Graphene nanosheets found in rainwater + How CDS helps reduce magnetism induced by graphene oxide

Graphene nanosheets found in rainwater

PB: Findings under optic microscope should have been forthcoming from all over the world. Why so late? What else is in the chemtrails that escapes our focus?

Dr. Andreas Kalcker on how CDS helps reduce magnetism induced by graphene oxide

PB: Dr. Kalcker says that the main harm from the “vaccine” is its trigger of spike protein production in the body:

The problem is that we have seen that many of the vaccinated people get sick soon after they take the shot. Because it isn’t a vaccine. This thing that is being called a vaccine really isn’t a vaccine. It’s a genetic experiment that causes your own body to be creating the Spike proteins. That’s the part of the vaccine that actually hurts you. And we’ve seen that people who have been vaccinated at birth or who have been genetically treated, eventually, their relatives (their children) who haven’t been treated, caught the coronavirus, the so-called Delta strain. 

I presume he means that people who received mRNA (flu shot or some genetic treatment of a disease), pass the resultant DNA alteration onto their offspring. The offspring is prone to infection with the delta variant of the non-existent SARS CoV-2, just like their parent and others inoculated are after taking the covid mRNA “vaccine”.

Dr. Kalcker believes in rhe existence of SARS CoV-2, covid-19 it causes, and the strains it evolves into. As the virus is a computer code construct programmed into the mRNA “vaccine” manufacture, there no “covid-19” and no virus variants, only the effects of the spike proteins being massively produced in the vaxed person, and auto-immune worsening after additional “inoculation” by whatever way — vax, catching “something” from a vaxed person, test swab, a mask with nanofibres containng mRNA… I leave aside speculations like mRNA nano-gel in tomatoes, but many things could be possible given the devillish nano-tech we discover in this plandemic.

Re. graphene, Dr. Kalcker says:

There are groups here in Germany, and colleagues of mine who have done an analysis and found graphene in vaccines. Or this thing… magnetite. Or both in all vaccines. And in any of the brands.

At first, Kalcker names magnetite, then is swayed to emphasize graphene for some reason. A good scientist can’t be so imprecise about the subject freshly studied. LQC intrusions in the linked video seem to push his narration to graphene only, even though Klacker’s German team supposedly found other metals in all “covid vax” brands. Where is the official report from that research? Mere talk by two proven fraudsters from LQC is no evidence.

Kalcker continues:

And, then, these compounds are used to get further transfection […] a process that allows you to infect more with less biological material. […]  Because instead of using the biological material —which would be the Spike protein or the virus— that I have for a single vaccine, I have it for 1,000. So, of course, I make a thousand times more money. 

Money is hardly the Pharmafia’s problem. All doses are pre-ordered, pre-paid and shipped to gov’t, regardless of whether or not they would be injected, incinerated or dumped.

Kalcker hypothesizes on the mechanism of graphene/magnetite toxicity:

the graphene that’s in the body wreaks an awful lot of havoc because it functions as a catalyst between the ferritin and the gene. And we have seen, for example, some people who become magnetized. […] It’s not chemically correct to call it [catalyst], but it’s for people to understand. […] if I have 30 µT [of magnetism] in one arm and 230 µT in the other, it gives you good reason to think. Because what is being done, exactly, is to increase the… It makes the ferritin have an iron absorbance capacity. […] because ferritin is an oxireducer that levels iron levels, it begins to ‘steal’ iron from the blood cells. […]  When the blood cells are depleted from iron, we have an embolism. […] in the medium term, people will definitely have several problems. It’s not the graphene itself. Nor is it the other one per se. It’s the combination of this that makes it tremendously dangerous

By the other one he means magnetite?

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