WHOSE 5th column is LaQuintaColumna — Tunable electrical conductivity of graphene + Graphene oxide supposedly causes derealization symptoms

PB: The efficient absorption bandwidth (reflection loss ≤ −10 dB) reaches 5.59 GHz —It’s in the 5G bandwidth, isn’t it?

No, it isn’t in 5G, nor in 4G LTE. Try harder than asking the reader. Why is most of the research on vax graphene done by this group? Have we ran out of scientists and labs elsewhere? A science publication of this sort would not pass. LaQuintaColumna’s investigations need be replicated independently by others.

Meantime, 5G “science” junkies feed on this bunk, just as they did with quack-science articles by Payeras i Cifre and another by Magda Havas, both assuming that number of covid-19 tests, cases and deaths is a legit entity, not the fraud we know it has been to date. In short, both “studies” are GIGO.

Oblivious to her past flip flop, Claire Edward’s article argues circumstantially:

The canaries in the coalmine at the present time are pilots who have been vaccinated. Pilots and air crew are exposed occupationally to very high levels of radiation.

Post-vax dead health care workers could also be the case, but they are not routinely exposed to satellite wi-fi nor hightened nuclear radiation in contrast to air crews. In the military and police forces, the gag orders to keep silent on vax deaths are even stronger, being issued in regimental settings.

3G was started in Scandinavia in December 2009, when swine flu hoax was in fulll swing, exposed by then as a plandemic and decommissioned by the European Council shortly after. What flu then, Claire? H1N1 suffered sudden deparure from this world, then its non-pork sisters remained till 2020, when “license” for flu vax expired, flu deaths disappeared worldwide, giving room to the fraud of “covid” diagnoses with fake PCR and other tests.

On her blog, Claire is dead sure she is right and saves millions of victims with her article, while keeping to objectivity standards:

The article […] is THE most important article I have written and could save millions of lives if people understand this message.  As you know, I never say or write anything unless I have the evidence, and this article is fully referenced, as usual. Please help to get this message understood by posting the following innocent-looking link on social media and telling people that this article could save millions of lives: htttps://www.weebly.com/uploads/1/3/7/4/137404875/click_to_read.pdf 

Maybe the huge psyop that Claire postulates covers up graphene with “covid”, deflects our attention away from vax containing graphene anyway, as the “covid” bio-weapon applies nano-tubes filled with the mRNA gel? The desinformation could turn vaxed people away from treating mRNA-caused spike protein/prion infection — to antioxidants against graphene nanotubes containing the mRNA particles. More vetting, verifications and confirmations are called for, before sweeping statements and conjectures.

Claire extends her mistaken observations to alleged censorship.:

Ladies and GentlemenIt is not just the “Disinformation Dozen” who are heavily censored on the Internet.  So am I.  People around the world are telling me that they cannot access my website and cannot post links to my articles on social media – yes, even social media that you thought were okay!

It looks like Claire, again, mistakes anecdote and spurious circumstatial “evidence” for objective proof. I have had no problem finding a few links to her article, incl. to her website. I don’t know about soc-merdia, as I am a consequent anti-wireless tech and anti-Judeobankster system warrtior. Are you, Claire? Sorry, you can’t even come close to The Dozen like Drs. Yeadon, Martin, Bhakdi, Hoffe, Madej, Kaufman… Your knowledge and objectivity standards are dismal. But The Dozen and the whole civil disobedience against the global psycho cabal get punished for nonsense like yours…

Adding to another junk&bunk from LaQuitntaCoumna, both articles below undermine the group’s credibility. But useful ignorants ostensibly against 5G and covidiotism don’t mind as long as their ego and ideology are fed.


La Quinta Columna on the Tunable Electrical Conductivity of Graphene

JULY 27, 2021

As the duo of researchers from La Quinta Columna usually does in all their programs, they once again read and discussed papers on graphene. 

Dr. José Luis Sevillano shared some very interesting conclusions regarding the paper entitled: ‘Porous Graphene Micro flowers for High-Performance Microwave Absorption‘, which describes, among other things, the tunable electrical conductive property of graphene.

Below is the excerpt selected by Orwell City.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: One more article discussing abosorption is this one on Porous graphene microflowers for microwave absorption.

