Prof. Dr. Dolores Cahill repeats her 2020 accurate prediction — vaxing is attempted murder

Before 33:22 — About prevention.

33:22 The “vaccine” that is not. Hydroxychloroquine not injections. Gene material mRNA sets the body against itself (ADE – antibody dependent enhancement), organ failure due to the self-attack,about half of the vaxed would die.

39:35 ADE is crime against humanity. Vax promoters knew it in May 2020 when Cahill exposed it and foretold coercion to vax in next ca. 12 months. Politicians can’t claim they didn’t know and therefore they are liable.

41:30 Does re-injection affect the ADE? Cahill said in May 2021 that if asked to take the injection, she would not, even for 10 mln euro, becausae in the animalstudies most animals died 6 months to 2 years later. Harm relative to benefit (protection from covid) of mRNA injections is too great to go for it. Present mRNA is “much worse” than any previous injections.

44:52 Large proportion of the vaxed in care homes died. Many of them incapable of informed consent. Police is not investigating. If 25 to 50 people die in clinical trias world-wide, the trial must stop. Even by incomplete data on adverse effects,there are thousands of dead from the mRNA vax.

50:50 PCR test, infection by asymptomatic people, natural immunity.

56:20 Duty of the physician. Rule of law.

By piotrbein