Honourable Member of Parliament Kerry-Lynne Findlay, will you contribute to freeing Canadians from the plandemic

Dear Kerry-Lynne,

Back in April, you have demanded the gov’t speed up vax distribution. At the time it was fully known the vax are unlicensed, unsafe, untested, ineffective — in effect an experimental procedure, nothing to do with vaccinating, all to do with a secret bio-weapon of mass genocide. Are you Pharmafia’s agent? It’s my citizen duty to report you for being served a Notice of Liability, which I do herewith through notifying the appropriate body via bcc.

I will not vote for you, unless you support grassroots disobedience against the plandemic tyrrany.My friend from another jurisdiction would not vote for your party, either. 

Massive protests in France, hundreds of cities and towns:

Foule immense contre le Pass-Sanitaire à Paris // Manifestation contre le Pass sanitaire à Paris

manifestation 28 août- Marseille bondée de monde

Australia is preparing for nation-wide uprising:

40:20 Australia rising up, same needed globally

[collection] Australia rising up?

I sent you an email some time ago to join Humanity in this regard; it remains unanswered, but two invitations came to your picnic. Sorry, because your electorate is morons, most of them, they would come to the picnic “fully vaxed”,i.e. shedding spike protein, prion-like particles and/or “variansts — thousands of censored and muffled, dissidient experts are unsure, as the bio-weapon is a closely kept secret. 

I hope you have not vaxed yourself, as you would be infecting your picnic goers and supporters during the election campaign. Ignorance is no excuse, as Nuremberg has shown. Nuremberg2 is ovwerdue, hope to see you among the people’s tribunal judges.  
See remedies and self-spreading vax under appropriate headings in: [updated, concise] Genocidal “covid” plandemic exposed point by point

Regards — Piotr Bein

On Sunday, August 29, 2021, 02:31:34 PM PDT, Piotr Bein:

Hi Kerry-Lynne
I see lots of good stuff, but can’t find in your election programme any mention of getting rid of the disastrous, unlawful state of pandemic and draconian measures that go with it in every province. Time is overdue to call the criminal fraudulent psychos to answer for their crimes against humanity. How are you going to contribute politically to this process of regaining sovereignty by Canadians?

Canada, British Columbia: Top constitutional lawyer files covid case against provincial and federal officials

Regards — Piotr Bein [phone number]

On Thursday, July 29, 2021, 06:55:34 AM PDT, Findlay, Kerry-Lynne D. – M.P. <kerry-lynne.findlay@parl.gc.ca> wrote:

Dear Piotr, Apologies for the confusion, the first email contained an error about the location. If you have already let us know you would like to come, or that you are unable to come, you need not reply again. I apologize again for any confusion. 

It’s time for us to get together again! I am hosting three neighbourhood BBQs next week. Join me on August 4th in Summerfield, or August 6th in White Rock, or August 7th in Panorama Ridge for neighbourhood conversation and good company!

Please RSVP to kerry-lynne.findlay@parl.gc.ca with the subject line “Summer BBQ” specifying the location and number of people planning to attend. Please RSVP at least 48 hours ahead of the event you want to come to, so we know the numbers for food. Leave your phone number and email, so we can advise you of the address a day ahead! Events open for all ages!



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By piotrbein