Canada: Rocco Galati along with Police on Guard launch federal lawsuit against mandatory vax & vax passports + Galati answers legal Qs

Rocco Galati along with Police on Guard Launch Federal Lawsuit Against Mandatory Vaccination & Vaccine Passports


Can a landlord lock you out of your commercial space if you open against the lockdown?

Do employers have the right to forbid people to enter the store for the health and safety of their employees?

Is there an exemption from the mandatory hotel quarantine upon returning to Canada?

My sister resides in longterm care they won’t allow me to take her out due to her non-vaccinated status. What can I do?

Is a potential employer allowed to ask me if I’ve been vaccinated?

My mother is in the hospital, Is there a way around that to visit her without being tested?

Is curb-side pickup considered an accommodation?

Grounds to decline nasal swab at entry points to Provinces

Mask Exemptions and Schools

Vaccine Passports

Schools and Mask Mandates

Driving to a cottage

Ontario mask exemption

Police use of force

A minor’s consent to vax

Are you obliged to give your identity?

Do I need to provide proof of mask exemption to police?

Provincial offence notice can’t be issued for federal act

May police enter your property?

Are public health orders the law?

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