“Graphene has shown great potential in microwave absorption (MA) owing to its high surface area, low density, tunable electrical conductivity and good chemical stability. To fully realize grapheneʼs MA ability, the microstructure of graphene should be carefully addressed. Here we prepared graphene microflowers (Gmfs) with highly porous structure for high-performance MA filler material. The efficient absorption bandwidth (reflection loss ≤ −10 dB) reaches 5.59 GHz —It’s in the 5G bandwidth, isn’t it?— and the minimum reflection loss is up to −42.9 dB, showing significant increment compared with stacked graphene.”

In other words, depending on the three-dimensional structure given to the graphene, it has one absorption band or another. That’s what we’re seeing.

Furthermore, Gmfs exhibit advantages in facile processibility and large-scale production compared with other porous graphene materials including aerogels and foams.”

Well, and here is the study below. Here you can read it in full.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: And you’ve already noticed, huh? ‘Tunable electrical conductivity.’

So, depending on the wave signal, it becomes more or less conductive. Therefore, you can perfectly have it in your body.

If you don’t expose it to waves that you shouldn’t, graphene doesn’t conduct or hardly conducts at all. But whenever you want, you expose it to those waves, and it goes crazy. It starts to be more and more conductive. It means that it starts to oxidize. That’s almost for sure. Automatically. It means that it starts to destroy. It means that its conductive capabilities can be tuned. It means that it can do damage or not, as you wish.

They’re the ones saying so. Not us.


PB: This is a wild claim. The couple could be actors, while other vax ingredients or effects or unrelated causes may have triggered the experience, if true at all.

Graphene oxide causes derealization symptoms in some vaccinees

JULY 28, 2021

Some vaccinees are reporting side effects related to a particular feeling of disconnection with reality after inoculation.

During program 81, Ricardo Delgado from La Quinta Columna has made reference to a video in which a young couple describes that they feel as if they were ‘floating in a bubble‘ after having been inoculated with the Moderna vaccine

What could be the explanation for this phenomenon? Most likely, the graphene oxide present in the vaccination vial administered to these young people is wreaking havoc at the neuronal level.

Below, La Quinta Columna explains it in detail in the excerpt selected by Orwell City.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: These are two naïve young people who have been vaccinated and who notice a rather special sensation. They feel like if ‘they were floating’. As if they were a little dispersed from reality. As if they were on another planet. Maybe on the Spike protein planet. Let’s take a look at it.

Man from the video: As you saw, here on TikTok, we were vaccinated on Thursday and inoculated with Moderna. It’s already Monday and, now, we have a quite strange feeling. We’re like…

Woman from the video: With a lack of perception of reality. As if we were floating in a bubble

Ricardo Delgado: Just like you said. Lack of perception of reality. Maybe you’re getting the intrusive thoughts that Maldita Ciencia was talking about. 

To me, personally… I’m going to confess it. Intrusive thoughts are coming to my head that I’m not going to tell you directly. I feel sorry for these two kids because, of course, they have naively run to get the Moderna vaccine. They’re in RNA mode. 

Of course, they thought they were ultra-responsible and supportive, especially with the immunocompromised population. ‘You have to be supportive.’ Now they’re living in a parallel world —if they weren’t already before—, where they perceive reality differently. They say so. I’m going to play it again.

Woman from the video: With a lack of perception of reality. As if we were floating in a bubble.

Ricardo Delgado: ‘As if we were floating in a bubble.’ 

But don’t think that these are two isolated testimonies. This is the sensation that many people have after inoculation with toxic graphene oxide

This probably occurs due to the rupture of neuronal synapses when the graphene oxide nanoparticles cross the encephalic barrier and settle in the brain, in the neurons. And especially when —most likely— neurons are being excited at some frequency quality to cause this kind of phenomenon. They feel like they’re floating. Let’s listen to it.

Man from the video: It feels like we’re in a balloon. I don’t know if it’s our thing, or some of you have had it happen to you as well, whether it’s with PfizerModernaor other vaccines. So, please leave it for me in the comments for…

Ricardo Delgado: You’re in a balloon. You’re riding the balloon of death straight up. And you haven’t even noticed. Brave new world, as we’re being told. ‘In 2030, you’ll have nothing, but you’ll be riding in a balloon. You’ll have a different perception of reality with your intrusive thoughts, and you will be happy.’ Idiot!

Man from the video: It’s just that this… The truth is that this is a little bit strange.

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