Powerful legal response to tyrrany: Asserting natural rights and freedoms

<[email protected]> Mon, Sep 20 at 3:52 PM

Last week Gabriel Proulx, a man serving as Constable with the Ontario Provincial Police, and Christopher James (of A Warrior Calls) served a Notice: Trespass to men serving as: OPP Commissioner, OPP Chief Superintendent, OPP Sergeant Major and OPP Inspector.

Gabriel and Christopher know that the alleged “SARS-COV-2” has never been isolated/purified and proven to exist.

Their Notice is in response to a ludicrous charge of “Discreditable Conduct” placed on Gabriel for asserting God-given, health-promoting rights and freedoms, and refusing to collect his children and leave a park when unlawfully ordered to by bylaw officers and local on duty police officers, in the Belleville Ontario area.

Download verified evidence from bit.ly/awcevidence.

For video of Gabe’s sane and lawful resistance to insane and unlawful tyranny and his interview with Christopher, see the homepage of A Warrior Calls.


53:17 Trespassing by authorities– Response asserting God-given, health-promoting rights and freedoms

By piotrbein