, meningitis, etc. 

And, furthermore, it would explain why there are children —even babies— who have also expressed magnetism without having been vaccinated neither with the anti-flu nor anti-COVID, but only for the vaccines of the normal calendar (the healthy child’s calendar, as it’s called). This is obviously very worrying. 

As I have said, it’s a result of the fact that we’re aware that the origin and etiological cause of the disease has been the introduction of this nanomaterial, in this case, in vials. But also through certain administration routes. And it also explains why there are people who express magnetism without having been inoculated, without having undergone the PCR test or without having been screened (swabbed), and without having used masks. This is the explanation. Because they may have acquired it via inhalation. Because we’re likely facing a multifactorial attack where all the graphene that has been produced —and that people wondered where it was—, is precisely in people’s bodies.


Because with that patent —the patent KR20210028062A that we mentioned before—, according to the results of the investigation by Info Vacunas channel, they finally identified a Chinese man that we’ll have to investigate. But when you have a look at a little bit of what he has done in his life, you learn that he’s practically a terrorist. He overloaded ships and caused the death of a few hundred people. 

And we’re talking about an April 12, 2012 patent. From that point on I infer that this nanomaterial started to be used. Introducing it stealthily to the population, until finally, they said, ‘We’re going to make it more invasive, and now we put it in the flu vaccine in 2018.’ 

Let’s remember that about a million people died after the flu vaccination campaign. It was a very virulent flu, they said. When the average rate is around 600,000 deaths per year worldwide. Then the first bilateral cases of pneumonia appeared. They were few, but they appeared. And we had, on the other hand, the 4G Plus activated. That’s to say, a technology that was already millimetric and scalable. But it lacked a little bit of power, which is what they have given it now. These people have been doing trials since 2012. That’s to say, they were hit by the A flu, where they probably wanted to do something similar, or it was the previous step. 4G was activated back then. 

Notice how every vaccination period has been linked, above all, to a technological quantum leap. 4G with Influenza A. 4G Plus with that flu that killed a million people, and now 5G with COVID.

And we repeat: we’re not saying that 5G alone causes COVID, but that it does harm human biology alone. Yes, it does. But if people now have a fuse —because it’s a fuse, a stick of exploding dynamite. Because that’s what’s going on—, every person who has been inoculated with this substance with that graphene oxide nanotechnology has a fuse, dynamite, a time bomb that’s ready to explode by the activation of a microwave.  It’s that easy.

I wanted to comment that this is coming very soon. That’s why they dare to tell us that now comes the Delta variant, the Delta Plus variant. As if the virus had mutated to an official version and now it has another nucleotide sequence and now it’s more contagious. And some people, unfortunately, believe it. This is the problem. Some people believe it. 

But everything was easier. It was a passive poisoning, initially active, without the knowledge of the host for subsequent irradiation with that 5G microwave technology. 

5G was never for cell phones. It was precisely for people who are vaccinated.”

—Ricardo Delgado, biostatistician and director of La Quinta Columna.


Graphene oxide can be identified through blood tests

JULY 25, 2021

As already discussed in some parts of the world, the graphene oxide found in PfizerAstraZenecaModerna, and Vaxigrip Tetra vaccination vials can also be detected in the blood of those inoculated with this experimental substance through blood tests, of course. 

Through the D-dimer test, the presence of ferritin in amounts close to 500 mcg can be detected, indicating the presence of recently formed clots. As La Quinta Columna has explained throughout all its programs, graphene oxide has a thrombogenic property, since it’s a foreign agent that enters the body aggressively and that the body tries to trap in some way so that it doesn’t continue advancing to more parts.

However, that’s all a simple blood test could tell us. 

In order to detect the graphene oxide itself, a blood sample must be taken from a person who has recently been vaccinated and then taken to a more complex analysis that involves a centrifuge to determine the components that go into the sample in question. Once the analysis has been performed, the toxic nanomaterial can be detected under light and electron microscopy.

Below, in the excerpt provided by Orwell City, biostatistician and director of La Quinta Columna Ricardo Delgado explains the process in more detail. Rumble

Jorge Osorio (Dirección Correcta): Along the same lines, dear Ricardo. I don’t know if you have done any analysis —or if it’s viable for people who’re already inoculated— of regular blood tests. Would such an analysis reveal the existence of graphene in people who have been inoculated?

Ricardo Delgado: In a blood test, if you do it from the point of view of a regular blood test, what you’re going to find is that they have D-dimer. 

The D-dimer test measures the quantification of a protein called fibrin. You’re going to see the D-dimer above 300 or 400 micrograms per liter. In other words: there is coagulation


Because, logically, if we introduce graphene oxide into the body, and as we have seen in studies, it has a clotting factor and generates thrombi. It’s logical. If we introduce a foreign element into the body, the body will try to envelop it. That’s to say, it’ll try to coagulate it to prevent the proliferation and dissemination of the material in question throughout the body. So, in a regular blood test, you’ll find that. 

Now, notice that it would have been much easier to do the analysis you have just suggested than the analysis of the vial itself, Jorge. 

If we extract a little bit of blood from the inoculation area, and that’s from a recent inoculation —for example, once three weeks have already passed and the substance has flowed through the body—, and that sample is centrifuged, properly cleaned, and put under the optical and electron microscope, there you should be able to see the classic graphene meshes. That’s a sure thing. Moreover, they’re unmistakable. 

So it’s much easier to find it in blood than the vaccines, in which we also detected it. Because we have had found it in the AstraZenecaPfizerModerna —in Argentina they have also done an analysis—, and in the flu vaccine

That’s the beginning of it since we suspect graphene is in all the vaccines. Because of the patent that we have found and because all of them make people magnetic. And given that no material causes magnetism as graphene does —and not only magnetism, but energy condensation and superconductivity— we dare to say, extrapolate and infer that it’s the same material: graphene oxide, which has been added to all of them.

By piotrbein