[discussion] Dr. Carrie Madej examines “vax” vials




rob Wake up, the graphene is fking bullshit. They didn’t even use a mass spectrometer, but could “tell” from images? Haha
And the latest Carrie madej analysis is also bullshit…. +++++++++++++++++++++++++
From http://jimstone.is
Here’s why:
“Dr Madej describes what appeared to be self-assembling synthetic biology and these horrific, seemingly sentient microscopic tentacled organisms and brilliant colors emanating from some of these graphene-like structures, which nanotechnology experts told her may be indicative of a superconducting material.”
How can a superconducting material be in the vax when we don’t even have that for a maglev? Putting THAT in a vax would be a million times harder. I call B.S. because of THIS:
“High-temperature superconductors (abbreviated high-T c or HTS) are operatively defined as materials that behave as superconductors at temperatures above 77 K (-196.2 degrees celsius, -321.1 fareheit.), the boiling point of liquid nitrogen, one of the simplest coolants in cryogenics. All materials currently known to conduct at ordinary pressures become superconducting at temperatures far below ambient, and …
If a high temperature superconductor STILL OPERATES AT -321 FARENHEIT at one atmosphere of pressure , HOW HIGH IS 98.6?
I find the B.S. in that “American lab report” to be far beyond galling, and clearly written up by spooks that want to make anti-vaxxers a laughing stock. All I had to do was see “superconductor” and that was that, it is pure and unadulterated B.S.
But there will be a cult for this one too, consisting of people who can be bluffed by anyone claiming to be a lab, Yes, I have my own fancy microscope and I AM NOT HOAXING SHIT when I could. I could get a nice cult going with that thing and I instead showed people what “normal” is to stop some of the hoaxes. If people can be made to believe in flat earth, what’s a blood temperature superconductor at one atmosphere of pressure? That’s childs play!!!
Yes, scientists have created, in labs, conditions under which superconductivity was acheived at 287 kelvin, at 2.7 million atmospheres of pressure that is. That’s what? 18 million times normal blood pressure??!!?? No, with a calculator it is 21.39 million. If anyone legit thought they were looking at a superconductor in that vax, they were probably so stupid it was really air bubbles in the slide. Yes, those are irridescent like those “superconductors” they claim Yes, common core has come home to roost. [show less]Edited 2 days agoReply·5·Flag

  • 2 days ago Lens_Of_Truth How do you know you hold enough pieces of the puzzle to determine that it’s bull because it doesn’t make sense with publicly available information? Do you think that the government might have nanotechnology civilians like yourself are utterly unaware of?
    To really know we need to do randomized tests from random vaccines, by individuals not influence of corrupted by government.
    So buying an electron microscope and stealing vaccines I’m Different hospitals from different states and countries looking at the constituents of all of these things is the only way to determine if there is graphene oxide in some or all.
    I commend being skeptical, but you are overgeneralizing and drawing myopic conclusions.
    Jim Stone hasn’t once addressed the Crux of the issue….cell cultures are fraud. Virology is fraud. He’s stuck in germ theory, so therefore he’s stuck on gain-of-function bioweapon.
    Jim Jones thinks pathogens are real and that sars-cov-2 exists in nature…it doesn’t.
    Watch/read Kaufman Cowan Morell’s, Statement On Virus Isolation [show less]Reply·1·Flag
  • 2 days agoasb3pe There are deceivers on ALL sides, believe no one. Follow no one. Lead yourself. There’s a reason people like this unknown “Carrie Madej” have been put out in front… and its not for our benefit.

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