Réza Ganjavi strikes back

From: Réza Ganjavi To: Piotr Bein Sent: Wednesday, September 1, 2021, 05:55:17 AM PDT Subject: Re: your violation of my rights

Piotr, I realized that you published my email to you about settlement of this legal dispute. This is a highly private communication and publication of it is a violation of a variety of my rights. I even said that but still didn’t respect it. I don’t need to repeat myself, but same applies to all these emails. 

“I don’t see the problem for you.”

If you don’t see something it doesn’t mean it’s not there. If you walk around with closed eyes or distorted glasses and say the wall is not there, you can crash right into it. 

I offered to make you aware of the problem in detail and give you a bit of free education about lawful cyber behavior and respect for others’ rights  (which you seem clueless about), but you’re no interested saying you can’t see the wall therefore it’s not there. That kind of cocky attitude caused WordPress to delete your entire blog which you went on “crying” about and blaming it on the government of Canada (Lol), like they give a darn about you and your loopy ideas. If they did, they’d prosecute you for any unlawful conduct you might have done and not just shut down your blog; it’s highly delusional to think otherwise (nothing new for you).

“Just repeat the procedure with the new sevice provider and save yourself on lawyers.”

You have no clue about the process and you don’t need to advise me about saving on lawyers, but talking about lawyers, I highly recommend you spend some money on a lawyer now to get yourself educated — but even then, it helps to contact me so I can lay out the depth and scope of the violations, otherwise, when you feed him or her ignorant info you will get a bad answer. 
“As soon as the provider notifies me of a court order, your wish will be granted. “

Another totally clueless ignorant statement. Get a lawyer and have him/her educate you. I offered to wake you up to some facts but you prefer to have your blinds on. Furthermore, you’ve availed yourself to more than your local laws, and given you even seem clueless about your local laws, I assume you’re not informed about other laws you’re allegedly violating — thus another reason I wanted to inform you as part of the peaceful resolution, but you’ve clearly refused my overture. So be it. 

As I said the ball starts rolling on Monday, September 6. If you get some sound legal advice (which I highly suggest) and change your mind you can reach me before 6 September.



From: Réza Ganjavi To: Piotr Bein Sent: Wednesday, September 1, 2021, 02:24:08 AM PDT Subject: Re: your violation of my rights

Piotr, your interpretation of my attempt to avoid litigation by asking you to remove your infringing posts as “harassment” shows at best your weak command for English language, but that’s not likely the case, but I won’t play your psychotherapy. My overture to you was not harassment whatsoever. It had a useful purpose, though I knew it would a “shot in the dark” knowing how complex and pathetically evil you’ve behaved in the past towards a number of people. But I think the light of divine, goodness, is in everyone, however covered up with egotistic thinking, pathetic ways to give the sense of self continuity at any cost, evil motive to hurt others not knowing to hurt another is to hurt oneself, delusions especially from long term drug use that many old hippies suffer from, craziness, etc.

Furthermore, you once against showed your ignorance of the law and the legal process.

PB: Reza, I am touched with your humane approach and reasoning, but I don’t see the problem for you. Just repeat the procedure with the new sevice provider and save yourself on lawyers. As soon as the provider notifies me of a court order, your wish will be granted. So far you are harassing.

cheers — Piotr

On Tuesday, August 31, 2021, 10:06:22 AM PDT, Réza Ganjavi:

Hi Piotr

Your infringing posts were deleted by the site administrator and of course not by me directly since no, I do not have your password! If you need further details or to discuss the past deletions, they could provide that information. Now you have republished all of the infringing posts again on another site — which is a whole new set of violations of law and terms of service, and the republication reinvokes and sets a new clock for all the causes of action which I pulled the plug on when the infringing posts were deleted before. 

If you want, I can help you understand the nature of your violations which I doubt you currently do, otherwise with a PhD, which shows you’re no dummy, I doubt you’d want to keep those posts if you understood how they’re violating my rights, and since you and I both live in places where law and order rules, such violations will be resolved by legal authorities and/or website administrators. Easiest and simplest way for both of us, and least costly and least risky way for you is what I proposed in the last email. I have two lawyers on standby to start  on the case on Monday, but I thought I’d reach out to you, because I still have faith in human nature and decency, that if you understand the facts you will do the right thing.

Regards — Reza

On 8/31/2021 6:21 AM, Piotr Bein:
Reza, I am not aware of any posts on my blog you have “pulled down” as you say. Which ones? Did you get my PW to the cockpit? Cheers — pb

On Monday, August 30, 2021, 02:31:16 PM PDT, Réza Ganjavi: 

Mr. Bein, You violated my rights by unlawful publications. I got them pulled down. I just found out that you’ve re-published them. I will pull them down again if need be. It’s much better for you that you pull them down yourself. I am about to turn the matter to lawyers. We got results before, we will get results again, but this time around we may have to take more severe steps which we were about to take last time but we succeeded in getting the content pulled down so we didn’t go as far, legally, such as punitive and compensatory damages, injunctions, and criminal prosecution. 

Your “bring it on” attitude last time I reached out to you didn’t have good results for you. It still won’t. I’m taking this last ditch attempt to see if you’ve learned a lesson and are 

  • willing to understand why what you’ve published is unlawful 
  • willing to cooperate, respect the law, and comply with the law. 

I have lined up law firms and the process will start Monday next week. And I assure you, it will be costly for you in one way or another, be it money, deleted blog, criminal record, etc.

The solution is very simple: deletion of a few postings. If you like to understand why, I’m happy to explain them — the legal concepts are simple but you don’t seem to know them. 

Don’t take this as a sign of weakness — in principle I exhaust peaceful means before resorting to litigation, and I’m at the end of that path now.

Let me know by end of day Friday 3 September if you like to cooperate so this entire saga can be resolved quickly, despite the serious documented damages you’ve caused already. 

Regards — Reza

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By piotrbein